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  1. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Political Pot-pourri

    The funny thing is if she had handled it the right way, the cop might have let the kids off. I probably have "talked" my way out of 5 tickets over the last 20 years by simply being friendly and accepting.
  2. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Who Did Miguel Pass Today?

    I'll stick with the stuttering story. Nicknames were definitely not PC back then.
  3. Mr. Bigglesworth


    I guarantee you ain't gonna like it.
  4. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The 2018 Detroit Tigers Season (Already In Progress)

    Little known fact: George synthesized anabolic steroids in his spare time and sold them to his former teammates after he left the game.
  5. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Correct. The operating premise, as I understood it, was Obama did nothing right. Therefore, doing the same thing as Barry is inexcusable, isn't it?
  6. Mr. Bigglesworth

    NHL 2017-18 Playoff Predictions

    In the interest in fairness, trying to clean up the break out is one of the coaching roles I have with the youth teams I work with, so I probably focus on this aspect more than may be, or is, fair. But in my opinion, Toronto left money on the table, so to say, this past series with regards to breaking out, and it wasn't simply because Boston fore-checks well (and they do fore-check well). With more experience and coaching, they can correct a lot of those type of errors. Unrelated, I am available to hire as a NHL consultant.
  7. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    Gelnar was telling us about this great conversation he had with Joe on the mound. There were a couple of guys on and [the Tigers] Tom Matchick was up. “Any particular way you want me to pitch him, Joe?” Gelnar asked. “Nah, bleep him,” Joe Schultz said. “Give him some low smoke and we’ll go and pound some Budweiser.”
  8. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    It was both as I recall.
  9. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The Pet Peeve Thread

    I should of as well. As Joe Schultz famously said, 's***f***'. Or was it 'f***s***'?
  10. Mr. Bigglesworth

    2018 Playoff Race

    Now the hidden genius in trading those picks becomes realized.
  11. Mr. Bigglesworth

    Political Pot-pourri

  12. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The 2018 Detroit Tigers Season (Already In Progress)

    He had, what the scouts called, the bad face. He was a **** of an accountant, tho.
  13. Mr. Bigglesworth

    The 2018 Detroit Tigers Season (Already In Progress)

    Yeah - I realized it wasn't being read as a joke so that is why I clarified it.
  14. Mr. Bigglesworth

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Come to think of it, what is sad is at least 90% of the time that you criticize 'the left' for doing x, Donald Trump has done the exact same thing, usually doing an objectively worse variation of said bad thing.
  15. Mr. Bigglesworth

    POTUS Impeachment Watch

    Who on the left has done this, and, as Edman pointed out, Donald Trump has attacked more amendments if anything.