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  1. 3 starts and 3 good games for Wentz at Erie
  2. That side grab where he feels the b00b a bit Trump calls it “The Ivanka”
  3. remember, Janet Yellen was too short to be Fed chair under this non-sexist, non-racist db
  4. King has cornered the incest vote, but has to share the rape vote with others in the GOP
  5. Mostly out of necessity as Lugo Castro and Ronnie are in Detroit
  6. Goodrum, Dixon and Castro are not starters on a good team, let alone a playoff team. So their value is tied to playing multiple spots competently off the bench. Candelario is one guy they have not moved around and he has struggled. Stewart has not moved around and he has been blah. The Dodgers constantly move guys around, including an MVP candidate, and they seem to be fine.
  7. Demeritte would have had 4 BBs if the robot umps showed up
  8. Gibby was just starting to discuss mistakes Tigers have made with minor leaguers when then went to commercial would have liked to hear where that was going
  9. The Upside of Anger is a great movie until the awful, awful, awful ending.
  10. that guy who ran cocaine all over Michigan and then got the TV show about fixing things, as well
  11. baseball wife wants you to know it is OK to be white and white nationalism is not bad/or does not exist/or something something https://deadspin.com/lucas-giolitos-wife-calls-out-anthony-swarzaks-wife-for-1837068317
  12. i think they are mindful of his past injuries he is at 109 innings; probably gets 3 more starts before they shut him down
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