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  1. JFC. 60M are going to vote for this TV programmer for president.
  2. In addition to one or two Supreme Court nomination fights, the GOP is trying to float the "no DC statehood for the awful blacks" as possible issues to energize their base
  3. Mitch's explanation for disparate treatment will be, and i am paraphrasing here, sukk it losers.
  4. 3 more signings Langworthy (L) - Hot-and-cold corner outfielder and lefty reliever for Gators shows pro potential in fits and starts. (Fangraphs) Poteet, like Esquerra, is switch hitter King - Juco pitcher
  5. Oklahoma is the California of the the plain states?
  6. Trump prefers hearing from the wives of guys who weren't captured
  7. I still cannot believe anyone voted for this guy
  8. Donnie gets out his shinebox for Putin
  9. wait wait looks like Russia denied this happened. false alarm
  10. Warren may be too controversial considering Joe is just running out the clock to victory
  11. Pence tenses up when he lies (very tense today). trump lies naturally.
  12. Hannity's hand job crazy pants town hall was nuts! But this is off the charts loco
  13. I am sure that the 2A patriots will soon storm the Texas capital to object to this dumb broad's unconstitutional order
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