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  1. That many announcers limits their exposure which limits the likelihood they get PTSD
  2. Yeah - forgot to mention that. Skating is much, much easier on the body and joints than running and jumping.
  3. That is one of my favorite books, period.
  4. That is the calculus around which his electability hinges. Or as my father would say, 'that is the crux of the matter'.
  5. To be sure. If the youth turn out, it is a huge get. *if*
  6. Side note: regarding the youth players become fans as adults, something the Red Wings as an organization have done over the past 10 years (that I am aware of - possibly longer) is donate a lot of gear and time to youth players, but focusing that effort to non-white youth players and female players. It's an admirable thing to do, but make no mistake, their underlying motivation is to grow their fan base long term, and that means expanding the core fan base beyond white males.
  7. Hockey is regional. You need to live in cold environment and/or be born into upper middle class (or wealthier) to play as a youth. Ice is expensive. Plus there is all the equipment. The barriers to entry as a youth player are much, much less in basketball. More youths playing basketball -> more basketball fans. Not a perfect relationship, but I think that is a decent portion of it.
  8. What has happened is teams are better informed on the benefits of rest on both the health, and efficacy, of players. Hockey players are playing considerably less time in a game than an equivalent basketball player. Hockey also rarely have back-to-backs and never play 4 times in 5 nights. And there is a lot of contact in basketball underneath the basket. Guys who take it to the rack are taking hits.
  9. And even if there are more instances of a rare occurrence, it probably would have a lot more to do with owners / league being more amenable than players as a group being weaker or easier to irritate
  10. Is that true? Not saying it isn't - just saying I haven't kept in my mind everyone who has demanded a trade to judge 2018-2020 to 2008-2010 or 1998-2000.
  11. The vast majority of players play out their contract without demanding a trade. Also, players demanding a trade is not a recent innovation.
  12. Yeah, to put it diplomatically, the shunning of young men has been a long running theme to keep competition down.
  13. One of the most persistent beliefs in human history is the belief that the younger generation is entitled.
  14. Throwing at the hitter once is stupid. We need to get more Old Testament on these guys.
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