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  1. they gave her vicodin, didnt do anything though
  2. Anyways, my mom has had a headache for 13 days now, she went in and got a cat scan and nothing came back...shes seen like 4 doctors and none of them can explain what is wrong...she is going in to get another cat scan done and is going to be kept overnight at the hospital, and they will NOT leave until they find an answer. I'm just wondering if anyone here has had experiences like this, because as you can imagine i am a little worried...anything can help..thanks!
  3. that would make him and uncle cliffy (clifford robinson of course) the only players remaining from the 80's!!!
  4. by the way who is this announcer, he stinks...and why hasnt flip utilized the bench more, because its obvious the guys on the floor arent getting it done...and why arent the pistons driving the lane more? when eli interviewed terry porter at the half, he didnt once say they need to drive the lane...what a moron
  5. what a pathetic effort... all jump shots...and sheed doesnt even attempt to put up a shot or pass after he rebounded with 3 seconds still left in the 2nd quarter??? and he cant even call a 20 to get the ball to halfcourt??? These kind of games make me feel like a complete douche bag for watching them...lazy NBA players at their best...I guarantee we dont win this one
  6. it was higgy, back in like 2000 or 2001, and i too have a lot of respect for that. rivera, posada, jeter, and williams all played for the yanks since '96, thats unbelievably rare to see 4 play for that long on the same team.
  7. I have a question, I have only been driving for 6 years...did gas fluctuate 50 cents from day to day before 2001? Because i am sick of seeing it go from 2.05 to 2.43 in one day...
  8. this cake..is it one of an edible sort?
  9. pistons win by 42, george blaha strips nude and streaks through the court. kelly t then takes over blahas job (finally)
  10. is he related to jim fowler....remember when he was on the merv griffin show?
  11. did they interview the wrong guy at first? what did the wrong guy say, was he going along with it??
  12. how about this one http://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/BOS/BOS199706290.shtml
  13. well for god sakes, the bob cats are only 4 out...the only teams that are far from the 8th seed is philly and and boston...GO ATLANTA!!
  14. hey this firefox is nice, does it automatically block pop ups? Anyways, thanks!
  15. My computer is infected big time with constant pop ups, freezing, and so on. Does anyone know of a good, free, adware program I could use besides lavasoft? (for some reason when i start to scan with lavasoft my computer locks up and the screen gets all weird). Thanks!
  16. I miss Mikki Moore, seriously, dude has potential!!
  17. i love the over the hill has beens concept...Garnett, Dirk, Nash, Duncan, and Bryant being all stars makes me feel younger because this could have been the starting lineup 5 years ago..and shaq being in their makes me feel 10 years younger..hopefully mourning will get a nod too!!
  18. http://www.nba.com/nba_news/shaq_hitandrun_story.html you go girl..i mean shaq
  19. are we talking about cj nitkowski?
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