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  1. Thank god. Now Mize and Perez can both get healthy by 2022.
  2. who makes the call to add two pitchers 32 and 36 years old to this team? moronic
  3. if only Paul had a platform where he might be able to share information that he knows with others...
  4. This needs to be the starting point so make me an offer I cannot refuse when trading a cheap healthy starter with 3.5 years on control left
  5. There will be no comp pick as they will not give him a QO which he would instantly accept
  6. Morosi claims that the Tigers are willing to trade their vets? Shocking! https://www.mlb.com/news/tigers-open-to-selling-veterans-at-deadline
  7. Relatedly the world would probably end if he hit.300 I will nominate Lloyd for the Walt Hriniak hitting coach of the year award if JJ hits .300
  8. They made Victor work for 18m last year so I assume they will do the same with JZ and his 25m salary next year
  9. Nick, who does not want to be on this team, shows why he belongs on this team.
  10. Like Kelly Leak, JJ needs to cover a lot of ground in LF and RF. I wonder if that is screwing up his jumps?
  11. There is a 1% chance that he gets 50M+; there is 0% chance the Tigers offer him arbitration.
  12. I doubt at this point Avila can get anything for Nick by July 31. Should have taken whatever was offered by Houston last year.
  13. Stupid Dodgers have ruined Cody Bellinger's career by doing the same thing.
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