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  1. Explain to me how a system which virtually guarantees 10-15 percent profit for health insurance companies (shareholder owned, by the way) in any way resembles Communism. Forgive me for not understanding this.
  2. Abba? They were two heterosexual married couples.
  3. In a strict sense, yes. Nothing irritates my wife more than someone talking about their ethnicity, Italian, german, whatever, and then thinking my wife is "Jewish" in the same way. My wife politely responds, I am Russian, Polish, and English. My religion is Judaism.
  4. If you do an apples to apples comparison, based on education level, etc, of private sector employees vs government employees. The compensation for the private sector is much higher. Government employees tend to have better benefits and job security.
  5. I heard an analyst on the radio the other day that said the pre-census letter actually increases participation by a large amount. People are looking for it now, and it apparently makes it much more likely that people will fill it out and mail it in. It actually saves money, because the government has to send out far fewer people to knock on doors and collect the information in person. So...it actually saves money.
  6. because its horribly flawed, simplified, and cheesy?
  7. If we are talking John Denver covers...Toots and the Maytals did a great cover of that same song.
  8. I hate the friggin' Blackhawks. That might have been one of the worst periods of hockey they've played in a long time. Good for the wings, they capitalized on every lame *** play Chicago made. GO WINGS.
  9. The people of Iran will be the group that decides the fate of Ahmedinijad. Give it time, don't interfere too much...change is on the horizon in Iran.
  10. where's the rest of the quote? "Unemployment compensation -- today is a big day in America. Only 36,000 people lost their jobs today, which is really good. Unemployment rate around America has not changed. Prognosticators thought it would go up; it has not. So, we need to extend -- there are about 15 million people in America out of work. These extended unemployment benefits will help millions of those people." I could make a lot of people I interview look stupid if I cut out the parts that I want to make a point. I don't do that.
  11. They now sell that stupid fish at CVS. As if it weren't annoying enough without the stupid commercial song.
  12. Hmmm...we now, for the first time in awhile, have REAL OPTIONS in the draft. That's why I like this signing. You now have a lot more leverage in dealing the second pick, if you so choose.
  13. From Corky's post, I think the most important thing Burleson brings: HE CATCHES THE BALL. Dropped passes have plagued this team for YEARS. Another report on him that I read this morning is that he is a solid downfield blocker...which is obviously quite important, especially with Calvin catching the ball.
  14. It won't be a fast recovery...but it is getting better. I have a good friend who has been out of work for almost three years and just got hired in a good job. He was crying when he told me.
  15. Cut delivery to weekdays only. It won't bother me not to get bills on a Saturday.
  16. I thought this was pretty damn funny. Watch How To Report The News Video | Break.com
  17. Fifty Bucks the Smales Kid picks his nose!
  18. Any reason to post this live Who clip is a good reason.
  19. These Orcas are better known as KILLER WHALES. Have you ever seen slow-mo of one of these things taking down a seal??? Beautiful animals, no doubt...but you wouldn't get me in a tank with one.
  20. Shabba...as a fellow constituent in your district...we need real competition. On that we will always agree.
  21. I'll be talking about that this week...there is a big undercurrent within the dems to get he, and Carolyn out, before any dirty laundry is linked to their respective hampers. A lot of dems in Detroit have been waiting in the wings for their shot, but the bigwigs keep telling them to wait...but now, some are getting closer to bucking the party brass and running, sensing both of them are vulnerable right now because of this crap.
  22. I'm starting to wonder seriously if this was the whole reason he ran for election in the first place. Its one thing to be corrupted after winning...its another entirely to go in there corrupt to begin with, knowing what riches there are to be had.
  23. Universal health care is NOT the same as Nationalized health care. Is it not a solid goal to have all people covered?
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