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  1. Good point. Seems like a real possibility. I doubt he can get 28 million annually on the open market so he might as well opt in and then sign his long term deal the following year. The injury risk is low given his age and history. I don't see it as much of a detriment to the Pistons unless he is just a cancer for chemistry or a bad influence on the younger guys. We shouldn't be looking at making a big splash this offseason anyways. The Pistons would probably go out and grossly overpay someone if they had the cap space available. Make a good draft pick and see if you can find another bargain like Rose in free agency. Build around Sekou, Wood, Kennard, and Mykhailluk and 2020 first rounder. Then, once those guys develop a little more, you have Drummond and Griffin's contracts coming off the books in back to back years. That's when we strike...deciding how to allocate the massive amount of cap space we would be set to acquire over the next two offseason.
  2. Maybe if somebody would stop leaking it every time a team is interested in Drummond, a deal could get a done. I swear this happens every year.
  3. Some team's going to care 15-20 millions dollars worth come July.
  4. Yep...this draft pick becomes even more important if Sekou continues this trajectory and fulfills our hope for him. This is going to be our chance to get a guy to pair with him from the draft. If Sekou was just another Austin Daye, I wouldn't feel so bad about blowing another draft pick because what's another 10 years in NBA purgatory? But it does not appear that is going to be the case.
  5. He's at least keeping me watching this year. I'm intrigued to see what he becomes.
  6. I don't want him back but I do agree with this...at least as far as Piston fans go. He is one of the greatest rebounders in the history of the NBA. There's value in that. You put him on the right team with the right leadership and he would probably be adored by a different fanbase.
  7. Some team has to trade for Derrick Rose. He has too much talent and value to waste away on this team.
  8. I would check with Dallas now that Porzingis' is having knee issues again. Looks like they still own their first round pick. And as good as Doncic is, I think they have legit aspirations of a Western Conference title.
  9. Even if it's a bad draft, do you have a choice? Dre is a free agent. Galloway is a free agent. Rose could be traded next year but who knows what kind of season he will be having next year. I would think his value is peak right now because he is playing great, he is cheap, and you get him for two playoff runs instead of one. Build up the picks and hope you hit on at least 1 or 2 of them.
  10. If there are any point guard starved playoff teams out there, I got to think Rose warrants a first round pick. Great closer, which is what you need in the playoffs.
  11. Griffin helps us tank so I don't mind him playing. I don't even mind the contract at this point. He's got 2 years left after this year and we are so far away from contending that his contract isn't even a hinderance at this point. I agree with you on Sekou. I wasn't sure if I would like him better at small forward or power forward but after watching a little bit of him play, I think I am going to like him better at small forward. He and Christian Wood are the only reasons to bother tuning in right now.
  12. Decided to watch a little bit of this game to catch Sekou. The Lakers look a little disinterested. Must be rough when the outcome for half your games has already been decided.
  13. I don't like when leaks like this happen and then nothing gets done. I think it lessens the chances a trade happens between these two teams as time goes by.
  14. It is a little weird that the Hawks would make this trade when they are in last place. They are currently 8 games out of the last playoff spot.
  15. I hope the Pistons don't get too greedy. Try to get two first round picks but take one if necessary. Is there anything we can throw in to make it easier for the Hawks to part with 2 first round picks?
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