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  1. I was checking the Mudhens stats to see how Sizemore was doing (not bad)... but then I noticed that Timo Perez is STILL a Mudhen!!!! 36 years old and still riding the buses in the minors. You GOT to LOVE a guy like that!! I still remember when the Tigers called him up in '07. He ripped the cover off the ball! 90-ABs, 9-2Bs, 2-3Bs, .389 ave., .960 OPS. He was fun to watch. Bring the dude back!!!
  2. Bonderman is done. finito. retired. an ex ballplayer. gone fishing. exploring alternative career opportunities. Sadly.
  3. Surprises: Worth wins the SS position by the ASG and hits with decent numbers Coke wins 15 games Busts: Inge battles to stay above .200 Valverde loses the closer job to Benoit BTW: The girl in the "Geek is the new sexy" ad is absolutely smokin hot!!!!
  4. Has anybody reviewed the stat called "eloRater" from baseball-reference.com?? MLB EloRater - Baseball-Reference.com Now, admittedly, the only reason I mention this stat is because it ranks Polanco at #547 as opposed to Inge who is ranked as #948. And since I know little/nothing about all that saber stuff, I decided (without any bias whatsoever, mind you, LOL) to quote this stat. EDIT: as an aside, and totally separate from this string.... www.baseball-reference.com is an awesome site with an excellent system of cross-referencing all its data. I have spent many hours reviewing the careers of my favourite players and teams throughout the 70s and 80s. If you have a nostalgia for baseball, it's a joy to navigate this site, lose yourself, and reminisce. But ... I'm sure it's no stranger to you folks.
  5. ..last year, only 2 more GIDPs than Inge. LOL, and the ability of Inge to divide Tiger fans into "love'm or hate'm camps contines on. Admittedly, I'm not a big fan... but i do like some of those defensive plays that only he can do.
  6. I'm not one of the hardcore saber analysts on this site. Many here can attest to the fact that i'm one of the great unwashed who merely watch the games and form opinions from there. But PP had about 90 less strikeouts than Inge with about 40 more ABs. That's the equivalent of Inge doing nothing else but striking out, every time up at bat for about 5 weeks. Not to mention, PP's knack for moving runners up with "good" outs by hitting behind the runners and his excellent bunting skills. In any event, water under the bridge. Looking forward to Inge having a career year.
  7. It still cheeses me off that Philadelphia management saw that Polanco would make a good third baseman and Dombrowski didn't. You can't be right all the time of course, but that one stings.
  8. "day care center", "12 kids". nice touch. i think we're done. no biggie.
  9. Must be interesting to live in your black and white world. I would suggest googling "psychology of alcohol addiction" and gain some legitimate insights into the disease.
  10. I have a good friend who is one of the nicest guys in the world. Truely, when sober, this dude is an absolute saint. Calm, collected, respectful. But when he drinks, ( a lot) he suddenly becomes a terrible, child-like, bully. A "major a-hole" and a "belligerent drunk" are NOT the same thing at all. I have faith his teammates will rally around Miggy... and he's going to be AWESOME this year!!!
  11. Clancy

    The fever...

    I must admit. I am absolutely PUMPED about this year. Miggy is going to be off-the-charts good and Ver is focused on wining his "first" Cy Young. Back to the playoffs!!!
  12. I know Leyland has more than his share of detractors on this site. But I think he really hit the right notes when responding to questions about Miggys situation. I give him an A++ today.
  13. What do I know about Miggy's contract? Zippo. Nada. Nil. Nothing. But i have this small, iota of a suspicion that, nowadays, major league clubs word contracts very carefully in an effort to protect themselves from high-priced players who might fudge-up big-time due to their own recklessness (ie. booze, drugs, whatever). As i contemplate this thought.... i suspect DD, and Miggy (and his agent) will be having some very frank conversations in the coming day or two. Nothing focuses attention like multi millions of dollars. Merely my supposition, of course.
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