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  1. I mean to say I don't think either party represents the lower 90% interests particularly well. I used myself as a surrogate for that.
  2. Yes, there are differences and I will vote accordingly. But that does not mean they represent my interests, or the nation's at large, nearly as well as they could or should.
  3. Even then, G2, there absolutely is a mechanism that somehow makes it ok to be objectively wrong about certain things, but if you don't toe the line on others you are a pariah
  4. Some progressives on the left are, but I don't get the sense that either the RNC or DNC view it as critical.
  5. It is somehow better to be absolutely wrong about the right things than have a nuanced opinion counter to the accepted response about the wrong thing.
  6. Yes, I buy the over-arching premise. The system is such that the vast majority of elected officials at the federal level need significant funding which come from a very small percentage of the population who are buying influence. Until there is a mechanism to dramatically limit that level of purchasing power, I don't see how government can work to even a shadow of how it was intended.
  7. A lot of the same things about what you have been harping about. That both parties are beholden to the wealthy .1% and the only real difference is which sub-group inside of that small group they are actively courting. Essentially the rest of their dog whistles / virtue signaling is to appeal to a large enough voting bloc to win an election. Individuals may care about a pet issue or two, but when it comes down to it, they are going to side with their wealthy donors. Ancillary benefit to increased polarization, the more they keep the lower 90%~95% divided and at each other throats, the easier it is for them to keep the pie. Nothing really new, I just think the format worked well to articulate those ideas in a non sound-byte way. EDIT: That and the line (paraphrase): 'All the current stockmarket proves is the graph of the DOW Jones is nothing more than a picture of rich people's feelings'
  8. He's the kind of guy whose dick has been in the room 5 minutes before he arrives.
  9. Yeah, I now am at where Shelton was a few days ago. I think we are on an upswing.
  10. I have it in my head that he had back issues that derailed his career.
  11. But I'm not sure any pictures exists. He dissolves camera lenses.
  12. Those hammers helped build the narrative that the swamp needed to drained.
  13. The guy managing against the Tigers when Barlow **** the bed in Cooperstown.
  14. Maybe it is just me, but I don't think it necessarily follows.
  15. Joe Torre was a really, really good baseball player. Borderline HoF candidate level. I'd wager relatively few born after 1990 know that.
  16. Idolized, at a young age, arguably the greatest hitter ever. Kinda a different level than Tram, no disrespect.
  17. Even post google, I literally have never googled a boss or a co-worker. I actually managed someone with some level of fame in an unrelated milieu, and the individual told me about his 2nd career (which garnered him internet fame) well into our working relationship because a time conflict arose across careers. I don't think this guy thought less of me for not knowing who he was, but if he does, then I guess he does.
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