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  1. Get Andre back in. We are not going to comeback at this point without a run that starts now.
  2. It's really hard to believe our offense could be this bad. It would help if we could get a stop and get out and run.
  3. This is almost unwatchable. Stopping running the offense thru Blake. Him going one and one does not work. 90% of the time it fails. It usually leads to bad shots and turnovers.
  4. Just play Blake at center with 4 wings. Maybe we can at least get some open threes.
  5. The Pistons are going to have to outscore teams. If they can find a groove on offense, the defense might pick up a little bit.
  6. Andre with 4. Not good. Starters once again losing ground. And the Pistons defense is getting shredded. Same old, same old. Get Galloway and Kennard in there to give us a chance.
  7. Exactly. I said the same thing after the Brooklyn game and people said I was overreacting to one game. It is not just one game. This has been a common theme during our winning streak. The starters always get us off to slow starts and the defense has been atrocious at times the last month.
  8. The loss is not the issue. The slow starts are an issue. Also, if there is a stat on how many uncontested threes teams allow, I would think the Pistons are among the worst.
  9. It's time to change up the starting lineup to try to avoid these horrible first halfs. You're not sitting Blake or Drummond and I don't see who is going to replace Ellington that is going to make a difference. So it is Brown or Reggie, or both.
  10. Disappointed with Kennard the last two games. I realize I like him more than most and may prove to be wrong but he has been very passive out there and has passed up several open looks from three. And some of the shots he does take feel forced. He has to have the mindset that he is going to shoot unless the other team is going to play tight on him.
  11. I think there is something to what you are saying. We have very weak athletes in the backcourt. But that doesn't explain why Griffin would be careless and have 4 turnovers.
  12. I second this. Not necessarily holding him more accountable but he looks especially bad IMO.
  13. As a player, you would think you would take this personal and not let it snowball so quick. Nets are scoring at will. As bad as the offense is, the defense is the most frustrating.
  14. Embarrassing. It will be a miracle if we can pull another comeback off.
  15. Exactly...it's going to bite us at some point. It's just careless basketball. Passes at peoples feet. Passes off somebody's back. Passes that get deflected. And we don't have the defense to make up for it.
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