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  1. I don't think Roberts would do it.
  2. Yeah, Bush v. Gore was supposed to be a narrow ruling not to be applied beyond its implementation, whereas this would set a precedent that would apply to all Presidents going forward. It's not just how certain judges would vote, its whether they'll even take it up to begin with. I'm not sure they will.
  3. Said it in the other thread, but I wouldn't be shocked if they punted on this case
  4. I know folks aren't in the habit of giving the Roberts' Court the benefit of the doubt, but I really doubt they want anything to do with this....
  5. Probably right. I definitely expect that when there's a Democratic presidency, there will be some folks who have argued (and will continue to argue regardless of what additional facts may surface) that Trump should not be impeached for anything who will turn around and start wailing about impeachment of a Biden/Warren/etc. should they take office.
  6. Put another way, if there isn't enough for impeachment on this particular President with the evidence that has been laid out over two separate investigations, on top of the everything else (the charity fraud, the hotel/profiteering off the job, etc.), there will never be an instance in the future which will ever rise to the need for impeachment.
  7. Raises the stakes for Sondland's testimony even more....
  8. You need public support, sure. The question is whether there needs to be "pizzaz" or "entertainment" in order to gain public support.
  9. I believe he's competing in South Carolina as well.... The case just seems more serious to me.... he clearly must be making the calculation that he can win a state like New Hampshire and, unlike Warren perhaps, can be a bridge between that electorate and the more diverse electorate you'll see in South Carolina. His big issue is that he faces massive hurdles in name recognition (which the media is probably overrating the extent which people know of him or remember him), money (he's starting for square one), and the polling thresholds necessary to get into the debates. Last one in particular seems like a big hurdle in that I have a hard time seeing a candidacy move at this point without the ability to be on a debate stage.
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