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  1. Anyways, I went to a club with a fake Id, my brothers. After a series of questions, which I got all right, he decided to take the ID. First off, why ask all those questions when I got em all right like whens ur birthday, whats ur name, eye color, etc... I plan on going next week to this club, wait for him, follow him home, and mess his car up big time. I am sick of people like this. he did not have to take the ID, he could have simply taken it from me and been like, 'I will take this ID if you dont leave". Instead, he decides to take it without saying anything. He also proceeds to say "get away from me and my space" when i was like 2 feet away from him trying to talk to him...Then he tries offering to sell it back for 50 dollars. Is this wrong of me to go back and vandalize the HELL of out his car? I am SICK of people like this. I need some feedback, thx!
  2. 26 isnt young in baseball years? r u serious? it is not young in football or basketball years, but it sure is in hockey and baseball years....hes got another 16 seasons to go...in basketball or football, he'd have about 10 or 11
  3. were u at a party? did any girls notice?
  4. http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/columns/story?columnist=alipour_sam&page=oakley-interview when does it end??
  5. i heard some rumors about otis thorpe, and also terry mills
  6. im happy! its fun to see a team stick around for as long as they have.
  7. Who would have thought that on September 1st, we would still have all 5 starters on the team. I know there are some rumors about Webber, but I would have never in my wildest dreams would of thought that everyone would be back...
  8. well the weather in michigan was great, it rained all of like 8 days. ANd I Hate Rain!!!
  9. I have never driven "drunk". The one thing I dont get is after I blew a .11, they still made me walk a straight line, touch my nose, and count down from 40. If they were going to arrest me, then why put me through those tests?
  10. perhaps if you knew me in real life, you would speak different of me. Continue to put words in my mouth, like I am blaming the cops...And you can say im acting nonchalant, go ahead and base my whole attitude on what happened by like 4 posts I made over the internet. Im done arguing! I just wanted to see if anyone had experience with this and what the punishment was, I never wanted to get into this. !!
  11. Im sure they get a little somethin somethin for giving someone a DUI
  12. because of the money and the fact that nothing else happens in Farmington hills. Trust me, I understand that there should be NO excuse for drunk drivers, but I am a firm believer that it is mostly about the money.
  13. I pleaded not guilty , But i already have an attorney, so he will be with me
  14. I Will not drink and drive again, I have learned my lesson, BUT a .11 is only .1 above the old legal limit, and I was alert...SO i am not just saying that i was in no way endangering others, I know...Thats what sucks about this whole thing...But I have learned my lesson. I look at this as being a good thing, because I was drinking about 4 days a week and getting myself into a little trouble, so all of this money I will pay I cant say crushes me, I have my freedom and health, and 5000 dollars is not a lot in a span of a lifetime...but enough for me to of learned my lesson. I realize I will have a record, and I don't believe my future career will look at a DUI and assume I am a bad person, because it happens to so many responsible people...
  15. My cousin is a lawyer, So I am def going to bring him, and it happened in Farmington Hills (Oakland County). I don't understand why there cant just be a set punishment for these kinds of things, instead its up to the judge...And yes, I know it was stupid, but I was no where near endangering others....
  16. Neither am I, its a danger if you are wasted, but its all about the money
  17. How does paying all of this money for a DUI work? Do you have to pay straight up cash, or can you make payments?
  18. why would they make tim donaghy sing it to the feds?
  19. I have no previous offenses, its in michigan, and im assuming i wont see any jail time because I have no previous offenses? I blew a .11, so it wasnt terribly high., so maybe I can get it reduced?
  20. Anyways, to make a long story short, I got a dui last night. People are telling me I will be paying 10,000 dollars, others say 2,000 dollars. Some say i will spend some time in jail, some say I wont because its only a first offense. Has anyone ever gotten one or knew of someone who had one? I am a full time student and full time worker, so will that have any leverage? Anyways, just curious about your experiences...
  21. hunter is not retiring, he said we will play 1 more season....and everyone knows amir has been signed..r u sure ur in the right forum dr?
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