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  1. Bosh is very good defensively. He is one of the best defenders at the pf position so that's not fair to bunch him with the other two. Anthony plays to the level of his competition too and can maintain average defense for a stretch of games but for the most part you are right.
  2. I have Greek channels at my home so catch a few games from time to time plus watch the Euro tournament games on espn3 as well. I haven't watched Papanikolaou in Spain last year but what I saw when he played in Greece was well balanced player with really good shooting. I could see him play like singler with a better shot in the nba.
  3. He was an exceptional 3pt shooter playing for Olympiacos when they won back to back Euro titles. This past year left Greece to play in Spain For Barca and only shot 34%, compared to high 40's. If he regains his stroke, he would be great compliment to Ariza to replace Parsons production. EDIT: He will be playing for Greece's national team in FIBA World Cup for anybody that is interested at all and one of their main pieces. I hope all those games are televised.
  4. Everybody should tune in the 2 minute mark of the DX interview. Dinwiddie said, "Not a Sg trying to be a PG. Not a guy who scores then passes it at the last second. A guy that understands controlling pace and getting the ball to the right place and playing unselfish basketball." Brandon Jennings can learn something from our rookie haha
  5. Of course SVGs first pick in charge of a franchise he picks a guy with a stache haha. I hope he's as good as advertised.
  6. I don't understand why 76ers didn't just select Saric at 10 then
  7. Although it would never happen, the Pistons could probably acquire both James and Melo while keeping Drummond and KCP. Melo S&T to Det for Smith and Jennings and Future 1st rounders (16' & 18'). Then b couldn't both MIA and Det S&T James for Monroe? This move would put them right at the Salary cap if they renounce CV and Stcuk and decline Billups contract. Thinking about this is making me want to buy NBA 2K15 so I can keep fantasizing.
  8. But gaining one now, thus trade is a wash. I really do not see how you are making this argument.
  9. I'm pretty sure Lebron, Wade, and Bosh's contracts run til 2016 with last two years of deals with opt out clause. Wade and Bosh could opt in again next summer which would prevent Miami for making a play for Melo as well. The only way these two could have played together next year would have been if Kobe took a discount rather than that 48mil extention. It would have been so cool if he took a 1 year min deal with LAL and had an agreement next year with them for him to get offered max $ for 2 yr deal. This would have allowed them to get 2 max guys now and still have lotto pick.
  10. It all depends if they intend to re-sign Monroe, otherwise I probably would. I would prefer to try and and find third team to ship Smoove to and send one of those picks to the other team. This way they could still retain Monroe and use Boozer as 6th man. This will never happen though because Gores will never spend extra money like that for a few picks.
  11. No thank you on any of those guys but if it were between them four I'd say stauskas. I think he will take a similar career path to Kyle Korver. Only be a spot up shooter first couple years until he gets accustomed to NBA speed and then he can start creating for himself a little and others the way Korver is now for Atl. He would be good pro and fill huge need for us but I'm a sucker for going for big upside guys. If all top freshman go I'd have them categorized like this Guys that will go before our pick 1a Andrew Wiggins 1b Jabari Parker 3 Joel Embiid (back issues scare me to put him #1) 4 Julius Randle 5 Dante Exum The next tier guys you can kind of clump together in no particular order Marcus Smart, Noah Vonleh, Aaron Gordon, Gary Harris, Tyler Ennis, Hood, Stauskas. Harris would be my favorite of that group as I see him being very similar to Bradley Beal. I also Like Zach Levine more than most because he is a very gifted athlete with a better shot than anybody else on Pistons at the moment. Even though he is unlikely to be good as Westbrook he has many similarities so it might be worth the gamble.
  12. Even though MSU has everybody playing and steam rolled thru BTT, I still think they will have difficulty winning the entire thing if Appling's shot stays broken from his wrist injury as he is only 2-13 from 3pta since he returned from his injury. They can't simply hope for Harris and Payne to provide all the scoring. I still see us as a top 5 team but saying favs as all espn analysts are saying seems like a stretch. hopefully they are right. Also here's to hopefully seeing Wisc and UM in Final 4 too. I would love a B1G matchup in Championship game.
  13. I'd be shocked if he didn't. Going into draft missing nearly the entire year because of a back injury will scare off many teams. The only way he can justify going now is worrying about being too old as prospect if he waits since he is pretty old for typical Sophmore.
  14. This is hilarious and so true. I love basketball but have zero interest in hockey even though I'll watch all other sports too.
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