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  1. lucky break on that whiff by the receiver...keep them out of the end zone!
  2. Bull****. The truth hasn't been enough. The nutjobs operate outside of reality. There is no neutralizing idiocy.
  3. what's the danger to the entire world if Israel starts war with Iran? Or Vice versa? I don't see it.
  4. From what I have heard (the non-edited exchange) and read in the transcript, Dr. Laura aksed for an example...the lady replied "The N-word" and before the woman could explain what happened, Dr. Laura went on her rant. She didn't ask if the man used it casually in conversation, or even if the comment was directed at the woman. If I'm giving someone advice, even on the radio, I would like a BIT more information before making a determination on whether this woman is hypersensitive. That's my real beef. She didn't have anywhere near enough information to go off on this lady, yet she does it anyway. And, she has the nerve to tell a woman that she's too sensitive? What the heck does she know?
  5. I wouldn't put any President on that list. It's a hard job, and I don't think anyone goes into it looking to do poorly for the country. I'd stick with assassins, demagogues, gangsters and other people that manipulate the system.
  6. The thing is, the louder the birthers and tenthers and 14thers get, the more the right looks like friggin lunatics. The Republicans are poised for huge gains in November. They might piss it away with the crazy disease they seem to be afflicted with. I used to think only the Democrats could be this disfunctional. One more thing...this could be an amazingly costly victory for Republicans. Their thirst for short term gain has likely alienated every minority group in the country. Possibly for generations. What's the long term strategy? Heck, even the anti-Castro Cubans in Miami are turning against the republicans over the xenophobic nonsense being spewed.
  7. what pisses me off most about this whole thing is that this woman called with a problem, and without any information or true context, "Dr." Laura decides this woman is hypersensitive. She then uses this opportunity to go off on some rant that's obviously been pent up for quite a long time. Sorry, there is a HUGE difference between a white person and a black person using the N word. I understand the point she was making, and understand that many many people are confused by what they see as a double standard. But, she blew off the initial question from the caller to make some anti PC point. She then said if you can't handle it, "don't marry outside your race." Screw you, Dr. Laura. We are all in the human race. This caller was concerned that her husband didn't have the guts to tell his ignorant butthole friend to knock off the stupid comments. If she was my wife, and someone said something like that, they wouldn't be back at my house again, plain and simple. I've dealt with something similar, and gave up my best friend for some hurtful and bigoted comments he made about my wife's religion. I haven't spoken to him in 18 years.
  8. Every single woman on this list, were I not happily married, is someone I would be beyond thrilled to go on a date with. Not hot? I love these discussions between us pot-bellied, aging freaks behind a keyboard. And, for the record, Halle Berry and Catherine Zeta Jones? Are you people friggin' INSANE?
  9. Spent some time talking to Bouchard recently. He's counting on the "Right to Work" issue to gather him some of the undecided vote. I'm surprised he hasn't gained more traction, to be honest.
  10. Perhaps many of you don't know who this guy was, but he was a conservative political strategist and activist here in Michigan. He has been on my program before, and for the little bit that I knew him, he was a good guy. 39 years old. WHMI 93.5 FM Radio Station for Livingston County Michigan with News, Traffic, and Weather Service for Howell and Brighton
  11. 7/11...don't forget to get your slurpee! A lucky day indeed.
  12. Heard an interesting theory about this the other day...that a major contributor to the mentality of terrorists is shame. Shame that the middle east...the cradle of modern civilization, and a major player in the initial development of fields like mathematics and science, allowed itself to stagnate, while western and eastern countries advanced them. This political scientist (I forget her name, I'll try to find it) suggested that somehow, this shame shifts to blame. It is placed on western entities for "intellectual theft," and this somehow justifies the terrorism.
  13. Talk about an uninspiring field. I was present at the debate with all of the candidates on Mackinac...some funny moments, but devoid of any substance. I am going to the Republican debate at Oakland U next week. With only four weeks til the primary, I'm hoping we are going to hear some real policy ideas. I still need to hear how these candidates plan to reform the tax system here in the state. But, we won't hear that, because nobody wants to talk about the inevitible shift in taxes towards services in an election year. Virg Bernero seems stuck in a 1990 time warp, and Dillon is pro-life. Not sure he can win, though...it will be tough for any Democrat this year, even if he is farther right than Bill Milliken when he was our Republican governor. It will be fun, though. Look for much more mud to fly between Hoekstra and Cox.
  14. Huge fan of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. A big upgrade in fit and finish. My friend is an editor at Motor Trend. He was gushing over this thing the other day.
  15. I will be asking my Wayne State bosses whether or not they want to continue offering the "Helen Thomas Spirit of Diversity in Media" award. I don't think they will like the question.
  16. NEWSFLASH! Bill O'Reilly is a di**. We now return to your regular argument.
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