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  1. same; but again, Dems have won pop vote 7 of last 8 elections, a winning streak like no other in US history, so some message is getting thru If AZ and GA turn blue like VA and CO - and you can keep industrial vote - not sure rural vote is needed
  2. Things have since gone downhill for Krol, who had a poor 2017 with the Braves, threw only two MLB frames as an Angel in 2018, and hasn’t resurfaced in the majors. He was hit with a 50-game suspension for a drug of abuse in 2019 and spent last season pitching independent ball.
  3. guy's not donating a kidney, but he is doing the right thing; good for him
  4. Breaking news: Tigers to possibly add pitchers and maybe also hitters
  5. Cleveland Flaming Lakes. too gay?
  6. there are some awesome minor league baseball team names out there, none better than this
  7. optimistic for the future? sure for 2021? they look bad; hard to see them passing KC
  8. It would difficult to not upgrade this line up, but if anyone can not do that, it is Al.
  9. the position players are, today, right now, the worst in MLB, behind Texas, Pitts and Baltimore. Cabrera, Goodrum, Castro, Castro, Candy, Stewart, JJ, Reyes, 2 of the 3 catchers, with Paredes and Daz at Toledo. Good Lord. That's the last place team in the Central, and easily a Top 5 pick again. Not sure if Cron, Avila, Schoop move the needle at all in 2021, and certainly not beyond that.
  10. Lindor, Seager, Baez, Correra, Story = the greatest SS class ever, + Rizzo, Freeman, Bryant, Conforto
  11. nope, more $$$ to be made from the marks; only when they are broke does this end
  12. the electors - thankfully - meet in each state, but that means that MI, PA, GA, AZ, NV, WI, and NE will all need to have huge police presence (especially MI) to stop the fascists. Jan 6, 2021, Pence will lead a joint session of Congress that will count the 306 EC votes for Biden's win. It is not out of the realm of possibility that a True Believer (Gohmert?) will try to disrupt the vote.
  13. i like the coaching staff, and very few teams have done anything at all, and there is a lot of time left to take advantage of the over supply of players, but all that Avila has done so far is get a guy who in a few years might be as good as Victor Reyes. blah move at best.
  14. FG bullish on Vest 12. Seattle Mariners Will Vest, RHP (from Tigers) Vest was sitting 90-94 in the 2019 Fall League, but his fastball had pretty good carry at the top of the zone and he had a pretty good breaking ball. That was enough to earn him a 35+ FV up/down relief evaluation. Then Vest had a velo spike throughout 2020 and was sitting 95-97 and touching 100 in Tigers Instructs. He throws strikes more consistently than Yohan Ramirez, whom the Mariners seemed hellbent on keeping on their roster last year, so I’d expect Vest to stick and contribute to the bullpen so long as he retains this big, new velocity. 3. Detroit Tigers Akil Baddoo, OF, (from Twins) Baddoo has basically missed two seasons because of Tommy John (which he had in May of 2019) and the pandemic, and the Twins opted out of scouting during 2020 Instructional League, which means opposing teams weren’t able to see Baddoo at the Twins camp and could only evaluate video and data from that stretch. Because of his blend of raw power and speed, Baddoo has unusually high upside for a Rule 5 pick but it’s also easy to envision him struggling to make a leap from A-ball to the big leagues considering that when he arrives at camp he’ll have barely seen any live pitching for about the last 20 months.
  15. FG Drafted: 2nd Round, 2016 from Salem HS (GA) (MIN) Age 21.5 Height 5′ 11″ Weight 210 Bat / Thr L / L FV 40 Tool Grades (Present/Future) Hit Raw Power Game Power Run Fielding Throw 30/40 50/55 30/45 60/60 40/50 40/40 Baddoo has some promising physical ingredients — speed, raw power — seasoned by high walk rates. He missed most of 2019 because he needed Tommy John in mid-May. He lacks deft barrel accuracy, but Baddoo has run well above-average walk rates to this point and he may be able to get to most of his power by hunting the right pitches, even if his swing’s a little grooved. He’s tracking like a power/OBP fourth outfielder or platoon guy.
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