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  1. For many MAGA people nothing - NOTHING - will break them from their Trump fever. If you look at right wing social media, it is nuts. Crazy loco nuts. A little terrorism is not going to stop them.
  2. inciting a seditious riot will seem like such a small thing in 10 days, because Trump will do worse, much worse
  3. Cruz or Rubio? really I flip flop on who I hate more.
  4. 100 years from now, idiots will still be waving the flag of these losers. f u
  5. you are having dis-ordered thinking. there is something wrong with you. get help. you deserve to be healthy
  6. good for her; used "sedition" as well; not fukking around (oh a little with the "irregularities") but still solid C-
  7. maybe, but then they all get released at 2 am into crazytown? Even Jim Jordan is not that dumb
  8. Trump says he loves terrorists. Yes that is what he said.
  9. I guarantee that Jim Jordan will cite the "passion" of these terrorists as a reason to continue to spew conspiracy nonsense.
  10. I am out of my depth here but The D.C. National Guard is the only National Guard unit, out of all of the 54 states and territories, which reports only to the President. https://dc.ng.mil/About-Us/
  11. take this with a grain of salt or two, but if VA deploys NG to DC, they answer to Northam; if MD deploys NG to DC, they answer to Hogan but DC NG would answer to Trump, so it may be that Pentagon did not want armed troops in DC on Jan 6 that answer to that lunatic this could be completely wrong
  12. Dems in Disarray as MAGAts storm capitol
  13. Perdue's term ended Jan 3, 2021 - so that is vacant until SOS certifies a winner. Loeffler's term ends Jan 2023, so she stays until SOS certifies Warnock's win.
  14. one of the Nates mentioned that in the Trump era, polls were really good when Trump was not running So Trump is pulling in first time/reluctant/single issue voters that polls cannot seem to find it also means the GOP cannot win WITHOUT Trump, and also that hopefully soon, that they cannot win WITH him
  15. considering Dems were not hostile to Christianity before Warnock's election, and still are not, I don't think it changes a thing. The GOP will still push that nonsense and the 2 big consumers are 1) idiots who actually believe it 2) opportunists who look look at group 1 and laugh all the way to the bank
  16. Trump's people are still idiots. It is 2021. And the US Constitution contains none of this language.
  17. DFA'ed but sticking around perhaps
  18. wonder if he is open to playing 1B? or could he play 1B?
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