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  1. I'm thinking P/OF Jackson Lamb (Bedford HS) with pick #39.
  2. Parkview Field in Fort Wayne is really nice. It was built only a few years ago and is very fan friendly. Food choices, entertainment for kids (climbing wall, games, etc.), sightlines and the berm in rightfield are the highlights. I saw Jacob Turner pitch for the Caps against the Tin Caps two years ago. I highly recommend this park.
  3. I wish I was on the clock for my MTS AAT pick. I'll trade Austin Jackson for whoever gets Fielder!
  4. By my count, with Zumaya and Thomas on the 60 day DL, there are two openings on the 40 man roster, so this makes sense. I would think he was a candidate to be added after the season anyway. However, I don't understand why he didn't see more time in Toledo this season.
  5. I wouldn't be shocked if Cleveland puts in a claim for him if this happens.
  6. I don't like this move. The guy doesn't even know how to tuck in his jersey (he had to tuck it in about 6 times in 2 innings the other night).
  7. Perry can tear up AAA hitting with his fastball alone, but he needs a 2nd pitch in the Big Leagues. From what I saw before Toledo started their current roadtrip, he was still relying too heavily on the one pitch. He will not be successful at the Major League level unless the slider becomes at least an average weapon and I'm not sure he understands that. Toledo has been on the road so I haven't seen his most recent appearances. I am hoping that he has been working on that pitch.
  8. Below's performance on Friday night was very impressive. He opened up with a bases-loaded no-out jam in the 1st, giving up three runs, but two of those were partly due to Maggs overrunning the ball in RF. He settled in nicely after that. The K's weren't there, but he looked very poised on the mound. It would be nice to see the Britton, MI native makes it up I-75 to the Coma in the near future.
  9. Teheran was filthy. His stuff is electric and he was still going strong in the 8th after going over 100 pitches. Atlanta has some really nice young arms: Beachy, Teheran, Delgado, Minor, Hoover...
  10. Since you are Nastradamus, shouldn't you be telling us?
  11. In regards to Moya, besides the obvious HR output, I am most impressed by his BB:K ratio. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come.
  12. I still see Oliver ahead of Furbush on the "depth chart." If they don't need him due to injury reasons, Furbush could be that pitcher they keep down in Toledo until the trade deadline and use him as a centerpiece to a key acquisition for the stretch run. That is assuming, of course, they are in contention.
  13. It seems that he's topping out at 90-92. The key in AAA compared to last year is that he's throwing strikes, not getting behind as many batters and his off-speed stuff seems improved. His motion gives way to the opposition not picking the ball up out of his hand and a lot of swinging strikes. I agree with Wockenfussy that they shouldn't waste him in the pen. Give him another 3-5 starts in AAA and let the Coke experiment play out. Oliver is also pitching well (exception of his last start) and should be an option.
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