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  1. To your point, this will matter even more greatly in Iowa *if* she finishes under the 15% threshold. If she's above 15%, then you could easily get a situation where a Biden pulls it out with Amy and/or Pete second choice voters (depending on how they split up). If she's under 15%, then that may help balance out the second choice voters from any moderate candidates who finish below 15%
  2. This is interesting to ponder... she's in some ways a bridge between Sanders and Clinton, and I would imagine a decent chunk of her support comes from '16 Clinton supporters. And I'd imagine this crowd would probably not be an automatic add to Sanders... polling has shown that her 2nd choice numbers do advantage Sanders, but not overwhelmingly
  3. Polling is still pretty fluid but Bernie is in a lot better shape than he has been to date. I still think the latest CW (that winning IA/NH would carry over to SC) is a little too confident. Bernie still needs to do better with AA voters, particularly older ones, if he wants to win this thing, and I don't think it's a given that winning IA/NH would translate there. The H2Hs are an issue for Bernie, though... losing IA by ~6 may translate enough nationally to winning the EC, but it's no guarantee.
  4. Didn't realize Rogan dabbled in birtherism as well...
  5. Lev Parnas taped the President for almost an hour and a half. But. Her. Emails....
  6. Really speaks volumes to what the administration thinks about our intelligence
  7. It's going to be genuinely satisfying to see this guy lose his seat.
  8. FWIW, I spent a good portion of the last three weeks in the Little Rock media market, by no means a big one, watched the news pretty regularly, and found that it was given an appropriate amount of coverage. And I'm telling you that I've spent the majority of my life in smaller areas than the one that I'm in now. Local papers don't have dedicated spaces for national stories, especially on a multiple day event like impeachment. It's not the purpose of these outlets and it never has been.
  9. Let's take a look at the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, my hometown paper: Two observations: Firefighters getting hit by cars while responding to a call is a really big local story and warrants front page coverage. In no small part because you sure aren't going to hear it on CNN or MSNBC or from the Times or Post. The Coronavirus hitting a county that's two hours away (and home to one of the largest public universities in the country) is a really big local story because said university has a lot of students from the area and, because of impeachment, you sure aren't going to hear it on CNN or MSNBC or from the Times or Post. If you look way up at the top, despite a number of stories of local interest, they sure do mention impeachment and that, on top of all the other sources you can go to hear about it you can go to their website to read more about it as we;;. I could go on and on, but pointing to local papers and determining that "nobody cares" sort of misses the point of local papers.
  10. Can't speak for others, but I mostly call out Trump himself. Beating him.... that's where the focus should be. And yes, it's going to require some folks who voted for him in '16. It is what it is.
  11. Clearly, these people are anti-Semites for not liking Bernie Sanders. Also, here's this really cool endorsement of Sanders by Joe Rogan.
  12. I'm gonna ask this one more time: Why the **** should local news papers cover events that basically exist all over national news outlets? Like, why should impeachment preempt a local story about a triple homicide in a community outside Anniston, Alabama or a body being found outside Lufkin, Texas, when literally every cable outlet, national newspaper and even local TV news is dedicating the time to impeachment, or even (generally) leading with it?
  13. I'm mostly agnostic on Rogan, but his propogating of the "White Genocide" theory in South Africa loses him a ton of credibility in my eyes.
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