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  1. “No difference between Democrats and Republicans.” remember that when the anti choice wackos outlaw all abortion across the South
  2. 3 SC justices! nothing can stop Mitch - nothing
  3. should Boyd or JZ start Game 1? They need a steady veteran for the young players to rely on.
  4. if they use combined record over last 162 games, Tigers pick #1 again
  5. Rudy is winning this race will Bill Barr: Who will be disbarred first?
  6. Singer was atop the 2018 draft board before the NCAA season started. He scuffled a bit, fell to #18, while Mize dominated. Singer looks to be a bit ahead right now.
  7. I cannot even allow myself to think this may happen. (PLEASE GOD PLEASE HAVE MISS LINDSEY LOSE)
  8. a wacko, who we are paying to further screw up the federal government's screwed up response to the biggest public health crisis in our history - perfect 2020 story
  9. that might be it for Schoop in Detroit? could see him coming back, but Willi and ESock are cheaper, longer term fits
  10. another option would be to not elect criminal morons as presidents
  11. is Nick dumb enough to opt out this winter, passing on 3/48M guarantee?
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