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  1. I don't think you should worry too much about that, KVB has TALKED about organizing workouts but most players haven't actually been talked to by him yet. Coleman made it clear that he'll be anywhere his teammates want him.

    For now, he's running safety drills side-by-side with Delmas, that's a good thing.

  2. Interview with Erik Coleman

    Detroit Lions FS Erik Coleman Talks About Lockout and His New Team (B/R Exclusive) | Bleacher Report

    Most interesting tidbit...says Drew Stanton was a huge part in him becoming a Lion.


    *Currently training with Stanton and Louis Delmas

    *Has talked with the Lions coaching staff (before the lockout) about the system and said it is a lot of stuff he is very familiar with from previous stints in NYJ and ATL

    *Said "The Sky's The Limit" when talking about the potential of the team.

  3. My first full first-round mock of the year. Heading to Indy tomorrow which, I'm sure, will shake this up quite a bit.

    Analysis and Rationale can be found on BR:

    1. Carolina (2-14)--Cam Newton (QB Auburn)

    2. Denver (4-12)--Da'Quan Bowers (DE Clemson)

    3. Buffalo (4-12)--AJ Green (WR Georgia)

    4. Cincinnati (4-12)--Nick Fairley (DT Auburn)

    5. Arizona (5-11)--Blaine Gabbert (QB Mizzou)

    6. Cleveland (5-11)--Patrick Peterson (CB LSU)

    7. San Francisco (6-10)--Von Miller (OLB Texas A&M)

    8. Tennessee (6-10)--Prince Amukamara (CB Nebraksa)

    9. Dallas (6-10)--Nate Solder (OT Colorado)

    10. Washington (6-10)-- Tyron Smith (OT USC)

    11. Houston (6-10)--Marcell Dareus (DE Alabama)

    12. Minnesota (6-10)--Cameron Jordan (DE California)

    13. Detroit (6-10)--Anthony Castonzo (OT Boston College)

    14. St. Louis (7-9)--Julio Jones (WR Alabama)

    15. Miami (7-9)--Mark Ingram (RB Miami)

    16. Jacksonville (8-8)--Robert Quinn (DE North Carolina)

    17. New England - Aldon Smith (OLB Mizzou)

    18. San Diego (9-7)--JJ Watt (DE Wisconsin)

    19. New York Giants (10-6)--Jimmy Smith (CB Colorado)

    20. Tampa Bay (10-6)--Adrian Clayborn (DE Iowa)

    21. Kansas City* (10-6)--Phil Taylor (NT Baylor)

    22. Indianapolis* (10-6)--Derek Sherrod (OT Mississippi State)

    23. Philadelphia* (10-6)--Akeem Ayers (OLB UCLA)

    24. New Orleans* (11-5)--Mikel LeShoure (RB Illinois)

    25. Seattle* (7-9)--Jake Locker (QB Washington)

    26. Baltimore* (12-4)--Torrey Smith (WR Maryland)

    27. Atlanta* (13-3)--Kyle Rudolph (TE Notre Dame)

    28. New England* (14-2)--Gabe Carimi (OT Wisconsin)

    29. Chicago* (11-5)--Mike Pouncey (OG Florida)

    30. New York Jets* (11-5)--Justin Houston (OLB Georgia)

    31. Pittsburgh* (12-4)--Aaron Williams (CB Texas)

    32. Green Bay* (10-6)--Corey Liuget (DT Illinois)

  4. Where does Oregon LB Casey Matthews fit in this years draft? Could he fit the Lions needs at LB, in say the 3rd or 4th round?

    He's depth, not a real starting prospect. But he's a "Schwartz" kind of guy--smart, hard working, able to "do it all." He could easily replace Follett as a top backup and special teamer.

  5. Here's my East-West Shrine Game Report from Day 2

    Positives:The Weather

    Negatives:The quarterbacksEveryone else

    Joking, kind of, but the talent level in Orlando is WAY down from last year. Some guys shone here and there, but mostly it was a whole lot of cringing. The QBs (including Devlin) are not ready for primetime, and the defensive players all look fringe/rotational at best--except for Marvin Austin, who shouldn't be here.

    NFL Draft 2011: East-West Shrine Game Practice Report (Day 2) | Bleacher Report

  6. You're assuming Avril is better than Kerrigan. I believe that's a wrong assumption. And Vanden Bosch isnt getting any younger. It's possible Willie Young didnt see playing time because he wasnt all that good.

    Avril is a stud, he's the "ringo" of this defensive line...except he's actually great at what he does.

    I'm all for looking at a DE if its the best player available, but keeping Avril around (at the right price) is a need too. Keep re-stocking the DL pool...

    Don't forget though, Lo-jack and McBride are both impact players in that rotation.

  7. According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Titans staff members (who are all interviewing for their own jobs at the moment) say that losing Jim Schwartz has been a big part of their problems.

    "Bigger than losing Haynesworth."

    Breer went on to call the loss of Schwartz a "devastating hit" for the Titans.

  8. Who would be an OL target with the 13th pick? I have severely neglected looking at draft prospects this year.

    In the interior of the line (Lions biggest OL need), Stephen Wisniewski (C/OG Penn State) would be a tiny reach at 13, but he's the best interior lineman in the draft. Could easily play RG right now and slide over to OC in the future.

