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  1. Definitely.... Arlington (where we do most of our transactions) has arguably been the most strict municipality in the county outside of Fort Worth. Some of the other suburbs may not be regulating as closely. People are terrible
  2. It's the same distance for us to Sams or Costco, but we're not huge Walmart fans and their meats are generally better, so Costco it is. I made a run to Lowes a little over a week ago and they had people stationed out front to limit people in stores. No idea what it's like now though, aside from running to get food a couple of times we haven't been into a big box or grocery store in over a week.
  3. Questioning how practical M4A is or the details of how M4A could realistically be implemented does not require one to be a defender of the current system.
  4. Costco is now limiting entry to 2 per membership card, for what it's worth.
  5. Again, it's one poll... you kinda have to look at the aggregate.
  6. The problem with M4A is the same as it ever was; M4A can be generally seen as popular in concept, but becomes less popular when people start to consider the specifics of how implementation would actually work or take place. If a healthcare system were being designed from scratch, something like M4A would make a ton of sense as a starting point. The problem is that we're not starting from scratch, and the American people are gonna need to be on board not just with the *concept*, but with the overall implementation of the program in order for that transition to begin.
  7. Preeeeety simple, really. Joe Biden, by merely existing, is a divisive force in the fight against coronavirus.
  8. "Biden, fanning those flames, confirmed Tuesday that Whitmer is on his shortlist for a vice presidential pick." Wow, Joe... what an incredibly divisive move, *checks notes* announcing you are considering someone for VP.
  9. Trump's approval rating has basically been stuck in the same range during his entire Presidency, and I really don't think that is going to change for the better regardless of outcome here.
  10. For sure... Wisconsin is definitely not in the bag, but I view it as a hopeful sign that it isn't trending much harder toward Trump at the moment. Which is why Arizona is such an important state in this process as well.
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