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  1. Mr. Bigglesworth

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    What goods?
  2. Mr. Bigglesworth

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Donald Trump is many things, but I would suggest being subtle or a 'long-game' player is not one of them.
  3. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Mike Emrick

    Yeah, I heard Ken on the radio doing a game with Jim about a week ago, and while he wasn't top shelf, he wasn't terrible either. Give him a month's worth of games and he'd be solidly good. Alternately, Ken was better than Jim was the first half of Jim's career.
  4. Mr. Bigglesworth

    2019 Draft Pick Watch

    It's a crap shoot.
  5. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Do you attend sporting events more or less these days?

    The other issue with Smartphones is they won't get off of the damned lawn.
  6. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Thanks Victor

    Shoot, an argument can be made that protection is a myth.
  7. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Red Wings Preseason

    I liked what I saw out of Veleno, FWIW.
  8. Mr. Bigglesworth

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Yeah, he hired criminals as part of a big con to entrap and arrest them. You honestly / actually believe that?
  9. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    And action can include your GPS position of your phone and time spent at a position. They can track how much time you are home, travelling by car, where you eat if and when you sit down to eat at a restaurant, where you buy you gas, where you shop, etc. It is pretty amazing and frightening at the same time.
  10. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Do you attend sporting events more or less these days?

    In this instance he just texted an image of the ticket. It sounded like his account had the 6 tickets in it, and he could forward them individually.
  11. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    My son took a course in engineering networks this past summer, and what it dealt with was mathematical modeling of relationships within a network, such as Facebook. If you are friends with A and B, then there is a good probability you are friends with E and F, and not friends with D. Friends tend to have similar interests, similar backgrounds, similar educational level, etc. The same things can be applied to marketing, like if you purchase items from A and B, you are more likely to want specific items from E and eat a certain type of food and fit into a specific demographic than someone who eschews those items and purchases from C and D instead. It was really powerful and some of the linkages are seemingly non-related, but past behavioral actions of many back it up. In any event, they are using a lot of disparate pieces of data to essentially create a profile and identify a group of similar consumers to place you in to make recommendations. They had some volunteers answer 8 questions and were able to generate a reasonably accurate profile based just on that. And each action refines the model's view of you and others....
  12. Nobody would look as good without Brady. In general, players make coaches, not the other way around. If a coach 'makes' a player or players, what it very likely means is the previous coach mis-used the player(s) in question. Especially in this day and age of highly, highly developed players entering the league. In the specific case of Brady, Belichick realized what he had and built around him. But it was Brady that created that opportunity.
  13. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Do you attend sporting events more or less these days?

    Just went to a Wings game last week. Buddy bought the tickets and sent each of us a text with our ticket. Worked fine and I didn't have an app. FWIW.
  14. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Game 2. Detroit Lions at San Francisco 49ers. The season's in the balance!

    I thought of you, Biffykins, when it began looking like the Loins were going to win.
  15. SUPER BOWL!!!!!1!1!!!