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  1. It hasn’t been a quiet part for quite a while.
  2. Projection. It’s a wet dream of theirs.
  3. https://howbidenstoletheelection.com/
  4. I’ve thought about this. Never in a million years would a script of the events of 2016-2020 be green lit for a movie or tv show. It would be thrown in the trash for being so outlandish. Real life has jumped the shark.
  5. Meh. Being married has never stopped from grabbing the ***** he wants.
  6. Full blown denial mode. Raging about fraud and crime that have been committed. Look at Ted Cruz and Newt Gingrich. Pathetic sad people.
  7. I turned on the radio. Wow. The right wingers are in full blown melt down mode. Screaming how it’s all fraud and we can’t let the presidency be stolen from Trump. We need to do something. This isn’t some loser on the internet. Scary stuff.
  8. You say thus jokingly, but I wouldn’t tell any of my coworkers I voted for Biden.
  9. Won’t be a Trump, but it will be Trump approved.
  10. It won’t matter. The propaganda machines will propagandize.
  11. Good night everyone! I’m heading to bed.
  12. The level of cognitive dissonance you must have to support Trump because you think the media is squashing a Hunter Biden story is admirable.
  13. People in group 3 are the most insufferable IMO
  14. How funny would it be if Biden lost Penn and Wisconsin and Michigan but won Texas
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