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  1. I say this extremely tongue in cheek but... No one ever became black on a weekend at summer camp with a fifth of SoCo. On a more serious note, regardless of one's natural proclivity to homosexuality (or pederasty, for that matter), it is still a choice to commit the acts of homosexuality. Who DOESN'T have a natural proclivity to sin? We each have our own, it doesn't excuse us. My father was biologically prone to alcoholism and died 20+ years sober. Others have a natural weakness to heterosexual sex...doesn't mean that one-night-stands are OK for that person. Race is different, completely and utterly different.
  2. Ironically, the historical comparison of pederasty and homosexuality is the complete opposite of today. In Greece/Rome...it was scandalous, socially unacceptable, and unheard of that two men of the same age would consort. But, it was completely reasonable that a man (even a married one) would have a "boy." Then again, thousands of years before that, worshiping Baal and Asherah involved homosexual sex (orgies even!). At the same time, the city of "Sodom" existed, known Biblically (and extra-biblically) as a place of rampant homosexuality. Man tries really hard to pretend that society is evolving. It isn't. There is nothing new under the sun.
  3. No....you're just ignoring the first clause. "As for your male and female slaves whom you may have..." Meaning, you have slaves/servants and you're going to continue to have slaves/servants so here are some limitations on it.
  4. Yeah no...but way to enter the conversation! The Bible neither commands nor forbids slavery. It was a practice in that day. It does not say..."Go out and buy slaves." Or, slavery is a good practice you should keep going. What the Bible DOES do is set limits on it. The Bible encourages owners to be kind and the Lord set up a time (seven years) when slaves would be able to be free. Fun little fact...Hebrew doesn't have a different word for paid servant and slave. Eliazer was Abraham's "slave" and was set to inherit his entire estate. Joseph was actually sold to Potiphar as a "slave" and lived in the lap of luxury. But, you go ahead and continue to twist the words of the Bible and make it as anachronistic as you want.
  5. Care to point out the verse of the Bible that points to the 10 Commandments as being more authoritative than the rest? It was not an all-encompassing list. There is no, "Thou Shalt Not Hate," but Christ said, "Whoever hates his brother is a murderer." But that doesn't count cause it wasn't written in Exodus, which, apparently, is more important than Jesus himself...(sarcasm)
  6. Good thing the Bible wasn't written in English! But, I'm sure you'll bend that fact to however you see fit, though. The word in Hebrew...historical usage...means any sexual act committed outside of a marriage. It applies equally to if one person is married but not to the other person (English meaning), but also if both are unmarried. It's gender neutral.
  7. Please tell me you're not talking about Beck.
  8. I condemn the sin yes...but it isn't my job to make sure he isn't sinning. If my Christian brother is struggling with any sin, then I would point it out (if he, himself, does not see it) or offer him words of strength comfort to help him through it. If my agnostic neighbor is gay (or any other sin for that matter), I'm not going to put signs on my lawn to piss him off.
  9. And there's plenty who aren't...and there are plenty of atheists/agnostics/ambivalenta who are. Religious and Homophobe aren't strictly correlative terms. I condemn hatred as much as I condemn homosexuality. I willingly reach out to either...accepting neither sin, but urging the person to turn away from their sin in light of Christ's sacrifice and heaven won from them.
  10. I know you didn't really say that, but its my personal interpretation of what you said. When Christ and his followers specifically taught that love and acceptance isn't the same thing...it isn't asinine to point out that to say the opposite is a twisting of the actual text. Replacing teaching "a" with teaching "b" isn't an interpretation of "a" it is something completely different.
  11. Exactly, I would respond to McKissic (et al) with more of Paul's letter to the Corinthians. Too many Christians concern themselves with the sins of the world, rather than concerning themselves with their own spiritual welfare and those of their Christian brothers and sisters. One of my professors put it this way: "It is not your job to go around swatting the flies of unbeliever's sins. They will not listen to you, and it makes them less likely to ever listen to you."
