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  1. Purely anecdotal. I worked at a parts store in Kalamazoo long ago. My boss told me black people had the same opportunities as anyone else. I asked him if he would hire one. He said "no way." I said " well I guess they don't then." To his credit, when I left, he replaced me with a black guy.
  2. I have no idea what any of that means.
  3. Aren't we supposed to call our doctor or something if the election lasts four days.
  4. I haven't been this depressed since people were defending torture.
  5. Yeah, America ain't buying sanity.
  6. Just cracked open the 1.5l bottle of champagne. Celebration, or drowning sorrows, or just getting drunk waiting a week for results. If I need more, I'll get it.
  7. Seems unjust to me to hold anyone criminally liable for shooting someone assuming we have the second amendment. Call it a systemic problem.
  8. I joined in 2007 after reading a story about the connection between Granderson and Brian. They posted the URL.
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