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  1. With the 82nd pick ...... I'll take Josh Ashenbrenner !!!! Hoping to see him for a full year in West Michigan.
  2. I'm in for year number 5, now if I can only get a earlier pick............... well it doesn't matter, I've enjoyed a couple of Whitecaps players in the years past.
  3. Okay so here is my question..... What's it going to take to win this thing? 50-50 for 84 wins or 55-45 for 89wins or do we need more?
  4. Just a thought on the line-up discussion. Did anyone hear Mario say that Leyland would plug Maggs right back into the three spot when he returns? I'm sorry but the 6th spot seems to be a good place for him in my opinion.
  5. Hey I'll be there as well. One of my sons is a Jets fan and the other a Lions fan as well as myself. Can't wait I've got a good feeling about the last 9 games. Probably a little too much blue kool-aid.
  6. The Giants are calling up their prospect Posey, Maybe we could get B.Molina from them.
  7. Would just like to wish my 2008 adopted tiger good luck with the Marlins.
  8. This might be the best thing the state government has done in a long time.
  9. And Jacob Turner optioned to West Michigan!!! Can't wait to see him pitch live and in person.
  10. Could be worse we could have Hawk Harrelson YES!!!
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