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  1. Interesting observation... ties in well with the off-topic conversation in the Media thread.
  2. TRUMP: "Presidenital Harassment, Presidential Harassment!!!" Also TRUMP: "Ukraine, you better harass my political rival, or else we'll shut you out" Like, there's no "but Kwame Kilpatrick-ing" that kinda behavior. It's impeachable.
  3. Wild *** speculation, but it's still incredible to me that withholding positive relations with a foreign country if they don't comply with harassing a political opponent is NBD in the age of Trump.
  4. Clearly the best answer is to sit back, picture him as Rodney Dangerfield in Caddyshack, and laugh.... because reasons.
  5. I forgot about the Tulsi moment.... I don't care for Tulsi, but she drew blood with that line no doubt.
  6. When they do the autopsy on her campaign, the debate moment that got the most attention will probably be seen as a wash. It helped move her up in the polls also had a fatal flaw in it that, not only was she attacking Biden (and how that would be perceived), but also that the issue she was attacking Biden on (school busing) is, whether one likes the policy or not, wildly unpopular with the broader American public. I'd hazard a guess that its unpopularity does cross racial lines as well at this point in time. And after a few days of positive coverage after the attack, IIRC, she had to clarify that she doesn't necessarily agree with busing as a broad policy. But what I think has really hurt her is her inability to put out a coherent stance on the most important issue of the primary thus far (ie. healthcare). With Biden/Warren/Sanders, whether one likes them or prefers them in this contest, you know where exactly they stand on the issue.... Kamala has been a mystery. Popularity and personality are important, of course, but (at least in a Dem primary) you gotta be able to put out a coherent policy message.
  7. Maybe instead of safaris to Bluelandia, the Camp Pain should focus on keeping the states they won in 2016....
  8. I think her fatal flaw was that she didn't more forcefully court Biden's base and kind of relied on a strategy of being all things to all people. And that strategy, for better or worse, tends to make you less popular with both cohorts (moderates and progressives). Of course, she declared and was running before Biden got in, but I also think that the strategy above didn't take into account the kind of strength that Joe would command with AA voters were he to enter. Like the article discusses, she assumed she could roll into SC and steamroll the competition (presumably Sanders, Warren, etc., but also Biden if he entered), and that just hasn't materialized. At any rate, she needs to get it turned around or she may Pawlenty out of this thing.
  9. Hard to imagine a more spectacular collapse than the one Trudeau is experiencing...
  10. This looks like a campaign in free fall...
  11. I'm sure that's a big part of it... for as many flaws as Trump has as a candidate, he's raised beaucoup bucks. They can afford to go on some safaris for votes. Perhaps they are kicking the tires on some other states due to concerns in the blue wall states as well.
  12. The same writer of that article that Stan posted posted an article a week later that stated, if memory serves correct, that GOP membership in Washington State hit some sort of all time low. Not a sign of strength
  13. It has nothing to do with the polls. It's the overall trendline in actual elections. Romney won Texas by 15+ in 2012, Trump won it by 9 in 2016 (carrying barely a majority of the vote), and Beto O'Rourke and most of the statewide ticket lost by anywhere from 2-5%. I feel fairly comfortable in saying that Trump will win Texas, but it's not out of the question that he could lose the state based on the trendline.
  14. Should be noted that there have been rumors of them spending money in Oregon as well.... Unless a meteor wipes out Portland, I don't see that happening.
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