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  1. Hi everyone I just haven't said Hi lately. A couple updates... Our staff has grown! We have 3 new interns helping us out this summer. Kendall Heath is from Brandon and goes to Warner Southern College. Her Dad is former Tigers catcher Mike Heath and Kendall was actually born in Detroit. She seems a little shy at first but she is sweet as a doll and you all will really like her. She has been coming up with a lot of creative ideas at meetings. Dan Read is from Cincinnati. Most of you recognize Dan for his amazing YMCA skills. Dan actually came to visit Lakeland when his baseball team played at Southeastern for a tournament. This random kid in the crowd got the entire stadium dancing and Ron hired him on the spot. He is an actor and has been on several auditions. He adds so much atmosphere to our games. He will return beginning of June. Justin Pauls is from New Jersey but is going to school at Clearwater Christian. He is business major and was looking for extra experience this summer. He has only been here 3 days but he is super enthusiastic. You will see him around at games...he was amazing at Wingo Bindo duty last night. YAY For cowbell night! They are awesome! Everyone must be at the game June 4th! My radio stations visits are still going well. I want to thank all of our fans that came early to the game on the 17th. WLKF 1430 has supported the Lakeland Flying Tigers for a long time and I appreciate those of you who came to support their event. I really felt as if Susan Romano got a proper THANK YOU from Lakeland for serving our country. Matt Maurer has done a great job of lining up each branch of the military on upcoming USO nights. It is always exciting when they come and pass out things before the game. But the most exciting thing (to me) that is coming up is the next Saturday game on June 28th. I know it's far away but I'm super excited. Because our first theme of the year is.... 80's night! I can't even tell you now all the exciting things we have planned but it's going to be big. If you like the helmets on the players pics for USO nights..well you are going to LOVE their pictures on 80s night. So just be getting ready!
  2. I'll be on 97.5 tomorrow at around 8:10 am if you would like to listen! I'm not really sure what I will be talking about because we have no games this weekend but I'm sure I will think of something. I will be on 1430 am ("Mayhem in the am") every Tuesday at 8:10 am. I heard that Zach is also going to start calling in and giving team updates as well. This station is so much fun and I have had listeners call in and promote our games. So that is my schedule for the rest of year. Tune in and call in!
  3. We took the mascots (including the bunny) to the King of Wings festival downtown last night. We handed out schedules and gave away tickets as prizes. As you can see...the mascots had a GREAT time! I was on 97.5 Country this morning talking about tonights game. I'll be there every friday at 8:10 a.m! I've gotten a lot of feedback and even had a couple listeners come to the Wednesday's game. I'll keep you posted when I'm on! See you guys tonight!
  4. Sorry it's been so long since I posted! So many exciting things to tell! First things first...we are doing crazy Flying Tigers promoting on the radio. This morning I was on 1430 Mayhem in the AM and WONN. I'm not sure when all the spots will run but I will be on 1430 at 8:10 on Tuesdays and WPCV at 8:10 on Fridays. I will also be on MAX 98.3 but I'm not sure when. Please listen! It's so much fun sitting and talking about the Flying Tigers. We all know how much fun the games are..now we are trying to convince the rest of Lakeland! I also want to say that we have the best fans in the world. This might seem obvious but I'm not sure other fans would gladly get up at 8:00 a.m and wrap 1500 hotdogs for 1000 3rd graders. I want to thank everyone that helped out with our first education day! This one was kind of a practice for the next edu day - 3000 3rd graders will be at the next game! But the event went smoothly all because of our amazing volunteers! The best fans EVER! A little mascot tug of war! The players went nuts for the YMCA kids! Take Me Out to the Ball Game! I also have a few pictures of the Clearwater trip! Thanks again for being the best fans in the world!
  5. Finally time to take a breath from Spring Training and say hello to our dear Lakeland Flying Tiger fans. It's all going great up at the stadium and we are all enjoying ourselves. Nick has been helping with tickets, I've been working the silent auction, Darla of course came back to work the mic, Ryan has been holding duties between scoreboard and videoboard, and Matt is up there providing music. Don't get me wrong it is totally cool to have 9000 people in our stadium but don't think for one second we forget about our fans that sit for hours during a Sunday 104 degree LFT game. The Tiger Trot 5k run is on the 9th. It's going to be a good time! Pre registration is $25.00 and day of race is $30.00. Includes a Tiger Trot shirt and 2 tickets to the Tigers/Pirates game that day! Not a bad deal! Call the office at 863-686-8075 for more info. Have you checked out the AMAZING video board under the Joker Marchant sign on Lakeland Hills Blvd? It's so cool. We are still in the early stages of working it but it is capable of 69 billion colors! From a personal level I'm happy for our dear grounds crew that doesn't have to go change the marquee after every game when they want to get home. That is it from me. I leave you with a picture of your two favorite intern forum posters!:grin:See you soon!
