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  1. Agreed that this current team doesn't suck. Poor choice for an opening sentence--was more venting than anything. When I'm upset about the Tigers I think about Smith and how far we've come. What's sad is that Detroit was home to two of worst GM's of all time, both in the prime of my sports watching career. Anyone remember the 'Randy' parody song that Stoney and Wojo used to play? I have a copy of it, and it features the all-time classic line: "You'll still have your job, Cedeno will be gone. I bet you'd trade Ty Cobb for a Brian Hunter clone!".
  2. Think this Tiger’s team sucks? I do. But think back to the Randy Smith era. Life was simpler then, as there was absolutely no chance of a winning record, let alone a pennant race. Smith is definitely hated in Detroit, but not nearly enough as far as I’m concerned. People seem to forget about him after the mustachioed former jock moved in across the street. But I am of the opinion that Smith was WORSE THAN MILLEN! A quick comparison is warranted. Millen’s poor drafts are legendary, and rightfully so. But were they any worse than Smith’s? His first round history is as follows: Millen’s 1st Rounds- Lions • 2001: 1st round: Jeff Backus #18 - good pick, decent starter • 2002: 1st round: Joey Harrington #3 - bust • 2003: 1st round: Charles Rogers #2 - bust • 2004: 1st round: Roy Williams #7, Kevin Jones #30 – both were decent players who really started sucking • 2005: 1st round: Mike Williams #10 - bust • 2006: 1st round: Ernie Sims #9 – solid starter • 2007: 1st round: Calvin Johnson #2 - stud • 2008: Gosder Cherilus #17 – too early to tell? Eh, not really. Bust. Smith’s 1st Rounds - Tigers • 1996: 6th overall P Seth Greisinger- bust, currently playing in Japan • 1997: 1st overall P Matt Anderson- had one great season. Bad. • 1998: 14th overall P Jeff Weaver – Smith’s best pick • 1998: 34th overall P Nate Cornejo – terrible pitcher • 1999: 3rd overall C Eric Munson – Just awful. • 2000: 8th overall P Matt Wheatland – never reached majors • 2001: 11th overall P Kenny Baugh – bust • 2001: 32nd overall 2B Mike Woods - bust Now it’s much easier to judge talent in the NFL draft than MLB. But compare Millen’s best pick-Calvin Johnson, to Smith’s- Jeff Weaver. As crazy as it seems, Millen almost looks like he knows what he was doing. Now let’s get to overall records. Tigers under Randy Smith Year GP W L % Division 2002 161 55 106 .342 5th of 5 2001 162 66 96 .407 4th of 5 2000 162 79 83 .488 3rd of 5 1999 161 69 92 .429 3rd of 5 1998 162 65 97 .401 5th of 5 1997 162 79 83 .488 3rd of 5 1996 162 53 109 .327 5th of 5 Total 1132 466 666 .411 -- Lions under Millen YEAR COACH W-L % 2001 Morni 2-14 .125 2002 Morni 3-13 .187 2003 Mariu 5-11 .312 2004 Mariu 6-10 .375 2005 Mariu 5-11 .312 2006 Marin 3-13 .187 2007 Marin 7-9 .437 TOT -- 31-81 .276 Here, it’s tough to argue against Millen’s NFL record-setting poor perfromance. But it’s ‘easier’ to have .300 winning percentage in football. It’s also important to note that both men left their teams in such poor shape that each set records for futility. Millen bears the responsibility of the 2008 0-16 campain, but Smith also must be blamed for the 43-119 record-setting season, which is just as bad if not worse. Perhaps Smith was not any worse a GM than Millen. But both can and should be mentioned in the same sentence, and Detroiters should loathe them both with equal vehemance.
  3. No. The hatred would be there. Teams with a rich history and an ability to make a comeback are always relevant. That's the point. People all over the country call the Big 10 irrelevant. Maybe I'll go with that. I heard it on PTI, so it must be true.
  4. For a program that 'is no longer relevant', there seems to be a lot of seething hatred towards it.
  5. Did anyone see the post-game interview? Franzen was wearing a red baseball cap that looked like it had both the Wings and Tigers logos, with a crossed hockey stick and baseball bat. Any idea where I could find one of those?
