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  1. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined something like this to happen to a board member. Although I rarely post, I try to read as many Tigers threads as possible and estrepe was one of the best posters around. He will be sorely missed on this board, but more so by his family. My condolences to Brian's family.
  2. I used to be a die-hard Tokyo Giants fan. My grandfather was a big fan of them, and he would sometimes send me little things with Giants symbol on them when I lived in Ann Arbor. Now having work and being married, I don't have as much time to watch. I'd rather be following Detroit on the Internet anways (especially this year ).
  3. Born in Japan. My family moved to Ann Arbor when I was 5. Moved back to Japan when I was 13. Without Internet, missed 1984 (except for some newspaper clippings that were sent to me). Without Internet, missed 1987 also. With Internet, had to endure a string of painful losing seasons. Aaahhh... It's nice for the team to be back...
  4. Biff, estrepe1, This is what it says on mlb.com: Local Live Blackout: ALL LIVE MLB.TV games will be blacked out in both teams' home telecast markets and in Japan. And because of the time difference between the US and Japan, there is no overlap between game time for MLB and Japanese baseball. The only possible overlap would be a west coast game that runs VERY late, and an afternoon ball game in Japan. Crazy, isn't it? holygoat, I heard (a few years ago) that the rule comes from the company that has broadcast rights in Japan. Not sure if that company really wants that rule, or if MLB or Japanese baseball is telling that company to put that rule in. (I would have to believe that MLB wouldn't tell that company to put that rule in, otherwise that would really be stupid.)
  5. While he's at it, could he PLEASE get rid of the insane blackout rule imposed on Japan!
  6. Ichiro all the way. That way, there would at least be a few more (umm... many more) Tigers games on TV here in Japan. Happy New Year everyone! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!
  7. Got it now. I knew about the "Not in the US" part, but it seemed I needed to enter it as "Tokyo, Tokyo (Japan)", not just "Tokyo". Biff: Sorry haven't posted much lately. With marriage and a ridiculous workload this year, I really haven't had much time. I'll try to be a better moron. :-)
  8. Uhh... How come Tokyo is an invalid city?
  9. estrepe1, holygoat, Thanks. Yeah, I'll try to post more, although you probably won't see very many intelligent posts from me.
  10. Unfortunately, I wasn't surprised at all about this once I read it was at a Japanese high school game. Pitchers often throw a ridiculous number of pitches here. One of the problems is that getting to "Koshien" is the utmost goal in high school baseball. (Think "Koshien" = "Jp HS baseball version of March Madness".) Getting to "Koshien" basically means that you have to win the prefectural tournament, which is one of those "one loss and you're out" deals. Since you have kids who dream of getting to Koshien, they are more than willing to throw an inordinate number of pitches. I am pretty sure that there are many cases where the ace of the pitching staff (which for all intents and purposes, is likely to consist of one pitcher) has thrown 250+ pitches total in two consecutive days. The part that interested me was about Enatsu and Oh. Oh is the all time HR leader in Japan with 868, and Enatsu has a total of 206 wins and 193 saves. Hope this Hayashi kid can become half as good as these two. PS This is my first post since who knows when.
  11. Japan Born in Japan Lived in Ann Arbor for 8+ years (in the '70s) Am now living in Japan again
  12. Detroit won't get Matsui (probably no matter how hard they try). The long standing rumor here in Japan is that he is headed to either the Yankees or the Dodgers. Supposedly he will be making up his mind during the upcoming winter meetings (? Dec. 12-15). I would love it if the Tigers get him, but that is because it would let me see some more Tigers game.
  13. Supposedly, he is considering the Yankees and the Dodgers the most.
  14. I don't think Detroit needs to worry about any Colonel Sanders curse. I would worry more about a "Tigers Stadium curse" (Is there such a thing?). Hanshin Tigers, known for: * the bickerings between the front office, management, and players. * a (former) pitcher who once said "We lose because the coaches are stupid". * their home stadium which (as stated in the article) is considered as a baseball shrine. The stadium hosts the (spring and summer) Japanese high school baseball tournament (which just concluded today). This tournament is akin to March Madness in the US. From the article: I have never heard of any warnings. However, ushers do come around to take away any (foul) balls hit into the stands. (Don't know about home runs.) They will normally "exchange" the ball with a sticker or some other cheap memento. Once when a little kid (5 years old maybe?) wound up with the ball, the people around the kid made sure that the usher wouldn't take the ball away. There were lots of heckling. Funny thing is that the kid may have been happier with the memento, as he was looking at the ball and wondering what to do with it.
  15. It's not like there are any competing games on TV right now. And the most idiotic part about this is that I was able to register for that free trial thing. On a different note, why am I awake at this ungodly hour? (Answer: to be duped by MLB... sheesh...) Gotta get some sleep... Good night!!!
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