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  1. I think the moron will cancel the 2020 presidential election because of the massive amount of voter fraud by Dems, Marxists, libtards and POC.
  2. If you drive on an interstate highway, pay any taxes, or use electricity from a public utility - you are a Marxist.
  3. i am sure he is headed for a rebound next year at age 39
  4. apparently Kinsler's 2018 option is 5m or 12m, not 5m or 10m. Not sure if he hit incentives to make it jump 2m, or if everyone just had it wrong at 10m
  5. Mahtook might almost be as big a find as JD
  6. Nick hearing Candelaraio's footsteps hits another triple
  7. never hope for injuries, but timing is everything - the Cubs have lost Contreras, their hottest hitter, to a hamstring tear. Alex is now their starting catcher. if this happens a month earlier, what more could the Tigers have got for Wilson/Avila? Oh well until Brantley was injured, the Mets literally could not give Bruce (or Granderson) away for nothing. All they wanted was some salary relief and no one would bite.
  8. Patterson seems to have a pretty high floor even if he is not a starter. Wonder what it would take to get Tapia or even Dahl if the Rockies have soured on him. McMahon would require a significant return. He is moving towards top 50.
  9. Kinsler is being passed through waivers. Maybe the Brewers or Cardinals or Diamondbacks or Rays make a claim
  10. if a guy in the high minors did NOT need to make any adjustments, would he not be playing in the majors?
  11. MM gets tonight'*****
  12. I suspect AA is going to run into a very, very soft market for Nick. Not many teams need help at third (Angels? Mets?) assuming he is even playable there; otherwise he is a questionable bat-first player at 1b (where he has never played) or DH. Seriously, does Nick have any options left?
  13. i think that is fake news
  14. nice play by Deuce I'm not an insider but interesting headline here: Tigers traded away defensive problems The Tigers helped themselves the most defensively, offloading two of their worst fielders in J.D. Martinez and Alex Avila. http://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/20248323/deals-call-ups-impact-mlb-defensive-rankings
  15. Umps give the Tigers 2 free outs. Thanks!