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  1. I'll refrain from breaking out into some Meridith Brooks, but thanks.
  2. Well no one doubts the guilt of the accused (NBB Party) but any sane person has doubts of the actual accused (Holder, DoJ, Obama) considering the accuser.
  3. I love when people insinuate that any move favorite blacks is racist. For years, it was politically acceptable to give their schools less money and help perpetuate a lack of education in an entire segment of our society while we white people moved out of the suburbs to get away from the violence. If you and I start a race but I cut your leg off first, I'm going to win. The NAACP "by its existence" fights to catch up not because they are racist but because white people f'ed with black people in the United States for 200 freaking years with no checks and balances.
  4. Yes if I (a slightly tanned white man) stand in a lily white neighborhood that generally votes republican with my "I <3 Bush" t-shirt and a billy club, I don't think that is intimidating anyone.
  5. omg.omg.omg! You mean two of his friends (one of whom writes for the Heritage Foundation--a conservative thinktank) say the same thing?! ROCK. SOLID. EVIDENCE.
  6. This entire "case" is the "whistleblowing" of one man--CONSERVATIVE Activist, J Christian Adams. This is a conservative website trumpeting the theories of a conservative ideologue. Fox hypes GOP activist's "explosive new allegations" against Obama DOJ | Media Matters for America More evidence of Adams' activism: He's been identified as a founder of law school's Federalist Society, Buchanan supporter | Media Matters for America ---- Wait...doesn't FOX News have a problem with judicial activism?
  7. Yeah, no...you're missing half the story. It WAS a criminal proceeding where RICO laws could have attached (can't in civil cases) and Bush downgraded it to a civil suit. The fact a default judgment was reached was the best case scenario in a civil matter.
  8. Actually, that is what I was talking about. I was speaking rhetorically at the author of the original but also to Bruce who seemed fine with posting something full of partisan dribble with little to no basis in fact. If you're posting an article that is B.S you should be ready to shovel.
  9. Really? Care to source that, like at all? The Republicans run under a charade of being "fiscally responsible" while also pretending that tax cuts don't need to be offset by less spending. Tax cuts, without cutting programs means...MASSIVE LEVELS OF DEBT!
  10. Follow the conversation more, I was simply responding to a brief interlude about the interpretation of Genesis...it is easy to say (in English) that "maybe day doesn't mean day." I'm just pointing out Hebrew has some different rules.
  11. Especially because the word, "yom" (like Yom Kippur--DAY of Atonement) never, ever, even once means anything but a single day when used by itself. If Biblical Hebrew wants to use "yom" to mean "age," "era" or anything but a 24 hour period it uses different constructions. Furthermore, the words for evening and morning are never used for anything other than evening and morning.
  12. It really depends on CBA negotiations. If things are going poorly and it looks like there might be a lockout, more underclassman will stay. If Peterson (CB), Luck and Mallett (QB), Ingram (RB) and AJ Green and the rest of the WRs stay in, it would be a BAD year.
  13. Eggplant Parmesan...doing "Meatless Mondays," it's been fun--makes me more inventive.
  14. At its lowest form, it is basically pulled pork soup w/ a bag of mixed vegetables. Made with love, it is a multi-meat, slightly BBQ/smokey stew with beans, and an assortment of veggies. The most "traditional" meat is squirrel (a very Kentucky/Tennessee/W Virginia thing) but restaurants don't usually serve it that way so pork/chicken/beef make up the mix.
  15. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Apology from Beck? Hannity? Fox and Friends? Any body? Beuhler?
  16. I think you misunderstand the word abiogenesis (literally means: the beginning of life) if you believe that a higher power gave that life, that is your view of abiogenesis. If another person believes in no higher power and a mathematical crap shoot, that is his view. Abiogenesis is the first dirty little secret of Darwinism, social darwinism is the second. The world would be a better place if evolutionists also taught Darwin as a racist who believed flies came from spoiled meat.
  17. Here's a mock draft I worked up the other day.
  18. Not looking for reaction, looking for answers. Why is the faith of evolution (and the very much corresponding faith of some sort of abiogenesis) accepted and other faiths ridiculed? Why are the idiot Christian "scientists" who throw actual science out the window considered quacks and not the idiot evolutionists who do the same thing--use their after-the-fact "evidence" to prove the preconceived notion they would never believe is not true. Atheists/Agnostics are the snarkiest group of people ever and the interwebz are littered with humorous rants and pictures of the "Spaghetti Monster" and "Jesus riding a dinosaur" but the second a guy brings up Cybertron he's a jerk. Sheesh
  19. Then you admit that is a faith that you have. Abiogenesis isn't outside of the scope of the discussion. You believe that a higher power started the whole mess and allowed for the process of evolution. That is fine. You go ahead and believe that. But, don't pretend its outside of the scope of the discussion. To have the evolution conversation you have to allow for where the single-celled prokaryotes came from or you're only having half the discussion. And, call me a jerk if you want, but I'm simply throwing the insult of "faith" back in the face of science. The faith they have is just as fantastical and absurd as the faith of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc but none of them would ever admit to their faith. I just wish scientists would get behind the power cube from cybertron theory, I could convert if Transformers were involved!
  20. Because scientists mock faith, yet pretend they are "proving" their theories by shoehorning "evidence" into a preconceived notion. Darwin's entire views of evolution were formulated at a time when he thought meat left on a warm counter would "turn into" maggots. The "science" surrounding evolution is exactly the opposite of the scientific method of Francis Bacon which has been left by the wayside. Evolution scientists are equal in "quack-itude" to Christian scientists who try to use the Bible as a science textbook--not the purpose of the book. Having a preconceived notion or faith that your theory is true is not true to science or the scientific method. Looking at the world through the "evolution-tinted glasses" is going to cloud any judgment.
  21. Yes, it is a mathematical impossibility and a faith so fantastical than it makes me giggle. There is no Bible story so remarkably nonsensical as the statistical idiocy of abiogenesis and evolution. And there is no faith so strong as that in people that believe in them.
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