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  1. Fox just paid a few million dollars so that Hannity and other would not be deposed for torturing Seth Rich's family with their nonsense
  2. I forgot how much I hated Marco Rubio, but then he reminded me.
  3. Emily did not want to get water boarded, I mean white boarded, by Katie Porter
  4. Ask Emily Murphy about this: SS preparing MAL for Trump's Jan arrival, finding agents to move to FLA and looking into what physical changes are required to keep old man from wandering off when sundowning
  5. per Trump Yellen is too short to be cabinet member
  6. while the GOP proudly engages in wide spread and obvious election fraud, we have 2 cases so far out of 160M votes of voter fraud (both are Trumpers)
  7. NYT was able to find out what a pro-rape blogger thinks about the election
  8. lots of low-level GOP "heroes" out there, who will try to burn the house down to save democracy
  9. what is clear is that the caller sees his neighbors, his fellow Americans, as his ENEMY; it is crazy; the country cannot survive this "A house divided against itself cannot stand."
  10. I would be terrified if any of these idiots was actually competent
  11. FG re non-tendereds; cannot disagree more; no way they don't offer Daniel a contract; Farmer could be let go, but that only saves a few bucks Detroit Tigers Non-Tender Candidates Likely Tough Call Unlikely Daniel Norris Michael Fulmer Matt Boyd Buck Farmer N/A N/A This is largely a result of the Tigers have beaucoup young pitching to add to the 40-man. I think Matthew Boyd would be a possibility in a vacuum but in this situation it’d be an admission of how badly the Tigers whiffed on trading him during his peak value.
  12. yeah, that is really odd
  13. a thousand times YES! The churn will continue for at least 2 years. Blake and Rose will get traded between today and the trade deadline. Probably Wright as well. Grant is interesting; the Nuggets tried to retain him at the same amount and they know what they are doing. If Wood blows up, Weaver will have to explain that call. Plumlee is obvious overpay; oh well. Hate (H.A.T.E.) the two stretch payments after Josh Smith nonsense; oh well.
  14. so they have 5 centers, none of who are Wood
  15. looked elite after freshman year, just good ever since; might be impactful as reliever, but just ok as starter
  16. Manning, Faedo, Wentz, and Lange added https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/tigers-matt-manning-alex-faedo-joey-wentz-40-man-rule-5.html
  17. Joe was so good for a few years, and then not good - at all
  18. is that where the blacks cheated? then yes
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