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  1. By the way, Casper Wells isn't in Toledo's lineup tonight, if you're into wild speculation.
  2. Boesch is still in the lineup, unless you know something I don't.
  3. Jennings recalled, Reid Brignac sent down, so that's that.
  4. I don't quite follow the "Shields is a career 3-4" narrative. BR says the guy was a 5.3 win pitcher back in 2007 and Fangraphs had him at 4+ WAR in both '07 and '08. Yes, he was poor in 2010, but if you look beyond the ERA, he still struck out 8.28 per 9 and walked only 2.26 - high BABIP, poor LOB%. That year was an exception to the norm, I think. In the grand scheme, since 2007, his total fWAR over that span is comparable to Cole Hamels, Matt Cain, Adam Wainwright, and Roy Oswalt. I'm not necessarily saying he's that good, but he's certainly been better than a number 3 or number 4. At worst, he's a quality #2. I'd give up Turner, I'm just not sure what more it would take.
  5. For all the hand-wringing about the Twins, after the DH sweep today, they've made up one game in the last month, and that's despite Detroit and Cleveland sort of fumbling along around .500. No, they're not buried, but they still have more holes than any of the other three teams contending in this division. Chicago still scares me, but then I'll watch them for a few games and can't figure them out at all.
  6. I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that our division rivals are trading their top prospects for players that make their ballclubs only marginally better in the short term.
  7. I agree with this. I'd like to get Haren like the Sox acquired Peavy last year; any contributions this year are great, but it's equally aimed long-term.
  8. Heyman edit: i lose by two minutes
  9. Haren to NYY is, apparently, greatly exaggerated. Source: Yanks 'never close' on Haren
  10. Not to mention... the Cards had a game seven, too.
  11. I have a bad feeling that Jim Joyce gets one of MLB's "firm admonishments" tomorrow and then MLB just sweeps this under the rug and moves on. Absolutely criminal. Zero accountability for major league umpires when they blow calls.
  12. And so it ends. Twitter / Detroit Tigers: Willis will be designated ...
  13. I saw him before and after. He's very much alive, and still sporting the Todd Jones mustache.
  14. Caught Austin Jackson coming out to Forever by Drake, at least in his first at-bat. The rap song for Inge's last couple ABs was On to the Next One by Jay-Z, I think.
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