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  1. Thinking on it more, you would have to believe you could triple your return or more relative to the funds in the company 401(k) over a long period of time to be better off not doubling up on free money up front. That seems pretty implausible to me unless all the options inside the traditional fund are amazingly poor. Many funds have a S&P 500 tracking fund. Just invest in that and I doubt any investor is going to be worse off taking the free money over a decent investing time-frame.
  2. I was hoping for some incontrovertible evidence.
  3. He argued it as well as it could be argued.
  4. How did Obama demonize Christianity again?
  5. And there is nothing that says you can't invest other funds after you hit the match.
  6. If you put in 5% and they match 5%, the most likely outcome is doing so will beat investing on your own. Certainly someone with no experience investing such as T&P.
  7. Yeah - I should have added Roth gives you more flexibility in withdrawing funds and a younger age at which you can withdraw gains.
  8. God works through Trump.
  9. Its a flavor saver.
  10. The pre-tax / post-tax decision largely boils down to your current tax rate and your expected future tax rate in retirement. If you think your tax rate is likely to be higher now than then you take money out in retirement, you are better off going traditional (pre-tax). If, on the other hand, you have a lot already saved and anticipate being in the position of taking out enough annually to have a higher income relative to now and therefore be in a higher tax bracket then, then roth (post-tax) is the better way to go. Given your description, I would imagine traditional is better for you. Also, always invest at least the minimum required to get the maximum match offered. That is just free money on the table for the taking. Take it. Always.
  11. That Rays game was horrible.
  12. Lee is a real grumpfart today.
  13. Mostly the Ivy League education. Keep it straight.
  14. No idea.
  15. Upton is much better than Raburn, and I liked Ryan.