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  1. Kara is a saucy one.
  2. It reads like you were irritated by their attitude regarding the election and are trying too hard to relate it to their performance on the court now. I don't think the two are related much, if at all. I also don't know as that he basically call(ed) a majority of the paying fan base racists, bigots and misogynists.
  3. Kelly Anne to be portrayed by a old and badly weathered leather shoe.
  4. One of us! One of us!
  5. Maharg (Graham spelled backwards?) was a key figure in the Black Sox scandal.
  6. The other thing is I suspect there are relatively few pitchers who are secure enough in their place in the league and their team that they could get away with experimenting easing up on certain batters, and I'd further guess several of those do not think the potential reward (relative the risk) is large enough or certain enough to mess with what has worked up to this point in time. Not to equate the two but I see it in design all the time. In theory some new design should offer a benefit to a proven design. Almost always an OEM will stick with a proven design despite knowing the new design should be better, simply because the perceived benefit is not worth the risk that a new approach could screw up something that is working. They need an crisis to change from their past approach.
  7. It seems probable to me that pitchers are throwing max effort because the league is more competitive now than was the case, and throwing max effort all the time is a requisite to being successful now.
  8. If Jack Morris said that, it might be one of the few things I agree with him on. EDIT: Given past commentary, I would have expected Jack to say guys didn't pitch as many innings as he did because they aren't the pitcher or man he was/is.
  9. I think it is possible to revive Detroit in less than 70 years. I just don't think there is a direct relationship in the length of decline or length of resurgence or vice versa.
  10. Completely irrelevant to this group of 3 pitchers.
  11. How was it?
  12. Please pass me what you are smoking.
  13. Connie Hawkins was pretty old as well.