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  1. It is obvious that they would have expected us to enforce a whole class of laws that would not begin to exist in our country for a hundred years? Right....
  2. So, we agree that you are making a bad argument to justify what makes sense to you.
  3. So, you are assuming and assumption? Perhaps they didn't have your distorted view that immigrants are invaders?
  4. Did they not contemplate it because at the time of founding (and about a hundred years after) there was no such thing illegal immigration in the US?
  5. Are you arguing we should look at the data without looking at the context? Are arguing that we should limit the amount of population with lower likelihood of committing crimes per capita to lower overall crime incidence?
  6. Actually since this is the HA thread, buy one of these and splice it into the cord of a fan.
  7. Movies anywhere is legit and the direction that buying media needs to go.
  8. Surely you would notice the weed smell less afterwards, no?
  9. <insert desperate attempt at looking smart, but make sure it is outdated>
  10. So, you're saying that this isn't the "certain amount" that has been alluded to?
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