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  1. I need to know what the words are made out of before I can decide if I want to eat them or not.
  2. That is my issue with it. I can't speak for other people. I think Ratko has it right. Had he pulled her aside and had an adult conversation as outlined below, this both wouldn't be a story and it is quite possible he could have changed her viewpoint in a way he and the org would have found positive.
  3. It possibly makes less sense than your crazy conspiracy that the reporters and the org concocted the episode to protect Osuna and the integrity of the World Series, and that theory could politely be described as ****ing bananas. Reporters as a group just don't make snide comments during interviews / in the clubhouse. Especially no name reporters. It isn't talk radio format. It isn't even really a conversation. Basically one reporter asks a question and they record the athlete's quote, then another person asks a question, typically building off of the previous response, and they then quietly record the quote, and so on. It isn't a discourse where reporters offer their opinions. Nobody cares what their opinion is in that environment. What you described is a really great way to get your press pass revoked. Besides, as Shelton pointed out, the exchange has been pretty well described and corroborated. Not sure why there is presumed to be some incendiary comment that brought the thing on. Surely that would have come out by now if there was one. Why is it so hard to believe the guy knew her, didn't like her tweets, and decided to be a d**k about it?
  4. The problem wasn't that someone advocated for Osuna, the problem was they did it in a boorish way that did nothing to forward the discussion in a positive way, and not only that, but could be argued he was punching down, as it were. If he thought she handled it poorly and unprofessionally with her tweets, fine, he certainly is entitled to that opinion. But there are much better ways of handling it than the way he did, and there can be consequences for that.
  5. I will bet you any money you like no reporter suggested it would serve the Astros right to lose, or almost lose, any games Osuna pitches in. You are talking out of your *** again, Chas.
  6. Yet despite that, he was so diminutive he was taller laying down than standing up.
  7. Good thing Mike Clark passed away rather than see this day.
  8. Having been around far too many frankly petty outbursts around youth athletics, I think it is quite possible he simply saw the reporter and saw a sweet, sweet opportunity to make her eat crow (in his mind) that was just too good to pass up. Alcohol could certainly be a factor in that as well, though I don't know he was drinking or not.
  9. Mickey was really frustrated with the politics forum and stepped away to reduce stress. I have it in my head he also had new demands on his time, but I may be conflating that with someone else.
  10. It will get more interesting once it becomes a 3 or 2 horse race.
  11. It's like this team just can't seem to catch a break regarding injuries, right?
  12. It was Davidson's wife that sold the team, wasn't it?
  13. Biden has always been the frontrunner. The thing with Warren is she has steadily gained on him, so it seems plausible she could overtake Joe, especially if the Hunter Biden scandal, as it were, gained traction.
  14. Not that it has to do with anything, but my father would sometimes react this sort of way when he we was quite peeved about something somebody did. Meaning he'd repeat some something (often sarcastic) several times to highlight the thing (often loudly), to let the offender know just how horses**t he thought they were for it. So that certainly colored how I read the account, FWIW. But I certainly think that was what the guy was doing. And that concludes your extra special glimpse into Mr. Bigglesworth formative years. Feel free to draw your own conclusions into my psyche.
  15. The funny thing is I seem to recall some posters thought it odd that he was given that contract a year ago (meaning he wasn't worth it). Anyway, I suppose the best thing you can do if you think you made a mistake is clean it up rather than ignore it.
  16. I wasn't there, so appropriate sized grain of salt and all of that... ...it reads to me he was being a jackass, and it sounds like unprovoked one at that. We can parse out the words and ask what the line is, and those are fine, fair and good questions to ask. But the guy, by the accounts I have read, made sure this reporter knew in no uncertain terms that he supported acquiring Osuna, and the express purpose of that was to let her know he thought her cause, as it were, was horses**t. That's why he did it, and he did it in a fit of pique. Honest question - do you guys think that characterization is fair? Let me know if you disagree. Moving forward, should he be fired? I personally don't think so. But I am not in that universe and maybe that is the understood penalty for being a d**k publically given his role in the org. Ultimately it is the Astros decision to make and I don't care enough to guess or speculate at what they will do or why they will do it.
  17. Pretty much. He acted immaturely and it bit him in the ***. I don't know if that should cause him to lose his job, but if it does, I think it has to do a lot more with the public nature of the industry, which he certainly knew of when he took the job, than PC crap run amuck. Rightly or wrongly, when in a role that exposes one / one's organization to the public, there are higher standards expected for how one comports oneself.
  18. Here's the thing, if the reporters were that worried about how the hypothetical true story would sully the World Series, they either would have just simply killed the story or waited until after the Series to report it. The idea that they colluded with the Astros management -> the assistant GM agreed to be the fall guy is simply way too convoluted (and far too much risk to blow up in their faces) relative to the other options. I don't even know who thinks like that anyway. But it seems like chas might be indicating his comment was sarcasm? Not sure.
  19. Between him and mickey we lost 47% of our posts in this forum.
  20. To determine how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
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