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  1. Better than some of the alternatives, I guess.
  2. I just want to pop in and say popcorn is a ****ty gift. Interpret as one will.
  3. Finally someone said it. Not enough Jesus in our lives.
  4. A hot woman in a Michael Bay movie? Unpossible.
  5. You are goddamned right. Sent to alternative training site....phssh.
  6. If America truly *needs* college football, well, it explains a lot.
  7. ^^About two months ago (I guess) I heard Brian Burke yammering on about the tanking problem the league had (?) and that there was a push among most of the teams to further disincentive tanking. Hmmm. You mean to say the top 2/3rds to 3/4ths of the league are interested in increasing their collective odds for the best draft prospect at the expense of the very worst teams of the league? I am shocked that would be the case.
  8. I heard some great political ads over the weekend in Atlanta and I will leave it at that. Personal favorite was the claim a candidate supported mandatory sex change operations for 10-year olds, paid for by the public, of course.
  9. Well, it ain't gonna be the SEC or ACC first, that's for sure.
  10. It is frankly bananas to me that some of those teams can get the #1 overall pick in terms of the talent they already have. I guess the board of governors is gonna board of governor.
  11. Catchers tend to fall off pretty quick in their early to mid 30s.
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