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  1. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

  2. Vegas State of Mind Thread

    As long as you don't go on tilt.
  3. Vegas State of Mind Thread

    My advice is not to be butt hurt when you make a mistake.
  4. NFL Playoff Predictions

  5. NBA Info - January 2018

    Not gonna lie. I want one of those jerseys.
  6. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    I watched him play for the Hens for the brief time he was there. I have a scorecard somewhere at home.
  7. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    This is my guess as well. I'd further guess her outrage, presuming there is outrage, is that it became publicized (as opposed to the act).
  8. 2018 Playoff Race

    I think SVG should be a goner regardless.
  9. The Official 2017-2018 Detroit Tigers Off-season Thread

    A linked article on the website is about Ron Gardenhire, and it reminded me Ron is the manager of the Tigers. It bums me out and I am starting to wonder if I have a clinically diagnosable condition. Ron freaking Gardenhire.
  10. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    When Obama issues a EO, it is subverting the law. When Trump issues an EO, he is torpedoing a sinking ship / righting a wrong.
  11. Global Warming - The "settled" science unwinds.

    Damn, you know posting quality has to be legitimately poor to irritate G2 enough to respond as such. Loose, you might want to consider dyeing your hair and moving out of state.
  12. NBA Info - January 2018

    My immediate reaction is meh. Kidd probably should have kept it to himself, but I think it paints Antetokounmpo in a positive light and maybe Kidd appreciated it and wanted to give a slight nod to him one last time as he went out the door.
  13. NBA Info - January 2018

    I feel like if you buy a Stanley jersey, then you should assume all risks as the purchaser.
  14. Is there anything that gives you hope for 2018 (and only 2018)

    If there is no accountability and no competence in the front office, then yes, we are screwed as fans.