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  1. After getting swept by the Mariners, finally some good news!
  2. Rest assure the little stream torrent download is legit and safe according to Norton. I have used this before..
  3. Last year I was watching him in Florida and my wifes friend who was at a game with us says, "hey I went to college with him". She is from Maine. So since then it has been really neat to follow his quick rise to The Show!
  4. You can watch the Tiggers here no matter where you are... I subscribe to MLB.TV because I live in Mobile, Alabama and I hate Saturdays because of this... But I found this site and only use it on Saturdays, since I did pay over a C-note to watch my Tigers...... Sorry, but link removed by moderators due to mlb restrictions we do not want to have a part in breaking.
  5. What are the odds something bigger is coming down the pipe? We trade SS for a southpaw today when we already have enough southpaws IMO (I know you can never have enough but we do). Are we trading a lefty stud(Oliver, Furbush, Schlereth) for a big name in the near future? Reyes?
  6. Cocoa Beach is okay, I really like the Tampa/St. Pete side better.. But anything is better than freezing my tail off at Belle Isle. (Where I transferred from), thanks for the streamage!
  7. Would love to do it, but kind of hard on a Coast Guard Cutter in the middle of who knows where! Thanks, Jon
  8. I'll be at the LFT's game in Brevard County tonight too. Will post some pics here late tonight or tomm.
  9. You go spend your hard earned money on the inflated ticket price's due to this draft pick and signing! Have fun!
  10. Let's give Joey Harringtons little brother 42 mil guarenteed without doing anything in the NFL? Good job, Mayhew!
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