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  1. Dems in disarray as Republican staffers are pressuring Republican Senators into assuring that they have a workplace where they will not get killed.
  2. ??? the "other side" here is REPUBLICAN staffers. and they are not blackmailing anyone; the 13th Amendment allows them to stop working for anyone who supports domestic terrorism
  3. if Roberts shows up for the trial it is valid there is no one GOP can appeal to say it is not
  4. they fired this guy for his accurate assessment - in 2009 that this was rising
  5. considering that this could both end his career and his life, good for him
  6. now I know that her husband has a tattoo on his johnson, and he likes to show it to young girls. damn you twitter.
  7. how about: I regret telling the public to come to my place of work and "lightly threaten" my co-workers?
  8. Twitter speculating about what horrible thing FBI/DOJ briefed Congress on today also
  9. remember all the "they are not laughing at us anymore" bull? 4 years to tear down what took 100s to build
  10. where was Killary last night? I am just asking the question.
  11. Stormfront is having a difficult time keeping its website up, because no one wants to host it. That is the "perfect marketplace" that the GOP tells us we should trust with our lives. Here, it seems to be working out just fine.
  12. the sister is working hard on fighting client change deniers; directly in contrast to GOP bullsh|t
  13. cop arrested for action (inaction?) during terrorist attack; unclear if USCP and did not happen (edit)
  14. she can use the public security entrance 8 or 9, might be a shorter wait at 9, please remove your coat when you go through the metal detector, maam.
  15. The man who wears high heels, a full face of make up, a girdle and a wig every day - whose hobbies are interior decorating, whining like a b|tch, and 8th grade twitter burns - is the most masculine president ever?
  16. Ken Cuccinelli is next in line, but he too holds his position illegally. I assume it will be Jared.
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