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  1. So ignorance is bliss then. We believe life evolved from simpler lifeforms but if you ask us where THOSE came from we put our fingers in our ears and run around screaming.
  2. Yet, the very belief in evolution must accompany some sort of faith (or ignorance) in abiogenesis. Before evolving, at what point did the non-living become living? Did lightening strike it? Was it sunlight? Extreme hot/cold temperatures? A power cube from Cybertron? The Tri-force? Nevermind the fact that Darwin's theories were formulated in a time when the world believed (science had "proven") that spoiled meat generated into maggots. So, life from the non-living wasn't that big of a stretch. Louis Pasteur thinks the whole lot in nonsense.
  3. Honestly, try some classical Latin...you'll never "use" it, but most English words are Latin-cognates and most of our language is formed with the same constructions. Not only that, but you will instantly begin to understand way more medical and legal jargon and French, Spanish, and Italian are like the little brothers of Latin--that much easier to learn them.
  4. These idiots: Charles Darwin Alexander Operin JBS Haldane
  5. On Friday night, my wife and I went to "Daytona Pig Shack" (actually in Ormond Beach) nice place, nothing really exciting about the atmosphere--certainly not a DDD kind of place. However, I ordered the pulled pork/brisket combo w/ a sweet potato, cornbread, and brunswick stew. The stew, brisket, and cornbread were the best I've ever had. We've gone to 5 or 6 BBQ joints on the way south, and I probably went to a dozen more when I spent a summer in GA.
  6. The Fox Cycle: From bogus right-wing attack to mainstream news | Media Matters for America
  7. I understand they are, scientifically, two different events. But, being intricately connected, I think to have faith in evolution is pretty fantastical. Especially considering that the beginning of such a faith is so mathematically impossible that it is impossible to prove. But, keep believing the fairy tale. Yet, "science" has proven it...just like once upon a time, science proved the existence of "phlogiston" and proved it was possible to turn lead into gold. Proof and "science" are the only things that have evolved in the last 1000 years. Now excuse me, I'm going to go blender a bunch of meat together and boil it until it springs to life. *moves to "whats for dinner" thread
  8. Yes, the faith to believe God created everything is silly, but the faith to believe random crap happened that we can never duplicate is science! Make life...just once. Let's recreate abiogenesis just once...cold, hot, whatever you want the climate to be. Take a mess of random amino acids and do it up!
  9. Well, let's get to the part where hutch said Muslims never did a thing for math and science...that is a much easier point that everyone can agree to nail him on.
  10. Christians, as a whole, reject the teachings of the Westboro Church, Mormons, and Jehovah's Witnesses...not just reject like Catholics and Lutherans don't get along, but reject like anyone who isn't part of those sects refer to them as cults. I miss the days when it was still PC to call the LDS a cult. So, thank you, because we should judge all Christians by the wacky ones...just like all conservatives are Glenn Beck and every single liberal is George Soros. Every single one.
  11. Ephesians 2:8-9 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. No scale, more of a Christmas present.
  12. Please tell me that was sarcasm.
  13. Video: Wish You Weren't Here | The Daily Show | Comedy Central As usual...the LAME-stream conservative media forgets Reagan did the same farging thing.
  14. Yeah, I love people who use the term "revisionist history" and then rank Reagan near the top...
  15. All I could think about when I saw the thread title was hoping it was some sort of spoof that including footage of the stage caving in...alas
  16. National, along with BLESTO, provides NFL teams with a list of college seniors to watch as the season is approaching. NFL Teams pay 35K for it. Here it it: NFL Draft: 2010-2011 National Football Scouting Report | Bleacher Report
  17. Dwight Howard Frankie Muniz David Silva (Spanish Soccer player, Manchester City) Kind of blah, but I'm only 24, so that list will probably be bigger in 20 years! I hope!
  18. 6/30/1934, The Portsmouth Spartans relocate and the Detroit Lions are born!
  19. Look at the scouting tape when both came out. Kwame had a decent shot in H.S. and had all the confidence in the world. 1 year on that world-beating team where Cousins was often the ineffective 5th option isn't much better.
  20. Anyone else having these? I've tried deleting cache, cookies, history and all sorts of other fixes but every time I try to sign into Yahoo it just reloads the sign in page.
  21. Cousins=Kwame Brown v2.0 All the upside with less heart and athleticism and a few years older!
  22. This is the first year Dumars did part of what I wanted. I am so sick of undersized centers/forwards and combo guards--so, I loved Monroe enough to hope White sticks even though I hate having three combo guards on the roster. In 2003, I wanted Bosh 2005: I really really REALLY wanted David Lee (only because of his McDonald's dunk competition win from a few years prior, but I thought we'd take Brandon Bass. Maxiell was the better choice between those two. 2007: I was deadset on Nick Young but glad Stuckey turned out the way he did. 2009: I wanted a point guard, Collison or Maynor
  23. two things: 1) Huey, are you one of those old men who watches the Weather Channel all day, if so, you would've loved my father 2) Why is it so f'ing hot in this freaking state!
  24. Was asked by one of my sources to write an article (as well as to gauge fan reaction) about the NFL's Enhanced Season proposal. So far here, it seems like about what I expected. Here is my article: NFL Owners Seek An "Enhanced" Season In Spite Of Player Concerns | Bleacher Report If you go read it, please also vote in the poll (I don't think you have to sign up to anything to do that). Main points in the article are that: -Yes, the preseason is useless -Longer season means more injuries. -More injuries increase the likelihood of watering down play. -If the players are increasing their risk, they should get more (not less) of the revenue "pie." Any comments left here I will pass along.
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