  6. Now I remember why I dont remember. I was on my 8th grade trip to Washington DC! Yikes, that was a while ago.
  7. I'm watching a great documentary on Roberto Clemente on PBS right now. Quite an amazing story. A lot of the interviewees are discussing Clemente’s skill in the outfield. A lot of the things they are saying, mostly his Gold Glove total and incredible arm, remind me so much of what my dad tells me about the way Kaline played. I’ve read a couple of comparisons between the two, but nothing that really answers the question: “who was better?” Certainly Clemente is more famous, but could Kaline give him a run for his money? Any vets out there remember seeing them play? What do the stats say? Sorry if this has been discussed on here before, it just had me thinking.
  8. Yikes. Its never good when Semin goes five-hole.
  9. McCarty would make the most sense, but it'd be a shame to see him on the sidelines, especially if we play Colorado. I'm new to this board, but am glad to see I'm not the only one who is less than impressed with Samuellson. I haven't seen anything from him since his hot start a year ago. It's by no mean a Robert Lang situation, but he just looks sluggish out there. No points for him yet this postseason, and lowest shooting percentage of any forward on the team.
  10. LOL! Milt Cuyler on skates would undoubtedly be a sight to behold.
  11. If Maltby comes back for round 2, any idea who will sit? I'd hate to see Helm go, that guy really gets after it!
  12. Excuse my ignorance, but our next round opponent is Colorado no matter what, correct?
  13. I am loving the Zapruder break-down of this mystery. Check out this link of an orange Gibson jersey for sale. I dont think there's any way they would have worn these in-game (someone would remember), but the piping on the neck and sleeves does look eerily similar... http://www.sidelineapparel.com/kigideticoba.html
  14. Does anyone know if Coke Zero wants to sue Coke? How about if Taco Bell has made a really cheesy taco?
  15. I responded to your initial post, and I'll respond again. I get your post--at first I didn't. But either way, I think people are getting hung up on the utter pretentiousness of the tone. It was well written, but written as a challenge in the form of direct address. There really was no way you weren't going to get some pushback. As I said before, I'm not offended. I agree in many ways. Uneducated know-it-all fans who post here should be taken to task. But I say again, I would take a full stadium of fans, uneducated or not, over a half-empty stadium of die-hards any day.
  16. I’m not offended, I’m just disagreeing. I’m not calling people names, I’m disagreeing with their opinions. It is truly unfortunate, and frankly surprising that you’ve had so many bad experiences since ’06. I’ve been to around 10 games since we started winning, and each time has been pleasant. We usually head to the State or to Cheli’s beforehand, and they are always packed with Tigers fans. Almost everyone seems to be in a great mood, and there seems to be an air of anticipation leading up to the game. Games have been loud and charged with energy. Sure they’ll be an occasional loudmouth drunk, but the general “good feeling” I sense from the crowd being around a winning team more than makes up for it. For me, this beats the bored, apathetic, empty atmosphere of years past. However, if my experiences were as poor as the ones you’ve had, I’d probably feel the same way. You don’t have to care about my opinion. But understand there are folks who came to the park to cheer on the Tigs in ’03, and are loving the influx of new (or reborn) fans since ’06.
  17. This is the kind sentiment that i disagree with STRONGLY.
  18. I agree with you 100%. Fans whining over nothing should be chastized. Being new to the board, I am still trying to get a sense for the general tone of the regulars. The tone of this particular thread seemed to be, "things were better when the Tigers were bad and it was just us die-hards". I see now that I was mistaken. But I guess my main point was (and is) that winning in front of a perhaps uneducated sell-out crowd beats losing in front of a few thousand die-hards any day of the week.
  19. We've done trips in each of the last 6 summers. First of all, you cant beat them! Each one has been spectacular in its own right. Some routes we took that worked out well: 1. Pitt, Bos, Balt, Cle 2. Chi, STL, KC, Min, Mil, Chi (an epic 6 games in 6 days) 3. TB, Fla, Atl, Cin 4. NY, NY, Phi, Was, Bal 5. 2008--Det at Seattle!, SF, Oak You can plan on spending around $250 on tickets thanks to Ticketmaster fees. Gas prices are always this killer, and will be again this year. We usually try to stay with friends if we have any in the area. Helps cut costs, and is nice to have a local to show us the good sites.
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