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  1. Appropriately on the 6th
  2. Good thing I started social security in January. I was filling in with my old Irish band at NYNY over St. Pat's weekend. We made it through Sunday then it was shut down. Everything on my calendar after that is gone. We'll see what they do with the "gig" economy.
  3. The GF went to the store today. Said a lot of things were gone but oddly enough, the wine shelves were full. We have priorities.
  4. Damn, we were supposed to start a Friday night residency at Paris casino this Friday. Postponed until further notice. Kinda surprised it hasn't been worse here.
  5. Have there been any other documented cases of a rat jumping ON a sinking ship?
  6. Credit where credit is due. I'm with you Melody.
  7. I heard he was drunk and driving that cruise ship.
  8. Yeah, well you just wait for the Inspector General's report on the Inspector General. When that comes out you'll be eating your words. We're only at the third dimension right now. Q'anon anon...whatever will be will be.
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