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  1. How many games will the Wolverines win in 08 ?
  2. C'mon Minny ! Pull a Nashville on em. Go Stars - beat the Duck, Duck Goons
  3. Let's see - I think Carly (Tattoo sleeve) goes home next. Bottom 3 Carly Sayesha Brooke Pretty weird on M.Carey night that the guys did better than the chicks. What's next - Pat Boone or Donny Osmond Night (arggh) ?
  4. KOWALSKI'S by far - You can't beat their meat !
  5. I've been saying that for years in other forums. Drives me up the wall. It's almost as bad as scratching a chalk board after you hear it for 60 min. How many Detroit sucks are we gonna hear and Haaaasssekkkkkkkkkk, Hassssssseeeeeeeek YOU SUCK tonight ? Uh, what team is down 2-zip ? Dumb fans.
  6. YES !!!!! Go WILD Go WINGS Screw those AVS !!!
  7. Not my words... just passing on what the young cutie(s) wrote me.
  8. TBD But, I think the Caps not only adding more than one guy but to make it in when SJ was already locked in. But, so far we haven't seen the Caps play and Campbell looks aight but not great in the PO's. Although he helped their team greatly at the trade deadline. I like the addition of Feds (rather have him back in DET) too and they have the kid we gave up on for "ding a ling" Lang - Bad move by Holland on that one ! I'm rooting for the Caps to win the East and Det for the West Fedorov vs McCarty
  9. Did he go first singing this week - Then that's a major reason. But MJ was clearly not gonna make the top 4 or 5. It was him or tattoo girl - but she had better performances in earlier shows. Seems like no one really like the chick Seyesha. She's not that bad. The ga ga girls love D. Archie. Got a note from Former Wings star Igor Larionov's daughter tonight ( the sisters both auditioned) and said Don't vote off David Cook. She's the younger one of Igors two so I think she has a lil crush but at leset there's a Detroit and a Red Wing Motown Sports connection to the show or was one, at for Nebraska auditions (They got voted off in Hollywood week w/ very little air time and now have a single out together) http://cdbaby.com/cd/alyonkadiana or on you tube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcNbN3Z7gXM
  10. Sorry I'm late, but not for din din - Here's what I put down in a.s.nhl.d-rw in google though. FWIW Eastern Conf. : > Montreal vs Bruins = BOS (My upset 1-8 seed) : > Pittsburgh vs Senators = PIT : > Washington vs. Flyers = WAS : > Devils vrs Rangers = NYR : > Western Conf. : > Wings vs Nashville = DET : > San Jose vs Calgary = SJ (Picked SJ b/c I want all the Canadian teams to go nuts and see what they do. But, I want CAL : > Minnesota vs. Avs = MIN : > Ducks vs Dallas = DAL
  11. After watching the Flames-Sharks and Ducks-Stars --- the hitting in our game was nothing. Loved how the Quackers tried the goon stuff right out the gate and it bit em on the rear. PP goals killed em and "Tuzzi tried to goon up a guy on the ice (nut job) Pronger - I hate the guy and wish someone takes him out for good. D. Phenuf getting booed evertime he touches the puck and is just 23 years old last night. May have to call Chelios to see how he deals w/ it. One guy you hate on another team but would rather have on your side albeit as long as he isn't a cheap shot artist. Well, now for a Day game on NBC Sat at 2PM National TV - most of the world will be watching the Masters. I hope we really can show the non golf audience they get - how good we are and see us blow them away by a huge margain and a shutout to boot ! Would like Downey in and Hartigan or Drake out though. We all know Sammy's the coaches lap dog. Go Wings Up 1 -ZIP - I'm IN (Whatever the hell that's is suppose to mean !) Are YOU ? Also, the Pens looked good and can't wait to catch the Caps and A.O Fedorov (Still should have been back here imo) and V. Kozlov. Shanny and Avery with goals and assists for the Rags (Our has beens) Of course, the Wild messed up a perfect night for me 2 days ago. I HATE THE AVS WITH EVERY INCH OF MY BLOOD !!!
  12. I voted NO - since my predictions usually go the other way. Let's hope so, in this case.
  13. Ask the Kings if they want to wear Red Sweaters and pretend they're actually a star player and say don't you look nice in a winged wheel. This could be you guys one day and play on Sunday for us. No injuries - problem solved.
  14. Any word on Kopecky yet ? Man, these injuries are too much ! Why not in Nov, Dec. ? Nice way to cap the game off by Z ala Shanny style.
  15. 3 games and the excuses are already coming. Toughen up - put some skates on eh !
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