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  1. One of my favorites pieces of my Tiger collection are the 1962 Ford Motor Company Detroit Tigers postcards. I love the Americana aspect of the photos, beautiful 1960s Fords and green golf course in the background. I’m surprised that Al Kaline and Norm Cash were not part of the set.
  2. Thanks Dave for helping me out with my Tiger collection. So far I was able to pick up a 1972 Topps Norm Cash, 1970 Tom Tresh and Jerry Robertson, 1976 Ray Bare autographs from Bill. Haven’t arrived yet, but I also picked up a 1970 Mike Kilkenny and 1973 Ike Brown autograph cards.
  3. I guess it will be easy to complete your Tiger update set.
  4. About a year ago I sent and received a TTM request to Dickie Noles of the 1988 card that says "Now with Tigers" as I never seen him photographed as a Tiger.
  5. I used to seperate my cards into teams and put a (gasp) rubberband around them and I wrote on the checklist cards when I knocked a card off my wantlist. To top that off, I would even trade cards with DavidSB.
  6. I enjoy reading "Autograph Successes" but haven't had an April success to share. I'm working on a 1978 Topps Tiger team set and have sent out a couple requests.
  7. In the mail today, TTM success from Jeremy Bonderman. I sent out a couple Heritage cards two weeks ago.
  8. Dave, How can you keep up with the releases? Heck, I'm still putting together 2017 Topps Series I.
  9. Made a trade from another site. I received autographs cards of Ike Brown (1972 Topps) and Casey Wise (1960 Topps). Will post pictures soon.
  10. Received two more signatures in the mail yesterday. Rozema (consignment) and Graterol (ebay)
  11. Good point, I might have to check ebay and pick up some extras (don't want to break up my set). In the mail today, 1978 Dave Rozema signature.
  12. I'm working on getting all the Tigers 1978 Topps cards signed. In the mail today, Ben Oglivie and Jim Slaton. These came from a private signing. The Slaton is an OPC which says he is a member of the Tigers. Currently have 20 1978 Tigers autograph cards.
  13. Received a TTM success from Juan Gonzales. I mailed out this request three weeks ago.
  14. Are you going to send any autograph requests?
  15. JimDavison, A big shout out to JimDavison for sending me the following Tiger autograph: John Hicks, JaCoby Jones, Guido Knudson, Joe Mantiply, Casey McGehee, Bobby Parnell, Warwick Saupold. This is what makes the hobby fun. Jim
  16. Dave, Does this mean your going to start back on your "All-Time" Tiger autograph project?
  17. My collecting goals for this year: 1. 1952 Topps #354 Fred Hatfield. This is the last card that I need to have a complete run of ever Topps Detroit Tiger card (excluding inserts) from 1952-2016. 2. Reach 1000 autographs of former Tiger players. I need 15 more to reach this milestone! 3. Pick up a 1953 Glendale Meats Tiger card. I currently have 9 of them. 4. Pick up a 1962 Ford Motor Company Detroit Tiger postcard from my wantlist. I don't see this one happening as I hardly see them available.
  18. In the mail today, 1976 Topps Tom Walker
  19. Picked up Gudo Knudson signature from another site!
  20. Enclosed is my Tiger wantlist of former or current players who are still living: A - Mike Aviles, Erick Aybar C - Miguel Cabrera (will be an expensive auto thru Tigers For a Cause Foundation) D - Roberto Duran (played a few games in 1997,98) F - Fritz Fisher (played in '64 and is a difficult signature to acquire) G- Dan Gonzales, Julio Gonzales, Beiker Graterol H - Fernando Hernandez, John Hicks I - Jose Igesias J - Art James, JaCoby Jones K - Bryan Kelly, Matt Kinzer, Gudo Knudson L - Carl Linhardt (played a few games in 1952) M - Joe Mantiply, Mike Marshall (another tough signature), Jeff McCurry, Casey McGehee, Dustin Molleken P - Bobby Parnell, Mike Pelfrey, Ramon Pena, Alex Presley R - Francisco Rodriguez S - Warwick Saupold U - Justin Upton, Lino Urdaneto
  21. Well, I completed #1 and #4 this past year. Also, I picked up a few regional cards (Glendale Meats, Post and 1962 Ford Detroit Tiger postcard). I didn't reach 1000 different Tiger signatures. Overall, not a bad year in collecting. Let me think a day or two about 2017 collecting goals.
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