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  1. I wish it was a 7pm game, I won't be able to see it live, I’m debating on if I’m going to watch it at 7 on FSN or not. Im sure I will, its either that or baseball tonight.
  2. Thats it, thats by far my fav logo
  3. In the 80's the Tigers logo i remember is the Tiger Head with the writing detroit above the head and tigers below. Ive seen more of these with Briggs Stadium around it now and lots of shirts and hats with this logo. Anyways what years did the tigers use this logo and why was it replaced? Was it replaced with the Tiger going though the D logo we see now?
  4. Well a Caro station has the games this year so im hoping i can pick that up, i actually pay for the full MLB Premium because i watch a lot of games at work also when im bored lol but i wanted something so when im out fishing or mowing the lawn or something also, BTW do they still offer a baseball talk radio on MLB.com??
  5. For the last few years i use to listen to mlb radio at work, it was just baseball talk radio, also i listen to a lot of 97.1 FM on my computer, but they don't play the games online, I live way up in the tip of the thumb so i can't get any stations in that boadcast the games, any chance they sell any high powered FM radios that would pic up FM stations here? thanks
  6. WTF that sucks ive been waiting for 10 ERRR.... well now im in the virtual waiting room haha
  7. they don't go onsale for 3 minuites, but im gonna try LOL
  8. Are we going to see Clete out there most games this year? Or are we going to be roating out outfeld a lot?
  9. Awsome thanks, i always check on the 1st for your new wallpaper
  10. sorry to bump this old thread but instead of going to wrigley we went to a yankees game to see yankee stadium before they tore it down, this year we are doing wrigley for sure though, im actually looking at tickets now, question about bleacher seats, if i go to piss or get another beer do i lose my seat? im at a toss up for bleachers or regular seats and yet we like a few beers haha also where are you guys talking about staying down town? anywhere in general chicago or lakeview or what? were going to go for 3 days because my girlfriend wants to shop and look around a bit.
  11. Do you watch any archive tigers games on MLB.com or anything? or do you watch and of the other leagues or just stick with football/basketball? ive a newer baseball fan and ive been watching some of the offseason package, just wondering what everyone is doing. thanks
  12. Just wondering for something to do over the winter. Im talking older games anything from cobb up to fielder and everything inbetween. Doesn't look like you can search mlb vids without subscribing. thanks
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