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  1. Billy was the go between for Abe Rothstein and the 1919 Black Sox.
  2. I doubt Yzerman cares that much about the coach year 1 in the hypothetical. It would have to be a situation where he has someone that is available now and only now to move off of Blash. Otherwise he would just wait out Blash' contract, presuming Steve wants someone else. Yzerman is not coming here unless he gets a 5 year deal or something.
  3. I heard the Tigers had angst when he drove threw the tunnel onto the field on a motorcycle.
  4. I guess I don't understand why it is more likely 'stolen' votes would impact a national vote than a state vote. In fact, if someone is truly worried about stolen votes, I'd think they would want the largest pool of legitimate votes possible to dilute their (stolen votes) effect.
  5. Setting aside whether one expects it chas, what are you proposing one do?
  6. I had to laugh when Carmella was more insulted he was cheating on her with Valentina when that came out, because Valentina had a disability, whereas Svetlana was more attractive. On some level Carmella could accept being beaten out by a woman objectively more beautiful than she, but she couldn't accept Tony could become interested in someone with more substance at the expense of some looks. Carmella figured substance was *her* thing and Valentina threatened it.
  7. He is also the kind of guy who works in a tool and die shop and can smash 12 beers in 90 minutes while still being the best softball player on the field.
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