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  1. What's Maggie Haberman gonna do now that Trump is no longer POTUS?
  2. I didn't say I liked DeSantis, just think there's a very specific needle the Rs need to thread to win in 2024 and I think he's the best capable of doing it.
  3. I could be completely wrong, but for the Rs in 2024, it's Ron DeSantis or bust. He seems more charismatic than the others, and he's probably the only one who can balance the Trumpy impulses while not alienating moderate/establishment Rs.
  4. Did not know that Gaga had West Virginia roots....
  5. I genuinely hope so as well. I say this as someone who actually liked President Obama, but it will be nice to have a President for the first time in 12 years who can be commonly seen/accepted as a pretty normal/imperfect person versus having an heir of cult of personality about parts of their support base.
  6. So, he's President now. Where will the Q people move the goalposts to now?
  7. You are correct, but the reason he gets the criticism from both sides is that he does a subpar job of actually challenging the subjects that he interviews regardless of what party they are in. I just think that when you hold the seat of the most acclaimed Sunday show and are a successor of someone like Tim Russert, the bar is high and people expect a performance that can at least match the hosts of the other competition (ie. Tapper, Brennan, even Stephanopolous). The reality is that he's not in the same league with the others.
  8. Also, responding to any and all criticism with "Old Man Bad"
  9. Chuck Todd is terrible, but it has nothing to do with that comment and more to do with just being a terrible interviewer compared to folks like Jake Tapper or Marg Brennan
  10. It's a nice gesture, but I doubt the honeymoon will last...
  11. Won't be His Pillow for long at this rate.
  12. Steve Cohen is a bit nutty, but meaningful coming from Curbelo
  13. Sad that Republican Govs have to issue statements like this
  14. She fits a certain stereotype for this area as well... although I was surprised when I saw that she was from Carrollton and not Grapevine or Southlake
  15. Still don't know if they should have called it when they did, but the Fox Decision Desk really did change the psychology of that night by calling AZ when they did
  16. This is absolutely wild. It's amazing what credible defamation threats can do.
  17. Probably more a reflection of political reality in Georgia than anything else, but still interesting
  18. With the usual caveats about polls and non-response bias, don't look now, but it appears that Donald Trump's standing is seeing significant erosion.
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