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  1. @Sydney_Fife you promised only sunshine and roses 😀
  2. 64 dimensional chess. You just don’t get it
  3. Ive been kind of out of the loop with the Wings the past few years. What’s the expectation for this year? Playoffs? Win a series?
  4. Relevant: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2019/09/donald-trump-not-well/597640/
  5. I would be happy if he never left the golf course.
  6. I would argue the Astros were able to pull it off because of the systems and people they have. Tanking made it easier, but you can’tjust tank and point to the Astros and say “see all you have to do is lose 100 games for a few years and then we’ll win a WS!” That would be like seeing a guy sign up for a gym membership and loosing 100 lbs so you also sign up and expect too the weight. You have actually put in the work also.
  7. New Moneyball market inefficiency should be getting any player who’s even slightly above average from the Tigers.
  8. Because like it or not, 40-45% of Americans think exactly like him. On this board he’s basically the only window into those interesting minds. Think of it as a science experiment.
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