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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/USArmy/status/1131704927963766785
  2. MLB iOS app now allows radio audio overlay when watching the mlb.tv stream! I’ve been waiting for this feature.
  3. Saw this on the way to work and it made me smile
  4. For the most part, we came out and competed and we definitely made them feel us. -- Reggie Jackson. Dude, you lost by 21 in a playoff game. But congrats on making them feel you. And competing. What a loser.
  5. Trump and Co are constantly in one of two states: either gloating or playing the victim. It really is exhausting.
  6. He's that idiot in the lunchroom that is so stupid, you don't even argue with him. You just nod your head and end the conversation as quick as possible.
  7. I was right about everything except it being against the Rangers: https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/CHA/CHA200704180.shtml
  8. I don't remember the pitcher, but a few years ago a pitcher threw a no hitter where the only baserunner was a walk to Sosa who got picked off. This was when Sosa was a Ranger.
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