    Mike Pouncey would be a huge reach at the moment, but a lot of people I've talked to have him flying up draft boards because he'll impress a lot of people working out at guard (where he was All-American) rather than Center where he played this year (and struggled). He's a better athlete than his twin brother, but not the technician.

    Gabe Carimi is an intriguing prospect, will probably NEVER be a LT in the pros but will be a mauler at RT. He's plug-and-play, you know you'll get an impact starter right away (but at a lesser valued position.)

    Nate Solder had a rough start to the season and is still a raw prospect from Colorado, but he's the most athletic guy in the draft and if you watched his late season games (rather than reading draft sites looking at last year's tape) you see a great player.

  9. Btw, Schottey...I noticed who went on your drafttek after Harris...Julio Jones and Mark Ingram. Ouch. They are better players. I'd love Julio Jones opposite Megatron.

    Yeah, the simulation doesn't have a input for "I'd rather have the top offensive guy they really don't need."

    HOWEVER, Julio Jones is a great prospect and would look great in Blue, so would Ingram, I just don't see that happening after trading up for Best last year.

    RB isn't the problem with the running game, interior (and right side) OL is.

    What it does mean however is how valuable that pick could be for trade!

  10. Brandon Harris got lit up against Floyd in that bowl game. Carter might not be healthy next year.

    Suh had a really bad bowl game last year too...Harris' entire career screams first rounder. He's a couple of inches shorter than the top two (5'10/11 vs. 6'2") but that's the only real different.

    I agree its a drop off, but I don't think its as big as people think. Janoris Jenkins could be the pick there as well.

    Carter won't be healthy until the preseason (if that) so he'll essentially red-shirt, but he had top 10 potential before...that's why I think it's a gamble, but a good one.

  11. DraftTek's first 7-rounder was just released.

    1) Brandon Harris (CB-Miami)

    2) Bruce Carter (LB-North Carolina)

    3) Dejon Gomes (S-Nebraska)

    4) Marcus Gilbert (RT-Florida)

    5) Casey Mathews (LB-Oregon)

    6) Jeremy Kearley (WR-Texas Christian)

    7) Kheeston Randle (DT-Texas)


    Harris is the top CB left on the board so that's a no-brainer unless some other value pick is staring us right in the face (a top LB that shoots up or a top "can't pass lineman).

    Carter is a gamble, but a decent one in the second.

    I really like the Kearley pick late, speed guy, take a shot at him with a late round pick. Mathews would set up all sorts of "drama" every time we play the Packers.

    Link-- http://www.drafttek.com/CMDRound1.asp

  12. Not a huge fan or Ayers for the Lions, sheds blocks like a kindergartner and sucks in coverage. Fine blitzer up the middle in the college game, but who isn't? He's an athletic freak in a poor LB class.

    For CB, like Brandon Harris in the first and Brandon Burton or Jimmy Smith in the second.

    Its a great CB class, but one almost wants to wait...grab an interior OL, or BPA in the first--knowing you can get a CB in the second.

  13. Just clarifying something...

    There WILL be a draft in 2011 no matter what. CBA doesn't apply to that. Free agency does though, no one will (should) be signed if there isn't an agreement. A team COULD sign a FA, but actually paying that signing bonus would be like crossing the picket line!

    I really like Ray Edwards, always have, don't think he's needed here (like Vikings Greenway or Leber more in that regard).

    Harris or Thornton are great LBs who would look great on our defense as well.

  14. Do you realize that in some states it's 14 and in some states it's 18? Obviously society feels this is a movable standard so the whole point is that if it can be set at 14 then it isn't unreasonable to say that it can be set at 12. That's not a 'slippery slope' argument. It's only 2 years.


    Seems like a lock-solid rule to me :cheeky:

  15. No, the argument is simple. An adult and a child is rape. An adult and an adult is not.

    An adult can't ever rape an adult...alert the presses.

    You're taking a look at the situation, ignoring the actual points of the debate (that, framed within the religious parameters...it is a slippery slope) and then oversimplifying terms.

    No one has ever and will ever say that sex between an adult and a child is ok (consensual) What others have said (and you seemingly don't care to acknowledge) is that the terms "adult" and "child" are not static terms. What is an adult? 16? 18? 21? 25? 30?

    I am an adult, but at 24 I can't drive a rental car! 18-year-old adults can die in the military but not buy alcohol! A 15-year-old girl is almost routinely considered a child but in many states a 15-year-old boy can consent to sexual acts with an older woman!

    You've taken one small part of this argument and think you've won it with (ironically) childish logic.

  16. Can you tell me the difference between consensual sex and rape? Can you? :ponder:

    I think the argument is a little more complex than you're framing it. Does an arbitrary age automatically imply consent while the day before automatically implies rape?

    I have a niece around 12 and--while it is incredible and horrible to think of her "in that way"--I can assure you if Justin Bieber was offering, there would be consent.

    Lest anyone feel I am arguing FOR NAMBLA...I'm not, their position is reprehensible, but--legally and logically speaking--it is arguable. The comparison (for those of us of a religious persuasion) is that there are certain "rules" for what sex was intended for. Man-boy love is NOT one of them. Neither is sex with someone who doesn't consent. Man-Man love (or woman-women) also breaks the rules set forth in the Bible.

    Again, I find it much MORE intellectually honest to say (as some of implied). "I don't care about the rules."

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