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  1. Trump confesses for the 23rd time, but GOP demands at least 35 confessions before they remove him
  2. Umm, Miggy's got a man-bun? I don't know what to say about that.
  3. any deal has to at least start with Connor Cook
  4. Where’s that idiot congressman today who likes to talk about snowballs? 71 in DC on Jan 11
  5. this is some of that "noise" that Pompeo was talking about
  6. My fantasy best case is Zimm throws 10 no-hitters to start the season and Al trades him for a top-5 prospect.
  7. I thought they were grooming him for Detroit
  8. Little Marco gets littler and littler by the day
  9. surprised that they did not push for a 20% paycut for Fulmer; Chris could have used the extra $560K
  10. Happy New Year to all. I hope everyone has a healthy and joyous 2020. I hope we can find some more common ground in 2020.
  11. Neither Lugo or Candy have options, so they will both get April/May to show something.
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