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  1. Kind of random, but I hate when people write "programme" instead of "program." That alone discredits the entire article. Edit: I just saw the headline on Drudge and realized this was an English paper's article. I really don't care. It's program, not programme. Get with the program, Brits! also, its color and flavor, not colour and flavour.
  2. I don't know. I always wear a seatbelt, just out of habit, but the idea that my saftey is mandated is a little much. Generally, I'm against many of the laws that take away freedoms (even kind of stupid ones like this) just because I don't like the idea of having to do something because its the law. I'll do it because its safe, but not because its the law, you know? But then again, I look at Oblong's point about children and them not knowing about saftey and all of that, and think, maybe it is a good law. But then again if parents wouldn't have made their kids wear a belt originally, I really don't think this law would change it. (Numerous times I've been in the car and we'll drive by the police station, or see a cop down the road, and someone in the car will just put the belt on at the last second just so they don't get ticketed, only to take it off again once we are passed the cops. I'm sure the same thing happens with families as well.) In the end, I kind of wonder if the law changes much, or if most people would that wear the belt would wear it anyway, and those that wouldn't wear it normally just slip it on at the last second to avoid a ticket. I'm betting on the latter. And if the law doesn't accomplish anything, then whats the point in having it? Again, I always wear the belt for saftey reasons, but I kind of go back and forth on weather it should be a law or not.
  3. I'd put my kids (if I had any) in a booster seat and I always wear a seatbelt, for the safety, but thats why I do it, for the saftey, not because the law requires it. Personally, I really don't think that its the government's place to tell you how to live and what to do for your saftey. That being said, I'd still put my kid in a seat (I don't really care if he whines, he can deal with it) and I'd still wear a seatbelt, but I just don't think that there should be laws attempting to prevent stupidity.
  4. I'll be there, behind home plate, upper deck.
  5. I skipped the whole last week of school for a family vacation, and I'm skipping today for this game. I'm a second semester senior, I didn't miss much.
  6. 101 Wins Tie Breaker (#1): Who will lead the Detroit Tigers in Home Runs during the 2008 regular season? Magglio Tie Breaker (#2): Who will lead the Detroit Tigers in Runs Batted In during the 2008 regular season? Cabrera Tie Breaker (#3): Who will lead the Detroit Tigers in pitching wins during the 2008 regular season? Bonderman Tie Breaker (#4): Who will lead the Detroit Tigers in total strikeouts during the 2008 regular season? Verlander
  7. I think most people that but bottled water buy it for the convenience, not the supposed increased quality. I'd rather take a throw away bottle than carry around a reusable one if I'm out and about.
  8. Personally, I never attacked him in the other thread, and I don't think anyone else claimed that working with student athletes was commonplace. And I said he was acting like a jerk because he wen tabout seeking an apology in the wrong way. Yeah, he was due an apology, but come on, this is a sports message board, very few people are going to admit they could be, or actually were, wrong, unless the circumstances are overwhelming. Its just life, you get ganged up on and made fun of, your probably not going to get an apology, even if you were right.
  9. My bad, I misread "non-athlete kines major" I was thinking you meant non kines majors thoughts about athletes.
  10. None of my non kines UofM friends (none of them are in the school of kinesiology) have problems with the athletes. And the testing answer keys stuff sounds, to me, a lot like what goes on with kids that have ADD and standardized tests. One of my friends got a bunch of extra (I'm not sure if it was unlimmited or not) time for his ACT and had a teacher read him all of the questions. All because this kid passed the ADD survey test thing. (I'm not exactly sure what the official ADD test consists of, but really, would it be that hard to fake it?)
  11. Honestly, all of that stuff about knowing UofM players is feasible. If he was a kinesiology major, or something along those lines its possible that he's not completely lying. You guys ripping on him and treating him like crap in the other thread is still no reason for him to be a jerk in this one though.
  12. Kind of random, but if you read the NBA scores at the bottom, sometime in the first 30 seconds, you see that the Pistons lost to the Grizz. I blame Stanton for this.
  13. I'm going to the UofM game tonight, hopefully they can put up 10 more.
  14. I agree, 100%. I should have made myself clearer earlier. Right now, unless you are beating your children, you've got every right to teach them, and that right should never be taken away.
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