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  1. I have to imagine asymptomatic means to the extent there were symptoms, the patient was either unaware of them or they were mild enough that the patient mistook the symptoms for the common cold or mild allergic reaction or something.
  2. I cannot adequately express my condolences, Sue. If there is anything any of us can do, please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/coronavirus-case-counts-are-meaningless/
  4. My comment was a reference to past seasons' posts, nothing more.
  5. I don't disagree in principle, but the economy is not going to recover until this is resolved, which is all I am saying.,
  6. This has exactly zero to do with my point. Everyone wants to work. Everyone needs food, shelter, clothing, power, etc., which means they need money. I have no doubt there are a large number of people begging to work. Be that as it is, the reality is there will be no economic recovery until this pandemic is adequately addressed. It just is. Trying to figure out how to somehow strike a better balance between economic need and illness prevention -> return to work before the health issue is resolved is frankly a fool's hope and will only serve to prolong the pandemic and cost lives (as well as economic hardship). Further, had the administration (and society) recognized this fact up front instead of putting at least some priority on the economy (and personal freedom) over focusing solely on preventing the spread, we would be in a much better place (both health and economics) and we would very likely be talking about a return to work in the coming weeks as opposed to the coming months. B must follow A. We can do things to alleviate financial stress on citizens temporarily, but to do so permanently requires the pandemic be resolved.
  7. The economic problem can not and will not be improved until the health problem is resolved, so I would argue the economic problem is largely moot right now.
  8. Bull ****ing ****. That is a cop-out. If he laid out a reasoned, rational plan, people and governors would follow it.
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