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  1. Baddoo and Tork walk; Stewart Ks; JaCoby 2 run 2b; Pirates cry uncle, as they are only playing 5 today.
  2. Lynn's got a paywalled top 10 up. Looks like there will be lots of good options at 3
  3. Rick passed so they signed Julio Teheran
  4. It is actually just a certificate on really nice paper, and suitable for framing.
  5. The Athletic had a round table where they said buyout, there just is no trade, maybe he settles for 70 cents on the dollar
  6. Grossman is probably not bursting with upside; but I know Pillar is not.
  7. someone mentioned Horford/Blake. Horford (~27, 27, 27) has an extra year and about 10M more in total due. Blake would go "home". Not sure why OKC would do that even if Weaver added an asset.
  8. never let a crisis go to waste; need to stick fossil fuels for another few decades While some early reports indicated that frozen wind turbines were causing significant shortfalls, 30GW is roughly equal to the entire state's wind capacity if every turbine is producing all the power it's rated for. Since wind in Texas generally tends to produce less during winter, there's no way that the grid operators would have planned for getting 30GW from wind generation; in fact, a chart at ERCOT indicates that wind is producing significantly more than forecast. https://arstechnica.com/science/2021/02/texas-power-grid-crumples-under-the-cold/
  9. I thought he had 2 left; Evan says 3
  10. I talked to a lot of people who think Doyle is a great guy and I found out that they all think he is a great guy
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