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  1. Rs seem awfully nervous about Mueller's deputy being present to advise...
  2. I finished reading the report over the weekend. I'm inclined to believe, having read it, that there's plenty of ways to do damage on the Volume II stuff if the folks questioning play their cards right. All within the confines of the report.
  3. How would it be possible to pursue a RICO investigation into something that isn't a cohesive entity in the first place? It's so dumb it makes my brain hurt.
  4. But let's hear more about left wing anti-semitism....
  5. Honestly, I think it's the media overcompensating for their miss in 2016.
  6. On one hand, I don't mind the reporting as it guards against complacency. But this isn't the 2020 Election thread, this is the Media Bias thread. We literally just had an election where the balance of power was decided in Trump-skeptical suburban areas. Yet seemingly the Times keeps sending reporters to counties like St. Clair (which has *twice* voted for a Democratic candidate since Johnson won in 1964, albeit generally by smaller margins than Trump's 2016 margins) and we get the same story ("Trump Voters Still for Trump") repackaged and repurposed. I guess my point is that instead of sending reporters to St. Clair County, they should be sending folks to places like Rochester Hills, or Troy, or to Bucks and MontCo Pennsylvania. Waukesha or Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. Or more stories from Maricopa County, Arizona. Or even my home county. Ultimately, *that's* where the story of 2020 is gonna be written... And it seems like journalistic malpractice to ignore it and go on these Trump Voter Safaris all the time, like they have been doing constantly for the past three years.
  7. Get ready for 16 more months of this ****
  8. He'd never get confirmed. I think you'd have some R defections
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