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  1. Pete isn't winning the nomination without the black vote so it is moot.
  2. Yeah, when they turn out, it would be the first time in my lifetime.
  3. Yet that is what is likely to happen, and we know it.
  4. I am not nearly as confident that he wouldn't lose black voters. It is largely a moot point because unless he gets black voters to vote for him in primaries, he is not going to win the nomination.
  5. Not to overstate the thing, but if minorities and the 18-30 demographic turn out in good or better numbers, Trump cannot win in 2020. He had barely a path in '16, less of one now. Drive voter turnout and he has no out. Sweep the leg.
  6. If Hillary generated more black voter turnout, she is the President of the United States, although under impeachment due to her role in Benghazi.
  7. Nixon was also a reasonably popular president.
  8. He might get 85% of the black vote, but will he motivate more turnout than Hillary?
  9. In retrospect, it is surprising to me that the Saturday Night Massacre did relatively little to sway public opinion.
  10. Patience millennials. Give it some time to breathe. Polls generally don't change overnight. I also think 538 do running averages? If so, most of today's values are a reflection of last week.
  11. Correct. I would suggest at this time he is the least electable option available of those who have a shot for precisely that reason. Perhaps that changes over time.
  12. If she doesn't have pizazz, I discount everything she has to say. I'm 'muricaN.
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