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  1. Low-key the best line of the night... he should try to shoehorn that in at the debate
  2. Joe Biden: Addled and ridden with dementia, yet able to memorize questions and rehearse answers.
  3. This townhall is a great example of how Trump's strategy of lowering the bar for Biden to a speed bump level was a dumb move
  4. Another Ohio stop added... I'd like to see a poll of Ohio...
  5. Yard sign wise, there's someone along a frontage road near my house who stuck a pretty massive "Ridin With Biden" sign on the fence in front of their house (facing the freeway) These are different times in the DFDub... never would have seen it four years ago, and certainly not eight years ago.
  6. It's now a bad week for the Green Party....
  7. What's particularly frustrating about the Trump line is is that the companies themselves have said they are not releasing a vaccine unless it's ready. It's so ****ing stupid.... but, you know, we're all hypoocrites if we don't just take the President's word for it.
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