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  1. What he showed was a tape severely edited to show the direct opposite of what the actual point of her speech was. Then, FOX news further muddied the facts not pointing out that the story was about years ago, long before Obama had an administration. If that isn't a lie...I'm not sure what can be.
  2. News Hounds: Shepard Smith: What In The World Has Happened To Our Industry?
  3. I'm mostly disturbed that FOX News gets to make news and influence policy and hirings/firings (read: blaming the president for kneejerk reactions). ACORN lost its funding because Breitbart published a complete bullcrap video of two conservative activists that he edited out context and edited IN costumes. FOX news also failed to report (care?) that the ACORN employee was playing along because he immediately called the police! Now, taking an anecdote about moving past racism, Breitbart tried to engineer racism. FOXNews reports it because it serves their agenda. It works.
  4. Well, MSNBC followed the Presidents financial reform speech with about 2 minutes of coverage and then went to racial stuff. FOX had no post speech coverage and went to "does eating meat make you fat."
  5. You are right, I misstated the point. She resigned on the 19th, but FOXNews.com posted the link on the 19th as well. It was Doocy who said they didn't until the 20th.
  6. Yeah, my favorite "lame-stream media" knock was when NewsBusters accused NBC of bias for pointing out (In a piece about Obama taking vacation days) the amount of vacation days Bush took off in the same time frame. The right considers reporting all of the facts and letting their viewers actually decide, bias. Because saying ANYTHING positive about Obama means you want sweet sweet ACORN loving with him.
  7. Also, this morning, Steve Doocy on FOX News claimed that FOX did not report on this until after she had resigned. He, of course, is ignoring the fact that he is full of crap. FOXNews.com ran the link to BigGovernment.com on 19th, she did not resign until the next day. Another example of a far right blogger becoming a newsmaker on FOX
  8. Breitbart also released the heavily-edited ACORN videos that everyone continues to site as ACORN racism without remembering/admitting that they were heavily edited.
  9. From Newsbusters...a far-right propaganda outfit This one is going to make me lol for the duration of the morning
  10. Man, the balls of any conservative even mentioning a fake video are probably grapefruit, if not cantaloupe sized. P.S.--It wasn't a fake video, it was "fake pictures" that are faked only because a conservative blogger says they are. PPS--I now found the link of conservative bloggers saying the video is fake. Well, if the guy says so, of course you should take his word as fact. I mean, it does confirm your preconceived notions and all.
  11. OK, the tea party is not racist. However, racists are very drawn to the teaparty...so much so that white supremacist groups lead their members to the teaparty. Check.
  12. You can also see tape, and a shadow from the bottom of the card where he taped on the "niggar" section.
  13. Link? WND, Gateway Pundit, Wordpress not allowed. I'll even take Fox News (although they're probably just regurgitating Malkin).
  14. Just because they are (now) a politically impotent group doesn't mean the tendencies aren't there.
  15. Funny though, I don't remember pot shots at Laura Bush or his daughters (although I do remember just about everyone having a crush on them) I don't remember potshots at Barbara Bush. I think the disturbing trend is the fact that everyone and their brother is making the FLOTUS and the girls political pawns. Then again, Rush got to call Chelsea a dog and no one cared.
  16. Well since we're reaching the logical conclusions. The next step would be
  17. Tyrone Wheatley applying lessons he learned at Michigan as he pursues coaching career | MLive.com
  18. Body fat % and electronic density are both far more useful but harder to obtain. It was a big joke in highschool that our star running back was almost morbidly obese according to his BMI. Of course, he had like 5% body fat, ran a sub 5.0 40-yard-dash, and was offered scholarships to several division one schools...but boy was he tubby!
  19. Everyone knows members of PETA are willing to kill other humans (even other PETA members) at a moments notice.
  20. Which is completely fargin idiotic. Height and Weight is drivers license info, therefore they already had your BMI. The only thing this is a precursor to is people being lazy and not doing math in their head.
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