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  1. whhhaaaaa? Well at least we know they are the party of fiscal responsibility, right?
  2. pro-life (and I will add that he is fully covered under socialist medical insurance)
  3. some real Herbert Hoover sh|t right here
  4. Tomorrow Trump will discuss how steroids can kill the germ or the virus whatever it is called
  5. I think MLB sees the current minor league system as inefficient and they are looking to cut expenses. seems like a valid argument can be made that technology, physical training, coaching, nutrition and facilities resources are better spent concentrated on fewer players who actually have a reasonable shot at the Majors. having the NCAA assist MLB (basically for free) in filtering out the duds makes business sense
  6. also good FG article here touching on macro and micro issues looks like MLB is using smaller draft to further justify MiLB contraction. also: An agent I spoke with yesterday thinks MLB will continue to operate in ways that funnel talent toward NCAA baseball. It’s a free source of player development and provides more reliable data to teams, which they can lean on as a means of evaluation, which, in turn, also allows them to shrink scouting departments to further cut costs. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/in-the-time-of-covid-19-sweeping-changes-are-made-to-the-amateur-draft/
  7. here is the actual playbook Trump was too stupid to follow
  8. during the zombie Apocalypse, if the guy next to you is wearing an Aaron Rodgers jersey, you don't throw him over the ramparts to his death (at least not until the zombies are destroyed)
  9. amazing; Dyson took 10 days to design a ventilator; making 15K https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/26/tech/dyson-ventilators-coronavirus/index.html
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