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  1. A friend of ours came home from work with a stack of tickets for Mike + the Mechanics at Pine Knob. These were not the vouchers, they were actual pavilion tickets and she had about 75 of them. I think they could have held this show in my backyard because there was probably only 200-300 people there. It gets even worse, after the Outfield did their opening act about half of those people left. I actually felt sorry for the band, I was waiting for them to yell to us and ask us for a request.
  2. am1270 is reporting that we have signed Percival, press conference at 4:30.
  3. The whale painting compared to the Statue of Liberty is about the same as comparing Al Levine to Mariano Rivera. One of each is priceless while the other is easily replaced without much value being lost.
  4. Bravo Oblong, if you can't have something more Detroit themed on the wall I'd personally rather see an ad. I've had to explain the whale numerous times also.
  5. How about Woodward Joe, although after the recent Siragusa controvesy I'd advise him not to wear pantyhose or a fur coat.
  6. On my annual trip to the U.P. I tried to get Tiger score updates from the Brewer games and good old Bob Eucker is nothing like his Tonight Show or Major League movie appearances. It is something akin to hearing paint dry on the radio, I missed it 3 times tuning through the stations with the endless dead air. DD and Price are head and shoulders above their broadcast. Speaking of Chisox WGN broadcasts, when I first got cable in the early 80's the Cubs had Jack Brickhouse while the Pale Hose had the dynamic duo of Harry Carey and Jimmy Piersall. Hearing Jimmy refer to the Sox wives as sluts was very entertaining, although not good for his longevity.
  7. Just read a stat that kinda surprised me, with Sanchez in lineup we are around 14 games under .500, without him we were something like 19-15.
  8. I attended a Fantasy Camp at Comerica 2 years ago and Milt was one of 3 former Tigers there. Bergman and Jason Thompson were very nice and cordial but Milt stayed late with all the campers in the locker room telling stories over beers of his playing days. Make sure and ask him about his time with the Reds playing with Johnny Bench and Pete Rose.
  9. I have heard nothing of the re-opening yet, but I believe its new location was to be on Woodward somewhere near the new Compuware HQ.
  10. A few good reasons to keep Munson over Pena is that he has played 3 positions (one being catcher), whereas Pena is locked at 1st only. I do believe he has a more powerful bat also. If next years roster includes Inge, Munson and possibly Shelton there would be no need for a DeFelice player thus clearing the way for a possible rule V guy or another bullpen arm. I know he's not major league caliber at catcher but in a pinch for a few innings he would be a competent backup. I wouldn't be heartbroken if both were cut loose but I don't think either will garner much trade interest.
  11. Am I the only person who thinks that Yan can do just as good at closing as UU? I would probably be upset right now if we don't end up moving him.
  12. I thought Biggie was right, I distinctly remember that Buddha was always the guy that they went to right out of the gate, and he usually scored in the first few possessions.
  13. I have only seen him bat about 6 times on tv, but Jim Price has been noting that he is late on the fastball consistently, which is not a good sign. I think he had a very similar stint with Texas last year. He may not get many more ab's until Shelton comes up, which might not be fair, but we don't have time to wait for him to heat up.
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