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  1. Keith, hope all is well. Haven't seen you in awhile.

  2. I would love nothing more than a 15-1 blowout. It won't happen tonight, but a win is a win. Final score tonight............ Tigers 7 WSux 6
  3. Again, thanks to ultra-evil time-warner(I will no longer capitalize their name), I will not get to see the game live. That's a shame, too, because a Verlander gem will happen tonight as the Tigers beat the White Sox by the final score of............ Tigers 4 Whitey 1
  4. 1.... He's out, 2-unassisted. 2.... run doesn't count.
  5. A Tigers victory against the White Sox tonight? Well, you can putitontheboard, yeeeee-sssss! Final score tonight............ Tigers 7 ChiSox 3
  6. If Comcast provides me with FSD in HD and FSD+, they can worship the devil and torture kittens and puppies and I'll be happy.
  7. Again, thanks to evil Time Warner, I will not be able to see the game live(as is my God-given and Allah-given right). So when I see the game on evil Time Warner, it will be midnight and the Tigers will have already won the game by the final score of......... Tigers 6 Angels 3 P.S. --- Time Warner is evil.
  8. Louzing iz know phun. Wyning todeigh wil bee. Fynel skore............. Tigirs 4 Trybe 3
  9. Since I don't have a real cable system, but evil Time Warner, instead, I will be forced to watch the Indians' announcers. The good? At least I'll get to see the game in crystal-clear high-definition since evil Time Warner doesn't carry FSD in high-def nor do they carry FSD+. Boy, are they evil. What ain't evil in all of this is a Tigers victory. Final score tonight, in a tight one....... Tigers 4 Indians 3 P.S. Time Warner is evil.
  10. Since I correctly predicted yesterday the end to JV's hitless streak, I feel as if I'm on a bit of a roll. Given that, I feel confident that the final score of today's match will be............. Tigers 6 Padres 2
  11. For some reason, it's stylish to bash the home team's announcers. I don't think we appreciate the guys we have with FSD. Mario is a tad too, ummm, quiet, but he's good at what he does. Rod is very very good at what he does. Their chemistry together seems to come and go, but overall they work well together as a team. IMO, we're lucky they're ours.
  12. Two things will happen tonight. First, JV's hitless streak ends. Second, we get vintage JV on the mound as he hurls a gem. Final score tonight............. Tigres 3 Fathers 0
  13. I just got off the phone with Time Warner. I called them to ask why we could not have Fox Sports Detroit-Plus added to the channel line up. The customer service rep said , in accented English, "Plus what?" Sigh.......
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