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  1. Amen! WTF is Brad thinking? Personally, I thought last year was they year the Tigers would finally win the WS. I am definitely interested to see what the organization does this offseason. This studs and duds approach is not working. I'd rather they blow it up and build again instead of trying to play for one more season of a disappointing playoff team.
  2. The fact that the Tigers looked absolutely outmatched by the ghost of Chris Young is freaking scaring me. I'm starting to wonder whether the Tigers have a run in them over the last month to take the division. They've looked absolutely gassed over the past 3 weeks. Also, why in dog's green Earth Carrera is on a major league roster is beyond me.
  3. 1st and 3rd one our fot V Mart and they can't score a run. That's pathetic! Tired of high paid athletes to not delivering in the clutch. This team is reeling and they only score two runs against a scrub of starter. Mr. I should just die so this crappy *** team can be dissembled into something that can approach a team that can win in the postseason.
  4. I was going to post something snarky about the bullpen. But what could I possibly say that hasn't already been said before in this forum? Having a really hard time watching this team since the AS break. Hopefully they can turn it around soon.
  5. Cannot believe Nathan is out there to close this game. Unbelievable!
  6. When Chris Capuano mows your team down you know things have gone terribly wrong. Seriously, Capuano couldn't make the f'ing Rockies rotation after being picked up by them. Let's hope the Tigers and save a split tomorrow. Oh, and let's hope their line up produces more than 1 run.
  7. Verlander is beyond bad right now. I would like to think he'll turn it around. But I highly doubt it. Looks like KC is going to put Detroit in their rearview after this series.
  8. Apparently, Nathan is not nearly as good as I thought he'd be thus far for the Tigers. He looks absolutely done and the Tigers have him under a two year contract. Four blow saves in a young season is some Valverde ****! Joba looks a hell of a lot better then Nathan that's for sure.
  9. Erik Karlsson from Ottawa for Gus and Mrazek. Pipedream I know....
  10. Brunner is no Brunstrom. Tic Tac Toe and it's Fils making it 4-1!
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