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  1. considering Dems were not hostile to Christianity before Warnock's election, and still are not, I don't think it changes a thing. The GOP will still push that nonsense and the 2 big consumers are 1) idiots who actually believe it 2) opportunists who look look at group 1 and laugh all the way to the bank
  2. Trump's people are still idiots. It is 2021. And the US Constitution contains none of this language.
  3. DFA'ed but sticking around perhaps
  4. wonder if he is open to playing 1B? or could he play 1B?
  5. this might mean that the Troy Stokes Jr era is over as well
  6. Al loves his switch hitters. Not hard to improve on Stewart, but they got a little bit better.
  7. FG bullish on Cleveland's system; not just top picks, but system depth, and an actual clear philosophy about how to develop players, specifically pitchers. Not all of those players will pan out in the next 11 months, and someone who is currently on the big league roster will likely be non-tendered next year. But there are just too many viable prospects whose 40-man timelines start next year for Cleveland to avoid a crunch. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/top-46-prospects-cleveland-baseball-team/
  8. next tweet clarified he's pitching now (like Shepherd)
  9. 4 of these guys are "veterans" returning to the Tigers system (not Martinez)
  10. No doubt the Tigers would have had to pay a premium over other towns; but you are right that there is more value in being a starting SS in Det vs. a utility guy in SD, so it was not impossible. extra $$$ always helps. Would have been nice if they would have at least tried to improve team with Kim
  11. Al was willing to pay Jordy Freaking Mercer the same amount, albeit on a one year deal, a move that had ZERO upside for Det. Maybe SD overpaid for a utility infielder for the next 4 years, but the risk, to me, is easily worth the potential return if he turns into a 3 win player. Ugh.
  12. going to try this with my boss: I didn't do anything, because I cannot be trusted to make correct decisions.
  13. the massive gulf between Dodgers, Pads, Rays Tier and the Tigers is a massive gulf.
  14. Padres close to getting Darvish as well.
  15. Rays have 2 more "big" salaries and are bursting with prospects. Wonder how motivated they are to move Yo****omo Tsutsugo ($7m)? They could probably spend half of that in free agency and get same production. Would be nice to see Al and Chris do something creative, taking him and his salary with young player(s) attached for marginal return. But I doubt they want to spend 7m on one player either. Kiermaier is owed 2/25m and the Rays platoon him already, but no way are the Tigers absorbing that.
  16. this reminds me to give extra money to PP this holiday season, on top of my usual monthly donation. shocking that women today in the USA may soon live with less rights than their mothers and grandmothers did
  17. he won't follow thru because it is too hard; he will tweet some more , delay the bill, and it will get passed anyhow but hope I am wrong, it should be multiple times giving $2K; Nancy should take one time $4K
  18. FG says his bat is too slow to hit MLB pitching. Pipeline has him as the #1 international prospect. BA has him #12 Yoenis' litte bro. Al, I assume, is taking it easy this week (Christmas) and next (New Years) https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/12/white-sox-to-sign-yoelki-cespedes.html
  19. that the president has decided to not declare martial law because he got clobbered in an election, is only worth a brief mention on the news what an insane world
  20. Wacha to TB for 3M; Al's going to either be dumpster diving or luxury shopping soon. Or maybe neither and they just roll out the kids.
  21. No. Absolutely not. He is gone at Noon; SS will eject him like any other trespasser
  22. would open up some ABs at DH for the over-crowded outfield as well
  23. absolutely; also, they will have 2 Rookie teams in Lakeland and if they want to push someone, they don't need to send him to WMI, they can have him walk 2 minutes to the Low A team.
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