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  1. Pretty gross, but ultimately within his right
  2. I guess Trump is skipping the trip to the Wyndham (Total Landscaping)
  3. Also, a hearty **** you to Norman Shinkle for putting him into that position. I'm glad he did the right thing, but the fact that it is viewed as heroic is a sign of trouble
  4. “I don’t get it,” the president said, venting confusion and frustration. “All these other Republicans, all over the country, they all win their races. And I’m the only guy that loses?” Umm, somebody want to tell him?
  5. This is a really good and unsparing piece
  6. I've generally heard Fluornoy for SecDef... Sen. Doug Jones, Sally Yates, Lisa Monaco for AG. (Jones would be my pick)
  7. Bears repeating: Just as it was Waukesha and Ozaukee in Wisconsin (not Milwaukee) and Chester/Montco/Delco/Lehigh/Bucks in PA (not Philadelphia). Not rocket science.... he just performed poorly in the suburbs, as has been expected he would for two years.
  8. To quote Dave Wasserman, "I've seen enough..."
  9. Nevada certifies today, Pennsylvania will after four remaining (non-Philly) counties certify. Arizona will certify. To the extent any drama is left on the board, it's Wisconsin, and they are scheduled last anyway. The end of this thread is in sight.
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