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  1. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Jesus bumped into Rick to steal the keys to the truck and then stole the truck first. They caught up with him when he got a flat. Didn't kill him, left him on the side of the road. He got up on the roof when they drove away. Still didn't kill him.
  2. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Two minute love story? They've been together as long as they've been on the show.
  3. Thanks, Obamacare!

    Obamacare update. Just enrolled for 2018 and premium went up about 10% again. Still far far better than it was before. I turn 65 the beginning of 2020 so I only need to get through one more enrollment period to get to Medicare. Hopefully, if they do away with it, it'll be a slow phase-out.
  4. Gun Legislation, Crime and Events

    Clearly according to some guy on the internet. MSNBC reporting bad conduct discharge.
  5. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    Really??? It wasn't Obama? I guess it was too good to be true. Good job.
  6. It's freaking insane. He just posts off of headlines without looking into what the article says. Any headline that supports his position. No critical thinking.
  7. POTUS Impeachment Watch

    That's right up there with Bush saving the economy for Obama.
  8. BB going all Helter Skelter.
  9. 544 out of 93 million over 18 years? Seriously? Keep ******* that chicken.
  10. The Walking Dead Season 8

    I agree with all of this.
  11. The Walking Dead Season 8

    Looking forward to tonight.
  12. The Presidency of Donald J. Trump

    I had to scroll to the bottom to make sure it was satire.