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  1. I don't think we know that Christian Wood is just a nice complimentary piece yet. He did not start getting heavy minutes until February and that is when he broke out. The sample size is very small but I don't think it would be at all surprising if he became more than a complimentary player.
  2. Actually, his formula rates him being worth 3.5 million but does admit this seems low and speculates he could get 5 million. So it is really more like a 4-5 million overpay. I wonder if we could have done this deal as two years instead of three given the annual salary.
  3. I guess you can always find ways to justify a contract based on value. The problem with this from what I am reading is 8 million per year is very excessive for Plumlee. I know we are rebuilding and it isn't going to matter much in the long run but it never makes sense to spend recklessly either.
  4. So far, I haven't seen anybody say anything positive about the Plumlee deal.
  5. I couldn't tell you if either contract is decent value. But it is pretty weird that we would sign two centers.
  6. Hoops hype saying only $1 million guarenteed in 2021-22 so basically another expiring deal.
  7. Patrick Williams off the board. Guess that is not surprising given we are in the second tier now and he is the fastest rising prospect of late.
  8. As far as the 16th pick goes, I am a big fan of Achiuwa. That's the first name that comes to mind in that range.
  9. Agreed. I love getting another first round pick this year but that first round pick better be 2022 or later and as you say heavily protected.
  10. I actually like being at #7. I would disappointed with Ball, Edwards, or Wiseman if we got a top 3 pick. Not the year you want to be in the top 3. I have heard analysts say they really like the players projected for the second half of the lottery this year and I can get excited about a number of guys. Any of Williams, Haliburton, Okoro, Okongwu, or Vassell sound good to me. Maybe Haliburton is my favorite.
  11. That's what I was thinking. This must be the least amount of board activity leading up to a draft in history.
  12. Fun Facts: JT Realmuto and AJ Hinch are both from Midwest City, Oklahoma. They are both catchers. They are also both 6 feet, 1inch tall. It’s destiny.
  13. I know many fans, including myself, question Castro's future at shortstop. But I am also quite certain the Tigers are committed to playing him there next year. So while we can debate where he should be, we also have to always assert that he is very likely our opening day shortstop for at least one more season. I would not mind Schoop back at second. But another under the radar option at second base I would love to see the Tigers sign is Tommy La Stella. I know he will be 32 years old next year but I don't see the skills declining much the next few years. He will be a really solid free agent pick up for some team.
  14. Hire Ron Washington to work his magic with Castro like he did Marcus Semien. I have always been a Didi Gregorius fan and would like the Tigers to at least kick the tires on him. See what it takes to sign him long term. But I don't think it is a bad move to ride it out with Castro there either.
  15. As good as season as Giolito is having, you don't see pitchers that hot just fall apart like that very often.
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