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  1. You are right, though I count about 10 more without TX. All in on Texas.
  2. He gets his *** kicked at 410. You don't think winning 410-128 is an *** kicking?
  3. Lions have a better chance of being good.
  4. Taking 410 EC votes vs. 450 will change nothing in terms of politics in America 2021-24, nor will you personally care 2 weeks after the election in the hypothetical whether he got Texas or not. Trump won't even care, and he's the ***hole who lost in the scenario. Yes, I want Texas and there are good reasons to invest in Texas. But Texas is not a priority relative to something like 10 other states by any reasonable or objective calculus. Secure those 10 states first as best as possible and then worry about Texas. You don't (or oughtn't at least) manage campaigns based on emotional wants, wishes or gut feels. And all of this ignores Texas is very unlikely to flip independent of investment and if it does flip, it probably is owing a **** of a lot more to systemic polling error than some 6 week media blitz.
  5. That is big of you to offer up his money.
  6. I would imagine they are aware of his contributions and have planned around them accordingly.
  7. Anything spent over planned budget in Texas that would significantly reduce your planned spending in PA/OH/FL/MI/MN/WI/AZ/NV is too much. But I don't know their budget and what they have planned. Maybe they are Daddy Warbucks and can attempt to buy everything. I don't know, though I suspect there are limits to their war chest. If you have excess funds after the more important targets have been adequately addressed and want to put it towards Texas, fine. But Texas has to be the 8th or 10th priority overall or something. Budgeting 101. You work at a bank. I suspect you know this.
  8. Nobody is, or would/should, argue that. Frankly you do that in all states.
  9. So what the **** are we talking about? Complete waste of time.
  10. I never said or suggested they should put no money or time into Texas. I said it isn't a priority, and also said it is much less a priority than PA/OH. You've created a strawman.
  11. Stop making arguments nobody made. It is beneath you.
  12. You are right, MB. They should chase everything because Texas is historically close but not *that* close 6 weeks away. And I already said it makes sense to divert resources there to help down ballot, so???
  13. Sure, do a voter registration drive. Nobody was or will argue that.
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