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  1. Gotta love those 61 Topps cards though!
  2. And decked out on a '61 Topps card too!!!!
  3. Should we eliminate divisions? Yes, it would be a nicer world. Awwww.
  4. Yep, back to 1968, the best team in each league meet one other in early October for the World Championship!!!!
  5. I approve of this post....genius!!!!!
  6. Castellanos and Boyd for Chapman and Frazier. This would clear millions for the Reds to use in acquiring top FA's and at the same time, obviously temporarily, take care of the Closer situation for the Tigers. With regard to the Frazier acquisition, and despite his frailties he brings a power bat with decent defence. Yes, this would "eat" a lot of available salary reserves but would bring in an all star player for a few years and at least, a year of a shut-down closer.
  7. I don't care where or whom we play as long as I see 2 starting pitchers go 6 plus, solid middle relief, more runs for us than them and 2 "shut-down" saves from the closers.
  8. The Beatles should never me mentioned in a sentence that includes the word "mashup" and a band like Nirvana....Luv the Kinks though, but seriously not close to the "Fab 4" ....Ray Davies is great in his own right though.
  9. Proton Therapy is THE "Gold Standard" for Cancer treatment although it is only applicable to certain cancers.....Amazing, to say the very least.
  10. Armour Thyroid is preferred by many rather than the synthetics, to each his own though.
  11. Lewin and Wimpy were the best TV guys since Ernie and George were the "team" in the early/mid 60's.
  12. Exactly...He comes across a lot less "mean spirited" now. I enjoyed Gibson's work this year....in the past, not so much.
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