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  1. In all seriousness, that has to be at least the 10th time you have warned us about it, probably more like 20. I think we get it. There are unhinged people out there.
  2. No, I am going to go around and warm internet posters about them.
  3. This is concern trolling and adds nothing to the discourse.
  4. Last item / note - I think I would have shown some more squabbling over who would be King before Bran was forwarded as the option. I'd want to hit home that the appeal of him as a leader had nothing to do with being viewed as anyone's first choice, but rather, nobody had a strong reason to object to him. So while others may have looked more appealing to some, they were hated by others. In the end, not being hated by anyone was more important than being loved by some. Minor quibble.
  5. That is my take as well. Besides, look at who held the major power seats at the time of the Kingsmoot Tyrion (presumably) - Casterly Rock Sweet Robin - The Vale Edmure - Riverrun Bronn - Highgarden Gendry - Storm's End Dragonstone - Unoccupied - presumably becomes Bran's second seat. Unnamed Martell (presumably) - Sunspear Yara - Pyke Most are either sympathetic to the crown or are not in position (due to lack of army, and/or experience, and/or strong leadership) to be independent. Out of that bunch, maybe the Martells and Yara would want to be independent and could pull it off. I was surprised Yara did not declare independence, FWIW.
  6. I also took Bran's refusal of Winterfell as him knowing he would he made king of the other realms and Sansa would declare the North to be free.
  7. Or that those things necessarily outweigh things that can be achieved on film but not page. Tyrion is better to me in the series than the book because of Dinklage's portrayal, as an example.
  8. Somehow several King novellas, and a Grisham novel, made this list: https://www.buzzfeed.com/louispeitzman/movies-that-are-better-than-the-book
  9. Let me get this right. If you personally haven't heard of something, the only possible explanation is that something either cannot exist or be possible. I can't tell if that speaks to arrogance or ignorance. Objectively very few people consider the Godfather, as a novel, as superior to the Godfather, the movie.
  10. I don't think books are always better than the adaptation
  11. Even if he did in the hypothetical, it does not change the point James is making. Of all the annoyances the increased level of partisanship have wrought, the idea that somehow someone doing something wrong (allegedly) completely invalidates any point they make in the future is a particular bane for me.
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