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  1. It's only 11 games, but the numbers are shockingly good
  2. Since 6/1/2018, Jake Rogers is batting 259/359/530/890 at Erie.
  3. Repeating this, but if they bring Mize up in late April 2020, they have his rights thru 2026. If they cannot contend in that window, just contract the team
  4. Dan Vogelbach homered last night, so the Tigers again trail him alone in HR count: Vogelbach 6 (30 ABs) Tigers 5 (423 ABs)
  5. ugh. he is way over 50% ground balls the last 2 years; needs to find some way to find some power
  6. Peterson with another nail in Mahtook's coffin
  7. I am continually amazed that both Farmer and VerHagen both have some ML value
  8. Why is Al-can-tar-a pronounced All-con-tra? Should it not be All-con-tar-uh?
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