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  1. The programming error was fixed, heres how it shakes out now. 1- McKelvin (cb-troy state) 2- Talib (cb-kansas) 3- Lofton (Ilb- Oklahoma) 4- Gilberry (DE-Alabama) 5- Lichenstieger (C- Bowling Green) 6- Rubin (DT-ISU) 7- Savage (RB-Ok St)
  2. You my friend are definitely shrewd and have good football IQ...why are you a Lions' fan?
  3. Do you want to see us draft or sign guys at those positions? There is a difference! For example: young CB's need a while to mature to NFL cover schemes but are a "safer pick" OT's/QB's/RB's are all players who bust frequently and are higher paid drafting them. At the positions you mentioned I would sign a OG (I completely agree about Woody but I think a guy like Jordan Gross (available) or a guy who could play both Tackle and guard would be nice for depth. I would work on signing a RB too, ESPECIALLY if we can't get Duckett back. At TE, we get Dan Campbell back, he was a decent red zone threat before his injury. The rest I would draft.
  4. No offense, (esp. since its true), but saying "Ford needs to be replaced" is like saying that Phil Knight needs to be replaced by Nike...Ford OWNS the Lions' organization and no one is going to get him to "be replaced"/step down. The monetary aspect of the Lions' organization to the Ford Family is like a coin jar on the dresser, sure its there and its nice vacation money, but its not like you worry about it. The only thing that will help is actual people with pull, his advisers, staff etc. Telling him the things he needs to here, which won't ever happen. This is why being a Lions' fan is filled with hope, and hopes being dashed.
  5. What positions do you want to see the Lions draft? And what positions do you want to see free agents? There are plenty of sites out there that list upcoming free agents, so don't put that you want the lions to "sign payton manning" or other guys that aren't available. Personally, I'd love to see a veteran OG or OT signed. If we can get a 3rd QB with experience (Quinn Gray, Ryan Fitzpatrick) that'd be great (Stanton is a good future #2 but with the injury we can't expect him to step up right away and Orlovsky is treading water. Justin Smith is available on the DL and would be good pass rushing for cheap. Any ideas?
  6. Well, with Gruden you never know. Have you noticed how the Bucs skill players were amazing in the 90's and many of them for the Jets? Is it any different than the Lions bringing 50 WRs to camp last year? The program should drop the "need" for a position to the lowest slot after a pick, unless there is a "multiple needs" modifier. I put that for the Lions CB. But, hypothetically it should have dropped it after the second pick...it didn't. Same for the Bucs QBs.
  7. A lot has been said about Martz' inability or non desire to communicate the offense beyond the skill positions. I like the fact of having a O-line guy coordinate. This is the last move though, seriously, how many coordinators does this administration get to go through before blame falls where it should?
  8. Hindsight is 20/20 for most of us. Millen still thinks he has the best drafts of any GM. 2007- Okoye ~It would have been just as much a reach as Willis on most boards and we wouldn't have to worry about Rogers anymore. 2006- Ernie Sims ~ I agree with Hitstick about Cromartie, but Sims has more production on a longer resume. Cromartie needs to have similar results next year when teams are throwing away from him 2005- Merriman ~ Maybe if this pick is made, the Sims pick isn't...but what if it was? (BTW this looks a lot like a madden team I once put together, another reason why Millen needs to play PS2) 2004- Roy Williams 2003- Jordan Gross
  9. BTW...a new simulation is being worked out asap...some designs to the "team needs matrix" resulted in some humorous logic errors. I thought 3 CBs was bad, but the Bucs ended up with 3 QBs...so things are being hammered out.
  10. Thanks Euphdude, The simulation is built around team needs and player rankings, so I wouldn't mind to see the same scenario you wrote about but I would hate to see a team reach too much for either position.
  11. Detroit Fans, My name is Michael and I'm a Michigan native (Muskegon/Saginaw) and lifelong Lions/Wolverines Football fan (in addition to the other Detroit Sports teams). I now live in Minnesota and run a sports talk radio show along with working for a mock draft website. Its a simulation website that used fan input and a computer program to mock the draft. Currently the picks for Detroit go like this. Rd 1: McKelvin (CB-Troy State) Rd 2: Thomas (CB-USC) Rd 3: Wheeler (ILB-GA Tech) Rd 4: Williams (CB-S. Florida) Rd 5: Ortiz (DE-TCU) Rd 6: Ruben (DT-ISU) Rd 7: Collins (FB-Wash St) The website uses a Team Needs rankings system from 1-9. 1 being a pressing need; 9 being a absolute non factor. The system is being tweaked and i'm pleased with the results of the last simulation but will continue altering the team needs based on news from the organization and input from fans. Here are the rankings as I have updated them. Check out the site for more explanation of the rankings. QB 9; RB 4; WR 9; OT 4; OG 3; TE 6; C 5; FB 6 DT 3; DE 3; ILB 3; OLB 4; SS 5; FS 5; CB 1; K9 Questions/comments? Post them here. If you think that this is stupid or a waste of time, so be it, feel free to tell me that as well. Many people don't enjoy fantasizing about what the Lions should do, because we all know they will screw it up. If you believe the Lions should draft a QB or WR in the first round, let me know...I will put you in touch with a Lions representative who will immediately hire you. Thanks, Mike
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