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  1. hmm, probably ace ventura... I really cried for days when I found out that person had hemroids....and also when jim carey was in that ballerina costume
  2. these are ufo's that the government is covering up...
  3. http://www.nba.com/jazz/features/WATN_John_Crotty.html Interesting piece
  4. because he was still sharp his last game...and a shooter never loses his touch....now we'll have to wait and see if alan houston signs with the celts....then i will be able to say i told you so...
  5. the heat get older, and stupider....penny signs with the heat. Boston will be the team to beat though if they sign reggie miller..
  6. ya dude no offense but thats nothing...
  7. stick it out, or spend the little money you have on some captains, take like 6 or 7 shots, and go in with a nice buzz
  8. no way this could be accurate...but its funny to watch
  9. garnett has played since '95, pierce since '99, allen since '96. Bunch of aging nobodies...
  10. Ok, I am a 21 year old who is looking to buy a grand cherokee limited. What would you say is smarter....Spending my saved money to put a down payment on a lease for the car that I dont even own and pay like 180 a month, and then 3 years later leasing another vehicle... or putting a down payment on a car i DO own and make payments of like 540 a month but owning it...What are the pros and cons to leasing and buying? Ive heard leasing is a rip??
  11. it is both irrational and irresponsible to think that the 56th pick will amount to a star...no way will that happen
  12. Also Don Reid and Lou Roe....and a couple others I cant think of
  13. wow, im drunk as hell and that is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. i think terry mills would make a better soup nazi, i bet you he could shoot a bowl of soup from the 3pt line and swish it
  15. while it is unlikely that the 2 year old enjoys the smoke, what makes you think she doesnt? It is the 2 year olds choice whether or not she wants to breathe, and her choice of breathing is her own doings...
  16. well if anyone was watching last night, the tnt crew said the pistons had a player only meeting on friday and were unhappy about how flip was running things...hes gone next year
  17. pistons are a bunch of sad sacks. i hope this team breaks up next year, im happy they only came up with 1 championship in the last 5 years, its what they get for playing like complete junk. what a bunch of dis-interested dumb ****s
  18. after things seemed like it couldnt get worse with all the lebron talk, he has one of the greatest games in nba history, according to everyone on TNT and others. Now it will really NEVER STOP!!!!!!!!!
  19. uve have GOT to be kidding me. thats Fuc*in BULLSH*T..and i am NOT one to complain!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. ya, all of my fans in my computer are working fine. Ill have to check the power supply
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