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  1. Hope all is well in Sunny (cough, cough) Lakeland. Just checking in to see how everyone was doing and whos ready for some baseball, before it gets hectic over here in Arlington, TX/Surprise, AR. I hear the new interns are going to be a heck of a crew and I think you guys are in for a lot of fun this upcoming season. I heard they were planning on signing up season ticket holders for mandatory tarp duty...jk. Regards and best wishes, Matt
  2. His violent delivery reminds me of another Angels closer that the Tigers signed a few years ago.
  3. Iorg had a couple solid hits, a hard liner right back up the box, and a double to the bottom of the wall. and made a freaking killer defensive play in the first inning.
  4. The real deal with the promotion, is a lot of Yankee and other games were out of towners and near the end we got more into the people that live in or around Lakeland. So on the 23rd we started to promote the LFT season. Also ind. tickets didnt go on sale until right around that time also, so why promote it and get pummelled with people wanted to buy then. It was really a sense of "Do we want to put this much crap on our table at once" and while promotion might have been slighted, ultimately I promise attendance will be up ten-fold this season. Just let us flow and do our thing, we'll make some things happen that will have you scratching your heads to figure out how it happened...
  5. Its like saying a guy that accidentally hit a deer, should be called a hypocrite for calling a guy a murderer for killing a whole family... thats how dramitic a difference there is in the two situations.
  6. Nobody here is saying LaRussa is a saint, Im just saying to liken his situation to that of Spiezio's and call him a hypocrite is obnoxious....
  7. La Russa was lucky he didn't get into the accident, sure I agree. But by no means was La Russa baligerant enough to beat the crap out of a friend that was trying to help him stay outta trouble. Also, it was indicated in the La Russa incident that he fell asleep and didn't "pass out" when they release Spiezio's BAL compare it to La Russa's , and I would bet there is a HUGE difference. And your all failing to realize this is his second chance, and keep forgeting to mention that. No matter your opinion on the man, he made a mistake, confronted the press the day of and handled it like a professional. Never tried to dodge the issue at hand. And if he does it again then i would hope he would seriously consider stepping down or upper management letting him go.
  8. And so easily we forget, this was actually Spiezio's second chanceand he blew it, they found out about a drug problem and made him go to rehab for the last month of the season last year...and he was drugged with more than just alcohol on top of the fact he had four other counts including assault and battery. So please dont liken a DUI for having a .1 BAL compared to a guy that was balegerant and beating up his friends after being given a SECOND CHANCE.
  9. Just to let everyone know as far as the giveaways are concerned, get here early for them because there wont be any held back. They are first come, first serve. So plan on being there those nights early.
  10. Figured I'd get an ol' Toldeo pic up of Barkett, looking forward to seeing him manage the 2008 Lakeland Flying Tigers
  11. I dont think you know mine, but I bet I can guess YOURS
  12. but lucky for myself, i have an extremely capable back-up
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