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  1. This may be the most breathtaking gif I've ever seen.
  2. So much good stuff on twitter 🤣 It's a tragicomedy playing out in front of our eyes.
  3. I don’t know. If there’s one thing the Trump years have shown me, its that cognitive dissonance is one **** of a drug.
  4. I can confirm that there is. The wife was trying to convince her mother that no, this is not the flu. Yes, many people die of the flu each year, but there are not typically military trucks to take the corpses of those who have died from the flu out of hospitals that have run out of space in the morgue.
  5. The idiot in chief doesn't even realize that it won't help the economy when people are dropping like they are in Italy. He's literally willing to sacrifice hundreds of thousands of lives for a stock market fantasy that he thinks will help him in the election. Remember when we admonished for hoping he had the virus? The plain folk are rebuked for meaningless thoughts, the powerful can take actions that affect millions and are protected from any pushback by their enablers.
  6. Yes. It needs to be reiterated. It’s not so much about how many people die from the virus, it’s the strain it will put on our healthcare systems. Which will lead to many more deaths.
  7. https://www.fast.ai/2020/03/09/coronavirus/
  8. There was also the Danny Heatly crash
  9. $5 mil is the max MLB is allowed to levy.
  10. https://twitter.com/searls/status/1209663379784241152?s=20
  11. Evan McMullin is so spot on. https://twitter.com/EvanMcMullin/status/1205496182438428672?s=20
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