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  1. Love 'ya, T&P. BTWs, are Minnesota Wild fans insufferable?
  2. He's going to rescind his guilty plea any moment now.
  3. Am I the only one fed up with toilets flooding / being out of commission because some cretin flushed something inappropriate? I mean, I've worked at 3 places as an engineer, all 3 have had to put up signs on what is ok and not ok to flush because how many times maintenance had to unclog a toilet. How self absorbed and/or oblivious does someone have to be to not use a toilet properly?
  4. You listen to any offer. No reason not to. If I thought I could get anything of value for Jones, I'd do it.
  5. I found this clip interesting. Curious to know Lee's thoughts on this.
  6. I think it is just the standard gamesmanship around trading at the deadline. Also, I'd rather teams think Al is hard to negotiate with than accommodating. Do we really want teams surprised he is asking for as little as he is in the hypothetical?
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