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  1. illegally held job, but safe to assume the worst intentions by Trump and everyone else with this move
  2. a lot of them are not actually from the last few days, but you can pretend they are https://www.queerty.com/noflylist-videos-sobbing-domestic-terrorists-arrested-airplanes-going-viral-20210111
  3. so concealed carry ok only if you have permit?
  4. just 10, double digits, would be great optics for the "unity" crowd
  5. I have relatives who identify as evangelical, and that is the the correct phrase - "identify as evangelical". These people go to Church MAYBE twice a year, Christmas and Easter. Most don't go at all. I asked one cousin what Church she goes to and she made a face: I don't really go to Church. But they constantly say they are Christian. "As a Christian, I have to say ...." It is not a religion, or a moral path, it is an identity. And they must proclaim their identify because they are constantly under attack and persecuted by The Other. Living a Christian Life does not mean doing Christian acts, but stating you are a Christian. So when you mock them with pictures of Republican Jesus carrying guns and kicking ***, they like that, they like associating themselves with that image and that identity. They frankly know almost nothing about Jesus or Christianity core messages.
  6. this is not the group that licenses and disciplines attorneys in NY. it is a voluntary bar group. bigger fish to fry for now, but disbarring Rudy is something to turn to later this year
  7. for some reason people don't like it when I call her a wh0re. how about idiot?
  8. I cannot recommend the noflylist videos enough. they are intoxicating.
  9. his ridiculous optimism about America is hokey; but genuine
  10. I came to DC in 1987. The level of security then was much less. They have closed the roads around the WH, Ellipse, Capitol, Lincoln Mem, Jeff Mem. There used to be a great little short term parking lot for the Wash Monument just off of Constitution Ave opposite the WH. Now they literally have a giant retractable wall. It is silly, but we often say "the terrorists have already won" when we go into DC these days. (I have not been in since some August BLM gatherings.) I know the SS will flip out, but I really hope Biden can restore some of the openness of the city. It does feel like a fortress. When you see movies or TV of DC from the 1970s, it looked like a sleepy little town - that was the most powerful town in the world. The failure on Wed is NOT from lack of equipment or manpower or resource or money. If we can intellegently deploy force, maybe we can have a more open city. Just dreaming I guess. Slate has an article on this. https://slate.com/business/2021/01/capitol-riot-fortress-dc.html
  11. And a 2nd dead USCP officer now; suicide. We don't know what role Wed's terrorist attack had.
  12. Not sure if this is the cop they killed or not
  13. Why is Soto’s hair chartreuse?
  14. again, 30% of the country is insane; and when they cannot get to Lindsay, where do they go next?
  15. further this: Nichols explains that this is not how this works. Either Trump is in charge, or Congress removes him and then Pence is in charge.
  16. well that's terrifying if it is true
  17. ??? Are you saying the military has decided on a soft coup and Pence is now in charge?
  18. ripping off this scab is going to be painful, but necessary
  19. Nikki finds her balls, in a closed-door meeting🙄
  20. someone needs to layer Ice T's Cop Killer over this.
  21. yes. some of these people really thought there was an actual plan to install Trump/Flynn, or Trump/JFKjr, for 4 more years. Aggressively stupid to the nth degree.
  22. hard to know if any lie of his 1000s of lies is relevant, but the "I immediately called in NG" lie, to me, is interesting. Cippolone, because he cannot do much with Trump's clear incitement to riot (it's obvious to all), is trying to re-frame the response to Trump's incitement to riot as well meaning, they are worried about that as well or Trump is just a lying sh|tbag
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