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  1. His swing and balance remind me of Carlos Guillen. Maybe it is a fluke but it sure is fun right now, even if there isn't much power with it.
  2. I think Shep's biggest problem is that he tries to hard to cater to people who know the sport better around him. He's constantly asking questions, almost like he is feeding the ego of his sidekicks and avoiding stepping on anybody's toes. Shep is the one who went to school to be a broadcaster...be a broadcaster and don't worry that you don't know the sport that well yet. He's been horrible but I think he would grow into the position fine in time if he just called the games rather than constantly trying to play off his partners. Monroe is horrible...easily the worst of the three IMO. I would prefer Morris to Gibson but that is just personal preference. Neither gets me excited to watch a broadcast.
  3. He's right. I think you need a premium prospect and then another very good prospect in return. I would prefer to just keep him and sign him long term but you always have to listen.
  4. If the Pistons knew what they were doing, they would trade Drummond and Griffin in the next two weeks. Big names are going off the board quickly and teams are adjusting on the fly to get their rosters ready to roll for next year.
  5. Would it be worthwhile for the Tigers to cut him and pay him 30 million to produce for another team? I think that is the question here. There may be an argument for that if he is a liability in the clubhouse. It would suck watching him hit historical milestones for another team but ultimately I want the Tigers to do what is best to get this thing turned around quickest.
  6. Sirvydis looks likes a very nice prospect I never heard before tonight. Time to trade Drummond and Griffin now. We should have tanked a long time ago but it is not too late. Perfect opportunity to tank now while developing young guys that we drafted this year and last year. And then add another high lottery pick next year. We got lucky with Sekou. Keep this thing moving forward and trade Griffin and Drummond.
  7. The Pistons were not messing around either entertaining trade offers. That got that pick in fast...a lot faster than the teams picking around them.
  8. So we got the 8th overall ranked player by ESPN. Not bad at all.
  9. Wow...this draft just got a lot more fun than I expected.
  10. The first foul ball that put him down 0-1 looked like a good cut and then fouling off that ball in the dirt was old Miggy. Showing some better bat speed and control so far tonight.
  11. Doesn't Tampa Bay do something where some of their starters only throw a few innings? The Tigers need to get innovative and do something like this next year. For example, have Mize throw 3 or 4 innings and then Faedo throw 3 or 4 innings. It appears we are going to be in a unique situation with a good amount of depth...knock on wood. Take advantage of it and do something different than the norm.
  12. What are the expectations for Miggy's OPS going forward and at what point do you cut bait with him because he is more a detriment to the team than plus? There is risk in cutting him and then watching him have a resurgence with another team but that seems less and less likely to happen. As much as I would like to see him get to 500 career home runs and 3000 hits as a Tiger, I don't want keep him around for those reasons if we are better off without him.
  13. I have admittedly done a 180 on Conley. Previously, I did not want any part of that contract but he was so good this year and does not appear to be slowing down with age. I don't think Conley and Griffin really makes the Pistons a true championship contender but given the state of the franchise, I would say go for it and tank in two years when it doesn't work out. However, I would probably prefer to give one first round pick and Kennard. We have a glut of shooting guards with Kennard, Brown, and Thomas. I would kind of like to see the Pistons commit to Thomas next year and see what happens. Brown can be the backup plan. There are not enough minutes for all three of them.
  14. I think OKC would be game for a Drummond for Steven Adams trade. Not sure this makes sense for the Pistons though. Worth a try maybe if nothing else works out. I don't really want to see anything close to the same team take the court for the Pistons next season.
  15. Maybe the Pistons should go back and review the calls from the 2005 Game 7 loss to the Spurs. Or some of those Eastern Conference Finals losses to Lebron. Or the '87 and '88 game seven losses in the Conference and NBA finals. This is just annoying and no matter how much they get screwed, the fact they have made this the main story ensures that I will be rooting against them the rest of the playoffs.
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