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  1. Dunn comments are from the Spring, but he has said the same recently. Dunn cannot play the field in CoPa. He can't. He is awful. He could hit like Miggy and still not be worth his cost.
  2. Dunn won't sign an extention to DH "I could care less about what people say," Dunn said. "I know what I want to do. I know I don't want to go DH. I like playing the field. DH-ing is awesome during interleague, because it gives you a little break. But I couldn't do it full time. I won't do it full time. You can write that out right now."
  3. The no-trade listing should not be a problem. AZ is 19 games out of first place and the 2nd worst team in the NL. E Jackson and Scherzer would, I hope, have good things to say about the Tigers if asked.
  4. What is so stunning about Dumars is that his mistakes have not been just bad; they have crippled the Pistons ability to compete. 4 worst moves: 1. Drafting Darko. Either Kaman or Hinrich would have given the Pistons a 10-year NBA starter. Either Melo or Bosh, an All-Star. Wade, MVP. During the Eastern Conference Championship Appearance Run, it did not matter. But now it does. I tend to think Joe's continued clinging to "no super-star needed" is a rationalization stemming from this huge, huge, huge f-up. Of the first 7 picks, all are very good to awesome, except our dud. 2. Rip's extension. Why? Why? Why? It already looked like Stuckey was going to be a 2. Why was keeping Rip happy to g-d important? Were they dating? Was Joe going to flip him? This is only compounded by 3. Gordon signing. I have no problem with the contract. But when you are locked into Rip and have a young 2 with Stuckey, this made zero sense. To clear the logjam he moved AA, who can actually play D! It looked worse after 4. CV signing. Again, it does not look like CV is too overpaid based on the $ handed out this Summer, but: 1. Why sign a guy who so similar to Prince and Daye? 2. Why sign a guy who is so soft, when you love to huff and puff about toughness? 3. Why blow all you money on BG and CV, when the greatest FA class is coming in 12 months? Also: Signing Nazr, Kwame, Wilcox. This should really be 1a, because it is an extension of 1. I know every team needs bigs and there are just not enough so they are overpaid, but I would think that Joe Dumars The Player would hate bums like these on his team. Finally: Giving up on Delfino and AA. Cheap bench guys who can produce at the NBA level given away for NOTHING!!!!!!!
  5. How about yes. He's a complete shot in the dark, but why not? He would probably cost Wil Rhymes; he making about $1m for the rest of 2010; you'd get great D for 6 weeks until Inge gets back; maybe being out of Safeco ignites his bat; maybe the Venezuelan Mafia can kick his fat butt into shape; he's got (or had) a ton of talent. If not buy him out ($0.25m) for 2011.
  6. Inge is durable and plays through pain Guillen always breaks down, and cannot, or will not, play through pain Setting aside salary (which only further damns Guillen), I would venture that given the choice between Inge and Guillen, 30 teams out of 30 would all choose the same player
  7. Well, they lost Bay to another large market club, and their low-ball offer basically said "Please leave" I would suggest talking to the Padres who have Headley and 4 solid-to-very-good 3b prospects low in their system. Getting Headley or James Darnell would be a long term, cheap solution
  8. So would I, but I cannot think of even one example of a small market team winning a bidding war with a big market club for a premium free agent. The Sox want to keep him and he wants to stay, and I think CoPa may remind him of SafeCo Field. So basically, no shot (or at best very, very unlikely).
  9. Damon would have great value to the Padres who have gotten almost nothing from LF all year. Moving Damon would gets Guillen back to DH, Sizemore to 2b, maybe Larish to 3b for a month. It was supposed to be a rebuilding year...
  10. Congrats! Your post is in the Top 10 Craziest Posts for 2010.
  11. Ramirez's 2012 option vests if traded Still due about $7.5mm this year Plus $1mm assignment bonus if traded He is due another $30.6mm after this year For a total of $39.1mm over the next 2.5 years You could get Beltre for probably 3 years $36mm this winter
  12. Larish has been red hot June 307/404/602 (1.022 OPS) July 300/354/567 (.921 OPS)
  13. NO! Always injured Making an insane $7.5m over the next 1.5 years So bad he is losing playing time to Josh Wilson Not better than Santiago/Worth NO!
  14. You are not wrong. Damon (gone), Laird (double gone), Seay (triple gone), Inge (back) and Bonderman (?) are the only Tigers who are free agents this winter. Everyone else in under team control or a long term contract.
