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  1. I am still bogged down in tax season, so haven't made it to JMS yet and won't for a while. However, my 8yo grandson (from Georgia) is a big baseball fan and an LFT fan. Does anyone know if the Flying Tigers have kids replica jerseys for sale? If so, any idea about the cost?
  2. The flint dogs were available only during spring training - didn't have them for the Flying Tiger games.
  3. Busyness is not an excuse for poor communications. However, I agree that the communication gap is organizational - as an organization, communciations is at the bottom of their list. Ron is not concerned with communications as long as everyone thinks he is great. If they don't think that, they are mistaken (in his view).
  4. Wonder who they got to do the website update?
  5. I find it sad that there is no mention of this on the Flying Tigers Website.
  6. Former Lakeland Tiger Brent Clevlen has been called up by the Atlanta Braves with Matt Diaz going on the DL.
  7. A great fan of the Flying Tigers, Wally Walbrink passed away today at noon, from pulmonary fibrosis. He will be missed at the games. Please remember Adrienne in your thoughts and prayers.
  8. I know that in the past some Sunday games started at 4. I liked that. Also beats the family problem and maybe some of the heat.
  9. This just in: Dear Flying Tigers Fans, The Annual Holiday Merchandise Sale continues tomorrow at Joker Marchant Stadium from 9a.m.-4p.m. All Detroit Tigers jerseys, fitted caps and batting practice caps are buy-one-get-one FREE! Get two jerseys for $60 or two Tigers fitted/bp caps for $15. This special promotion will run December 12-19. Store Hours are as follows: December 12: 9am-4pm December 15-17: 1pm-7pm December 19: 9am-4pm January 9: 9am-3pm For more information please call (863) 686-8075. Ryan Eason Ticket Manager Detroit Tigers - Lakeland Operations 2125 N. Lake Ave. Lakeland, FL 33805 (863) 413-4138 (admin. office) (863) 413-4142 (box office)
  10. Congratulations, Zack. BUREK / MCCORKEL Dennis and Carol McCorkel of Lakeland are please to announce the engagement of their daughter, Carla McCorkel, to Zach Burek, son of Frank and Tina Burek of Troy, New York. Carla is employed by Northwestern Mutual as a Financial Representative. Zach is employed by the Detroit Tigers as the General Manager of the Lakeland Flying Tigers. The couple plans to marry this fall. Published in the Ledger on 8/2/2009.
  11. I did notice, however, that as the night got longer, the portions from Sonny's were smaller.
  12. Since this thread is taking a life of its own, it has occurred to me that the cheapness of the management is one of the problems with attendance. They have $1 hot dog night, all you can eat night. But when they do these promotions, the foods is scaled down in size and or quantity from the regular nights. Pretzels are a good, visible example. The ones last night were tiny compared to other nights - what's the big deal? It's all you can eat, so serve the regular size and don't look cheap doing it.
  13. I know this has been discussed earlier, but I can't find it. What food is available for all you eat? John
  14. So there is something else The Ledger is good for. I must admit, I enjoy a cup of coffee and my newspaper early in the morning. It it goes away, I will miss it.
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