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  1. I can't imagine what would happen if I ever moved. I don't like ANY professional sports franchises outside of Detroit. Baseball? The Tigers, no other. I won't even watch, unless its the post season. (If I see freakin' Chipper Jones on TBS one more time, my foot is going through my GD TV.) Football? Lions, only Lions. I can watch other games, though. But I only get excited about the Lions. (painful, but true) Hockey...The wings. I watched them when they SUCKED, and I watch them now. I am confident a third cup in my lifetime will be lifted this year. The only reason I TOLERATE the other original six teams (minus Chicago, of course) is because I LOVE the old logos and unis. That blue color on the Canadiens uni is cool. Basketball...I am, and have always been a huge Pistons fan. Every other team has some player on it that I can't stand. I hate Boston, LA, Philly, Portland, SACRAMENTO, etc. I can't bring myself to root for any other town. EVER.
  2. Go Mudhens! I was wondering if anyone has been to the new park yet...It looks pretty nice from the Pictures I have seen.
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