  15. 1. clearly, you don't understand the most basic baseball contractual rules, please educate yourself 2. trade won't happen; as others have written Oswalt won't come, and it just does not make any sense on any level 3. very hard to get Inge to take a pay cut 4. Scherzer is under team control for 4 more years; an extension is illogical 6. Seay (with Coke, Ni, Schlereth, Thomas) will never pitch for Tigers again 7. Thomas is under team control; extension is illogical 8. Coke is under team control; extension is illogical 9. Kelly is under team control; extension is illogical (and he sucks) 10. Avila is under team control; extension is illogical 11. Bonine is under team control; extension is illogical 12. Boesch is under team control; extension is illogical 13. Jackson is under team control; extension is illogical 14. Sizemore is under team control; extension is illogical 15. Worth is under team control; extension is illogical 16. Gonzalez is under team control; extension is illogical (and he sucks) 17. Raburn is under team control; why release him? 18. Gallaragga is under team control; why release him? 19. Crawford will not take a below market contract ($14.1 per year!?) to come to Detroit; Yankees or Red Sox will sign him for 5/$100mm 20. GUZMAN for $9M for 3 YEARS??? So Guzman cannot play SS for a really bad team, but can pay SS for a good team? If DD did this I would shoot him in both knees. 21. Bedard just had ANOTHER setback for Tacoma. He has been injured for 3 years and you want to give him 3 years when Marquis and Pinero could only get 2? 22. Thames is your back-up OF?
  16. This thread should be closed. The story is: the Yankees are planning on not re-signing Jeter or Rivera UNTIL after this season, making them TECHNICALLY free agents. The Yankees, per team policy, don't do any in-season negotiations. Both players want to stay; the Yankees want both to stay; the fans want both to stay; this is not news.
  17. To paraphrase Boras: you only need one sucker. Considering the horrific pitching staffs that some teams have, Bondo would get 3 years on the open market. Also, the second pink elephant in the room (besides his injury history) is Seattle. The Ms are going to loose Cliff Lee. They have $ to spend and do spend $. Their rotation looks like this: 1)Felix 2)? 3)? 4)Fister 5)Vargas. It would hard to pass on a home town guy, who fits your needs perfectly, is 28 and has 200 career starts. If the Tigers don't sign him, A LOT of teams will try to.
  18. These are the FA pitchers from last winter. Only 2 deals over 2 years: Lackey's looks OK; Wolf's looks bad. If Bondo wants 3 years, that's a tough decision. RH Starting Pitchers Rich Harden TEX 1 $7.5 M John Lackey BOS 5 $82.5 M Brad Penny STL 1 $7.5 M Joel Pineiro LAA 2 $16 M (compares well to Bondo) Justin Duchscherer OAK 1 $2 M Ben Sheets OAK 1 $10 M Jon Garland SD 1 $5.3 M Colby Lewis TEX 2 $5 M Jason Marquis WAS 2 $15 M (compares well to Bondo) Vicente Padilla LAD 1 $5.025 M Carl Pavano MIN 1 $7 M LH Starting Pitchers Randy Wolf MIL 3 $29.75 M Andy Pettitte NYY 1 $11.75 M Erik Bedard SEA 1 $1.5 M Doug Davis MIL 1 $5.25 M
  19. I'm positive that a player has NEVER been offered arbitration when he is not a Type A or B free agent. If the Tigers offered it, Bondo would surely turn it down for a multi-year deal elsewhere. (Bondo could pitch like Jimenez and never reach Type B status by the end of the season.) Except for his injury history, he is going to be almost a perfect free agent: a young, proven, veteran #3 starter who will require no compensation for signing.
  20. You can argue this either way, but... There is nothing in the CBA that says that free agents have to get raises in arbitration. Some have not like Dwight Gooden. It would be easy to argue Laird should get a pay cut. Boras is not only the agent for Damon, but also Laird. He does not want one guy setting the price; he wants the market to do it. Which is why only one Broas client (I think) has ever accepted arbitration. The 2011 draft is supposed to be great. Considering we don't have a back up catcher in the minors, or a starting thirdbaseman, offering Laird and Inge arbitration carries minimal risk. IMO Damon is worth the risk, too.
  21. I'd offer arbitration to all 3 Laird - sees himself as a starter, so he would leave, but no problem if he accepts Inge - he has a high opinion of his skills and, with the recent defensive emphasis across the league, so might many other teams, but no problem if he accepts Damon - one Boras client (Greg Maddux) has ever accepted arbitration, so go ahead and offer, and it is no problem if accepts (unless your last name is Strieby)
  22. He started to come on at the end of last season, striking out 12 and coming within two outs of a no-hitter in an NCAA regional championship game against Oklahoma. Though he doesn't have a signature pitch, Smyly has been the Razorbacks' ace this spring. He mainly works with a fastball and a cutter/slider. He can add and subtract from his fastball, ranging from 86-93 mph, and works in the low to mid-80s with the cut/slider. He also mixes in a curveball and changeup. Smyly has exceptional feel for pitching, which allowed him to thrive even when a blister on his middle finger prevented him from gripping the seams on the ball for a couple of starts at midseason. ... In a draft bereft of lefthanders, Smyly shouldn't last past the top three rounds, though his extra leverage as a draft-eligible sophomore could scare off some clubs.
  23. If only the Dbacks had not released James Skleton. This could have been DD's chance to correct his 2nd biggest error when he let that OBP Machine Catcher get away.
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