  12. For meatless Monday, I made Mushroom Risotto w/ freshly grated Parmesan and Romano cheese.
  13. No, the inner insecurity is shown only by those who pretend that homosexuality is, in any way, worse or different than another sin. God hates sexual immorality among straight people just as much as he does among gay people. Earlier in that chapter, Paul writes: In the original Greek, those words are the colloquial terms for what we would call "pitchers" and "catchers". Homosexuality is neither set apart as "OK" nor as "worse." Rather, it is listed with other kinds of sins. I do not hate homosexuals, because I myself am a sinner and need God's healing. But I do not label their sins as "OK" anymore than I label my sins as "OK." The only difference God sees is: Is there a desire to stop sinning? That desire comes only through faith. To think that God would label anyone's sins as "OK" is to think things which are not in the Bible. Again, disagree if you wish, but don't make stuff up to fit your paradigm.
  14. I always enjoy arguments that start like that. After 16 years of bible history class and learning the original languages of the Bible, I'm pretty sure I've done "careful study" of Jesus life. That aside, you seem to mistake Jesus life for an Aesop fable. Jesus did not come to the earth to preach acceptance. He came to die for man's sins, to rise from the dead that they might have eternal life. Again, you can disagree with the Bible, but don't make stuff up and pretend its in there. Jesus himself, along with the Apostles he personally taught, all testify to that fact. Nowhere does it say "Jesus came to preach acceptance." Jesus did miracles--healing lepers and infirm--to attest to his Godhood. Jesus accepted tax collectors and prostitutes on the basis of their faith (and repentance), not because they were outcast. When asked about that very fact (Mark 2:17), Jesus claimed that he "hung out with 'sinners" because it is "not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick." Notice that he doesn't say the "outcast" He calls sinners sick, in need of healing--healing that comes only through faith. He came to bring that healing--not to pretend it isn't needed.
  15. Speaking of religion... Beck scares the crap out of me with his "Black Robe Regiment" B.S...joins up with a bunch of televangelists and tells his followers to tithe because they have "work to do."
  16. Always interesting and sad when people shoehorn Jesus into post-modernism like a Judean Dr. Spock. You can disagree with the Bible, with what it says, with its relevance, etc...but its pretty damn ignorant and arrogant to say things about it that aren't in there. "Acceptance" is a modern definition of love not found in the Bible.
  17. Wednesday, Stacey and I went out for our anniversary. Had to go to Daytona to pick our car up at the shop so we went to dinner with some friends in Ormond Beach. They showed us a nice little locally owned Italian place. Wife had a Pepperoni Stromboli, I had Eggplant Parmesan with some Pasta Fagioli
  18. Pastor's wife made Beer Battered Chicken Nuggets *drool* amazing! Covered in Blue Cheese and Tabasco--nothing could have been better. Washed it down with some bourbon. MMMM
  19. Yeah, at first I was really sad but then I realized that the age of the scotch wouldn't have improved all those years in ice :-( THIS on the other hand... Glenfiddich 50-Year $16,000 Whisky Tempts Investors (Update1) - Bloomberg
  20. Does she know what's in McNuggets?! That should piss her off even more!
  21. I may have told this story here once before. My fraternity did lots of theme parties where the name of the group (C.O.S.=Coalition of Seniors) would replace part of popular things--"Texas Chainsaw MassaCOS" "Mount COSmore" "COSito Ergo Sum" Artists in the group would also hone their talent with popular t-shirts featuring our professors in those settings. To make a long story short, our HeineCOS shirt looked a little too much like a Heineken shirt and they sued for over a million dollars, which was ridiculous. We settled out of court for the total price of the t-shirts plus the "gate" of the party. (it was like $1000, maybe)
  22. Tonight I took leftover stuffing, stuffed it with the rest of the mozzarella cheese, breaded and deep fried it. Need to go running now. Need to stop watching Paula Deen.
  23. We're best friends now Dragon's Milk Story--sitting in a Brew House in Chicago about a week after my 21st, the bartender gives me a free bottle of Dragon's Milk as a birthday present. Now, mind you, I've already sampled everything they have on tap (25, I think) and been drinking Guinness all night. We'd been doing shots as well. So, I'm halfway through this Dragon's Milk when, apparently, it became a good idea that I do a "Prairie Fire" shot...next thing I know I'm at the next bar over "Mary's" (guess what kind of bar that is) and I'm heckling a drag queen who's singing "Tainted Love." Still make sure to buy at least two pints whenever I'm in Michigan.
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