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  1. As good as season as Giolito is having, you don't see pitchers that hot just fall apart like that very often.
  2. I'd settle just for moving Cabrera down in the order but unfortunately, with the injuries, we don't even have an option like Jacoby to replace him with right now. Not like it would ever happen anyways. It sucks he is not closer to 500 home runs. When your DH is a .700 OPS guy, it puts that much more pressure on the other hitters.
  3. Splitting with the Cardinals and the Brewers at this point would be quite something.
  4. Give Alcantara some credit for taking some pitches to start this inning. Most Tiger hitters swing at the pitches out of the zone and strike out and in that at bat.
  5. The good weeks aren't really that good though. Cardinals walking Miggy intentionally. Terrible move. I dread Miguel coming up in the middle of our best hitters. And the Cardinals bail us out.
  6. I thought they should have used Funkhouser one more inning. I know it was rough but he did finish the 6th on a high note. And he was throwing upper 90s. If you are saving your best options, then try and steal a second inning out of him while you can.
  7. Knowing the Tigers though, they will probably be stubborn and continue to try and get away with him at shortstop.
  8. I think Castro would have a decent shot of turning himself into a decent corner outfielder if they went that route. This is not a Castellanos situation where a guy just doesn't have that much athleticism. To even play shortstop like he is, you have to be a decent athlete. Jacoby was successful doing it; I think Castro could be as well. I'd prefer they go that route over second base.
  9. I think he would have been better off admitting his mistaking rather than continuing on like nothing ever happened.
  10. Not sure why Houser gave Stewart something that wasn't in the dirt up 1-2 in the count. He swings at almost everything.
  11. Can we please move Miggy down in the order so he doesn't screw things up for our hottest hitters?
  12. This sounds right to me. We will lose more on defense than offense because it seems like one of Paredes and Castro were sitting anyways. Now, they really need to both be out there.
  13. We could actually field a pretty decent lineup with the way Castro and Reyes have been hitting...if Romine plays. We are probably stuck with one of Goodrum, Stewart, and Bonifacio each night, plus Cabrera (whatever you consider him). But you put Castro and Paredes in this lineup together and you have what looks to be a pretty nice lineup right now.
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