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  1. He was the one who tried bribing his way into a Secretary of Army appointment
  2. 1000x This. That's just the way it is... it's revisionist history to suggest that Trump has borne more of a brunt than his predecessors as well.
  3. Maybe, and just hear me out here... maybe it's not bias but because the executive action that led to the injunctions.
  4. There's gonna be a lot of losses in court as well on this tax return stuff. His case is pretty weak.
  5. She's really has a knack for exposing Trump for the Beta Male that he is.
  6. Florida is a lift, for sure. But it is a state where Biden probably has numerous advantages over other candidates
  7. A great example of how habitually leaning on "both sides" is just not accurate.
  8. And yet the "liberal media" still often referred to it as "impromptu"
  9. If nothing, it would be clarifying to see GOP Senators put on the historical record with respect to this Presidency.
  10. What a crybaby... I think impeachment is coming... I was skeptical for a while, but I think it's coming.
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