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  1. I don't think it's silly at all. At 82, it's quite clear that Illitch is not as sharp as he was just a few years ago. And I think the slow speech, odd mannerisms and blank stares put on display at the Fielder signing and the Lidstrom retirement announcement are presentation enough.
  2. I think that looks pretty terrible. I understand it's an upgrade and I shouldn't complain, but that looks bad. Everything looks squeezed in (granted the proportion of these DetroitYES pics have been a bit odd) and there is little organization to the information being displayed. I also don't like how they've managed to plaster on a couple more ads on a board that's already going to be surrounded with them. Not impressed, but at least it's better than the bulb board. Could've been much more. (See: Boston, KC, New York upgrades)
  3. It looks like the latest image from DetroitYES gets very close to confirming the suspicions of some that the entire board will not be comprised of video. Looks like by the way they're constructing the screen that we'll still have old-fashioned scroll signage lining the video board, unless they start adding video panels to the left and right:
  4. Got in for home game 3, getting "please try again, high volume" errors. Grand.
  5. Magglio "owned" his quadrant of Comerica Park's field more than any player I can remember in this mostly terrible decade of baseball in Detroit. Regularly, especially after 2006, he would get cheers, standing ovations and signs out in RF when taking the field for games or after he had a big inning offensively. You could often find him in the RF corner where the baseline juts out signing and taking pictures after BP or before games. Plus, who can forget the hair and the natural progression into souvenir hats with Magglio hair sewn into them? If they do DFA him today, he'll go down for me as one of the most memorable Tiger players on the field for some time.
  6. The Twins have only played 24 games at home and 40 on the road. They are in the middle of a 10-game homestand now, have one 12-game homestand in July and one 11-game homestand in August. They, by far, have the best schedule down the stretch. They scare me too.
  7. MattP

    Rod Allen

    Weak argument. Rod may not be the Aristotle of baseball (especially when it comes to announcing it) but I don't doubt for a second that a seemingly social and outgoing person as himself has a lot of connections in the game and goes a long way back with a lot of the regulars. He has had field access to every single game for a decade now, and anyone reading this thread can tell you how much he loves "talking to [insert name] at BP [every] morning"
  8. People always try to describe this experience, and I think this is the best one I've ever found. Well done. The outside of Tiger Stadium on a hot summer day was unforgiving. The pavement and building both reflected the sun like a mirror, and the slow lines were miserable. Once in, things were cooler, but still cramped, slow, humid and smelly. The thing about TS is that you couldn't really even catch a glimpse of the field until you were on one of those catwalks and headed for your seat. Emerging from the upper deck was even more glorious. All of the seats around and below you and the field seemed almost a radioactive green.
  9. Right. As for the game you're interested in, no need to purchase from the aftermarket. Plenty of tickets available: Detroit Tigers Ticketing hehe Also, great username.
  10. I can't tell you how many times Fithian has had more than one thought going on at once and doesn't end up finishing any of them. Probably not too many times, actually, because I can't tolerate trying to keep up with the blather.
  11. That's why I prefaced my (arguably) bold statement about Valenti and Foster with a warning. They're bad, but no where near as bad as Caputo and Fithian, who just shouldn't be on the radio at all.
  12. Caputo and Fithian are both awful. They both just ramble on and on and on. I hate to say it, but Valenti and Foster are on a completely different level. If they're not your cup of tea, Karsch and Anderson are also much better.
  13. Many people don't want to use the time and resources it takes to purchase a season ticket package, post each of the tickets on stubhub, manage each one of the sales, etc. Not only is it risky (you said yourself you were surprised your investment broke even) but it's time consuming versus just shelling out the extra ~$75 per ticket for Opening Day and not having to sell a bunch of games you have no plans to attend.
  14. Opening Day is sold out. No longer available for sale through the web.
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