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  1. Nick qualified for free agency by less than a month. If DD and AA had been paying attention, they could have had Nick under control for 1 more year. Not a huge issue considering the dumpster fire of the last few years, but sub-optimal.
  2. If 4 teams have an outbreak, does that screw it up for everyone else? sort of an analogy for the rest of the country
  3. she's a great writer one problem for her is Reagan. There is a direct line from the Southern Strategy to Trump, which includes Reagan. She cannot allow that to be, because Reagan is so awesome! She actually parrots a little of what Biden says, that the GOP can be reformed back to the good old days. For her that means the myth of Reagan, and Reaganomics, and ending the cold war, and blah blah blah.
  4. could be a lottery or use record over last 162 games
  5. Just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s not true!
  6. Schrödinger's Cain: he did not die from Covid, also, Dems killed him with Covid
  7. is it safe to assume that Ari has not apologized to Biden yet, because he is still writing his apology to the American people?
  8. I just assumed that was the case until she could prove otherwise
  9. Yes, tech is an issue; you can easily/passively receive the message, but it requires more effort to investigate yourself The more basic issue is that people seek out and accept messages (in person, on TV, on phone, on computer, on radio) that conform to what they currently think or want to think is true. It is literally easier for the brain to process that info. To say it another way, lots (most?) people are just looking for infotainment, they are not looking to learn any real news.
  10. if you are a contender, sure go ahead and bring a guy up who can help you. the difference between Singer and Mize could be 2 years of control. if season is cancelled and Mize is bought up late April 2021, tigers control him through 2027. but if Singer in on Opening Day roster in 2021, the Royals control him thru 2025
  11. was reading some BS story last week about how the Cardinal Way would not allow younglings to make bad decisions with Rona Karma wins again
  12. completely reasonable might not happen until Jan/Feb 2021
  13. the wife and I were wondering how this would have gone down the GOP was preparing 4 years of non-stop investigations into President Clinton GOP would probably hold the 2019-2020 House on Earth 2.0 She surely would have been impeached for killing so many Americans Almost 1,000 dead on her watch!
  14. cannot say if Young and other GOPs who continue to say this believe this nonsense or not it is like a fairy tale that has been disproven over and over again, but they cannot stop
  15. It’s the Royals but 3 straight games, no walks from Tigers pitchers Dont know if that is Anderson, analytics, or random variance but a good sign
  16. This could be a game changer. Trump is going to sign new healthcare legislation on Sunday. Dems will be reeling about how to respond when Trump helps millions of uninsured Americans during a pandemic.
  17. Herman Cain truthers in 3, 2, 1 .... -Killary Clinton clearly not retired -Cain really died of [fill in the blank], not Covid -Fauci's fault for not giving him hydroxychloroquine -Not enough demon sperm -Too much demon sperm
  18. I know teams see the Tigers and think we can win that series, but the AL and NL Centrals are really bad this year
  19. just a totally normal dragging your right leg around walk
  20. if it triggers the libtards, that is all that matters
  21. Trump will nuke multiple US cities; Cotton will call it a necessary evil; Collins will be concerned; Mitch will propose cutting corporate taxes; Rubio will quote the bible; Cruz will call his wife very ugly; Graham will claim he's not gay; Fox will proclaim "This is the day Donald Trump became President."
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