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  1. more Torklove https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/05/21/potential-detroit-tigers-pick-spencer-torkelson-packs-more-than-just-powerful-punch/5236418002/
  2. his make up is perfect, and he's not gonna fukk it up with some gay mask.
  3. I am not current with today's wacko theories: Is it that HC prevents you from getting C19? Or that you can treat C19 effectively with HC?
  4. it is scheduled to be completed Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - so if anything else is going on that day, Trump won't be able to attend.
  5. Kush could not guarantee we are having Nov 2020 elections, so maybe this thread is for naught?
  6. NY man votes in Florida, even though he has no Florida residence Lock Him Up
  7. any other job this guy would be escorted out the door
  8. Exactly; gee honey, Trump is a corrupt, racist, incompetent fool who may get us killed because of his aggressive ignorance, but I really do think his SALT deduction plan was brilliant. Who should we vote for? The only people who are "undecided" are liars.
  9. 125 tweets in 16 hours while Rome burns on Mother's Day; averaging 1 every 7.5 minutes; lunatic will still get 60M votes; impeach this nitwit
  10. it is like a developing country; we cannot even test and trace our 100 person legislature!
  11. MAGA wants you to know it is not a slur at all; he is just a fat <slur>.
  12. Trump will crush Biden among racists
  13. Lynn thinks Tigers are Team Tork, as well https://www.detroitnews.com/story/sports/mlb/tigers/2020/05/03/setbacks-could-extra-costly-detroit-tigers-likely-no-1-pick-spencer-torkelson/3074499001/
  14. Nick Madrigal? Madrigal had the lowest swinging strike rate in the minors last year at a miniscule 2.2% — only Luis Arraez (2.8%) came close to that in the big leagues. Short players have short swings and Madrigal is no exception. He pulled and lifted the ball more last season than he did the year before, but unless the big league baseball is particularly kind to about a dozen of Magic Man’s wall-scraping fly balls, he doesn’t project to hit for more than doubles power. That’s fine, though. Second base has the lowest league-wide wRC+ of all the non-catching positions right now and several punchless contact hitters have had good careers (Arraez was a 2 WAR player in 90 games, Joe Panik was a 50 FV, etc.), and most all of them are nowhere near the runner or defender that Madrigal is — he has some of the fastest hands I’ve seen around the bag, and he’s going to steal outs because of how quickly he turns feeds from Tim Anderson around to first base. He doesn’t have a high ceiling because of the lack of power but I consider Madrigal a low-variance, above-average regular at second.
  15. We know that Trump has raped at least one of his wives and he has been accused by over a dozen women of inappropriate or unwanted or illegal behavior or crimes. Biden has a lot of work to do to pull even by November
  16. more FG https://blogs.fangraphs.com/eric-longenhagen-draft-chat-4-24-20/ Eric A Longenhagen: ETA-wise, I think Tork comes really fast, like 2022 Eric A Longenhagen: Martin the year after Nick: Why is Tork considered a better prospect than Martin when Martin has a track record and will play a position (or multiple) that’s not 1B or DH? Is it based on Tork having a higher chance an impact player? It seems to me I’d rather take a chance on a guy who could be a 60-70 bat with average power at a premium position than a R-R 1B/DH-only type. 12:34 Eric A Longenhagen: There are people who think Martin’s early-season defensive performance squashed his chances of playing the left side of the infield, and it’s not like we had a nice long look at him in CF to be sure he’s good at it. That’s a reasonable knock. They’re 1, 1a for most people I spoke with so your argument is also pretty reasonable.
  17. great visual that shows we are almost certainly under counting C19 deaths
  18. this is not very PC of me, but men like Trump who wear make up are just weird.
  19. awesome, the press conferences that were a waste of his time, are back on, 2 hours after they were cancelled
  20. It is like Trump said: we are no better than Russia. Here come the Trump food lines!
  21. because "many people are saying" that you cannot catch it twice and that herd immunization from those who have recovered will protect others. Both of those, or neither of those, may be true, or may be false.
  22. A normal person would think THIS would sink Doofus, but I have thought that dozens of times in the last 4 years and been wrong every time.
  23. FG has Martin and Tork at 55; but martin is in CF. https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/the-board/2020-mlb-draft/summary?sort=-1,1&type=0
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