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  1. I think Fangraphs or Baseball Prospectus had a good article a few years ago noting the strong correlation between number of picks and number of major league players produced. it sounds simple, but the conclusion was that teams, for the most part, hit and miss at the same rate with little variation at either end, so the teams with the most picks over a 10 year span were the most successful in producing players even a team that clearly does not know what it is doing can luck into some good players (Skubal) and more picks gives you more chances
  2. You do realize that Russell's success in no way depends on Perez's success, or lack thereof? The 2 are not connected in any way. Willi Castro will not be good because Alan Trammel was.
  3. Ok I'll bite. How could anyone come to the conclusion that Perez and Russell are equivalent? Because they play SS?
  4. If this was a multiple choice question, I would have never picked this answer in a million years
  5. exactly; they currently have 1, 39, 69, 74, 104 a smart front office would have a plan to maximize the huge draft pool $$$ they will get would love to see Al get more CBPs (I see the Brewers just traded their CBP to Seattle)
  6. they swapped the CB picks The teams are also trading competitive balance lottery picks. Detroit receives one between next year's first and second rounds from Miami, while the Marlins get one between rounds two and three from the Tigers. It's the first time baseball draft picks have been traded, which is allowable on a limited basis under the new collective bargaining agreement.
  7. Bill Barr, pupil of criminal POTUS, warns the blacks and browns that their communities might lose protection of cops if they keep disrespecting LEOs
  8. I was specifically told that having a white guy as president would mean the world would respect us again
  9. I would have liked them to hire someone with a fresh approach that could offer new ideas; Prince could be that guy. They also might have Rabelo lined up and don't want anyone significant in the way; Prince could be that guy.
  10. it won't happen but... what prospects do the Tigers need to get to take on $31M in salary for 2 guys who will likely give them little production for their 3 combined seasons? Turnbull for Smith, Gimenez, Familia and Lowrie?
  11. again, Chris does not want to take on this much money and Al is not smart enough to pull this off but the Mets, acting like a small market NBA team, want to move Lowrie and Familia's deals by attaching Dom Smith, who is blocked https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/12/mets-reportedly-looking-to-move-bad-contracts.html
  12. Peraza has 3 years of control left, so he could be more than a one year plugin
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