  6. Nick and I again hit the streets promoting Lakeland Flying Tigers. This time we went to the Brandon Little League Opening Day Ceremony. It went so well! All the teams and players were so nice and excited for us to be there. Instead of handing our schedule out to each person...they asked us! Hopefully you will see a lot of Brandon Little League baseball buddies in the future! Just a little update from me...It's like the calm before the storm around here! Thanks again for being thel loyal fans you are. E-mail me if you need me! Brittany BrittanyHammerberg@yahoo.com
  7. Thanks everyone who came to the meeting last night! It was an important one as we were setting the dates for the year and your opinion was needed and appreciated. Gene Lamont was cracking me up. I loved his outlook on the Tigers, very humble and honest. He is a very kind man and I'm so thankful he spoke with our fan club. As someone who coached in the FSL he understands the loyalty of our fans. Please Read the Thread about Season Tickets. The renewal information will be mailed Friday and then payments will start being accepted Monday. There is no date on when you can pick up your tickets yet. This is very important! As always call 863-686-8075 if you need me or send me an email at BrittanyHammerberg@yahoo.com Thanks!!
  8. To Clear Things Up: Renewal Information will be MAILED Friday and the Ticket Office will be able to accept renewal payments starting Monday. A date for ticket pick up has not been set and is TBA. Please mention to other season ticket holders!
  9. I'm sorry I posted the fan club meeting starts at 7:30..it starts at 5:30. Hope I didn't confuse anyone.
  10. Just a couple updates... Nick and I are hitting the streets spreading the word to Little Leagues about the fun that is Lakeland Flying Tiger games! Today we went to Fort Meade's Opening Day to talk up Baseball Buddies and hand out our Flying Tiger schedule. Next week we hope to hit up another opening day. We are all determined here to get new fans in our seats come April! (That's me flexing) Ryan Eason and Ryan Jones are still plugging away on the website. A certain fan told me they "wouldn't hold their breath" for a Tiger Town website but I can assure you that we are so close! It's going to be well worth the wait! Matt is selling out of control! He is quite the businessman. Once his deals are finalized I will update you on all the new business he has brought to the Flying Tigers. We hope everyone can come to the fan club meeting on the 20th. It's the first time the fans are going to see the plans for "The Flight Deck". It's going to be at the top of section 210 and I have feeling it's going to be a hot ticket for groups. Exciting Stuff! The meeting starts at 5:30. Things sure are picking up around here! It's really exciting! As always feel free to email me at BrittanyHammerberg@yahoo.com or call me at (863) 686-8075. P.S. Some of us around here feel as if our fans need a really cool name. Something military-ish to go along with our theme. Any good suggestions make sure you email them to me!
  11. We had such a great day Saturday! You guys have no idea how much the Detroit Tiger Foundation of Florida helped the Special Olympics. We (especially Ron) funded the shirts, the entertainment (Darla singing the national anthem and the interns as mascots), our kitchen staff fed all the athletes, our concessions provided food, and our dear players took time out of their day off to pass out the ribbons. Our players were so great with the kids and the kids were so happy to see them there. You all should be proud to be Tigers fans! Nick as Ace and Me as the Bunny....I don't want to brag but I DID win the Mascot race. Every athlete had The Detroit Tiger Foundation of Florida on their shirt! The mother of these girls told me her daughters were so excited to see baseball players! Our players passing out ribbons. Preparing the food to feed all the hungry athletes! Switching to the meeting...if you do not recieve the email or get a call from me by Tuesday PLEASE call me at 863-686-8075 or email me at BrittanyHammerberg@yahoo.com. I double check the info and then Ryan does...so if you don't hear from us PLEASE call me. Thats the only way I can know if you are getting the information you need. Also check your spam folder. But its going to be a great time and I hope to see everyone there! Call me if you need me! Brittany
  12. To sign up for the Newsletter all you have to do is email LakelandFlyingTigers@tigersmvp.com. He will put you on the mailing list. As for a February fan club meeting, I wish I could give you a final itinerary but until everyone is here and set for spring training its hard to set plans. Please be patient with this. The last thing I want to do is give a date and location and then have to change it. Thanks Brittany
  13. And I forgot to add that this Saturday the LFT staff is volunteering at the Polk County Special Olympics. We are so excited to be a part of it. Funding has decreased over the years and the Detroit Tiger Foundation of Florida went and provided new uniforms, staff shirts, and concessions to the cause. We are so proud to have the Detroit Tiger Foundation represent it.
  14. Thank you all for your patience in recieving the LFT Newsletter. Ryan is working hard day and night to make sure all the kinks are worked out. I can assure you that just because you didn't get our newsletter...does not mean you are not important to us. Emails were not sent out on the basis of favoritism. Like I have said numerous times...PLEASE email us. We are not on the forum everyday. You have mine at BrittanyHammerberg@yahoo.com and LakelandFlyingTigers@tigersmvp.com. To all of you that emailed me or Ryan we did our best to work it out. So please be patient. Look forward to seeing you all soon!
  15. I assure you he has your email. I got mine 20 mins ago and I was the first email in the book. If it's not there by Saturday let me know.
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