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  1. YEAAAAH BOYEEEEE! Red Wings Student Rush - Detroit Red Wings - Tickets Upper level tickets.. $45 Lower level tickets.. $15 I took advantage of this quite a few times last season. Great news for me and my fellow students.
  2. I wish some of you guys would lighten it up and not take that so seriously but it's alright.
  3. I like you. Aside from WrestleMania, here are some of mine: -Comerica Park on a beautiful afternoon -A great drive on a golf ball -Receiving my paycheck -Getting good grades
  4. That set looks real familiar, what show is that from?? Rosie O'Donnel?
  5. Alllllllrighty. Let's hope this franchise quarterback works out for the best. What I've really been looking forward to was the #20 pick anyways.
  6. Inge should be, but A-Rod is certain to be the starting third baseman and Longoria will be the backup.
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