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  1. They definitely will be wrecking souls and ****ting on dreams.
  2. I still am on board with the 'Win all the games' strategy, though.
  3. I don't think the Orioles are trying to lose games on purpose. Just wanted to get that out there.
  4. I think Vegas had Detroit at 6.5 wins, so I don't know if most had them at 3 to 6 wins, but perhaps.
  5. On the plus size, no pun intended, the backfill will be large enough to easily identify using radar.
  6. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/just-how-many-swing-voters-are-there/
  7. As it stands now, I think the data suggests Biden has the best chance of winning the nomination. Warren is really strong with college educated liberals, and more specifically white college educated liberals, and she needs to make inroads in other demographic groups to upend Biden. Head to head with Trump, it all boils down to if minorities and younger voters vote. If they do, he is toast. It really is that simple. Whichever candidate best accomplishes that is the best bet to beat Trump.
  8. I'd much rather have Warren, but I think Biden has a better chance of winning.
  9. Jimenez isn't all that good. The Tigers simply needed to score more runs.
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