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  1. I give you guys credit for watching this team. I just can't do it anymore. Only checking in on this board because I saw somebody comment about the Pistons on another board. I'll still check the score during the game but I can't deal with the anything more than that. Still waiting for the franchise to bottom out.
  2. And that was not an easy layup with the off hand.
  3. Brown may his hustle on defense but even besides the Atlanta game, I do not see him making a big impact with his defense...definitely not enough to justify starting him when you get no offense from him. If he was Lindsey Hunter on defense, than maybe. Frazier probably sucks too but I am very happy to see him get the start tonight.
  4. Remember when the Celtics were building this dynasty because of the Nets trade. Sure seems like a thing of the past now. They are good but I have a hard time seeing them as a true championship contender this year.
  5. This reminded me I am sick of the current uniforms the Pistons wore tonight. Time for a change. For one thing, the Grant Hill era Teal Horse jersey should be brought back for 5-10 games a year. I also think it is time to bring back the wider trim around the collar and sleeves.
  6. Postgame commentary is all about Andre Drummond. We have seen this before. The problem is inevitably, things will go sour. I do think Andre is a very good player and can be a key cog on a championship team. But he needs two other stars around him that run the team and are the leaders so Andre can just be the third star and do his thing on the court. I don't think that situation will ever happen for him with the Pistons.
  7. If Reggie nets us anything for the future on an expiring contract, that is a plus. But I don't look at him as a burden anymore either if he is playing less minutes and on the bench in crunch time. Could have a nice season and actually be a positive instead of a negative if his role is reduced.
  8. Yep. Made me a little more excited for this season. I still question whether Kennard will have confidence issues if that shot is not falling (he seemed to quit shooting at times in the past) but really hoping Rose can bring out the best in him.
  9. Pistons with a bad mistake giving it to Andre Drummond with under 2 minutes to play.
  10. Rose is obviously a fraction of the athlete he used to be but he had a nice year for Minnesota last year and we are seeing tonight he is still a very effective player. Finds a way to get into the lane and draw the defense and can finish with either hand. Just a great feel for basketball.
  11. There it is. Rose to Snell. I am loving Rose right now.
  12. That last one was a great setup by Rose too. We really need some shooters at the forward positions.
  13. If Drummond gets off to a hot start this year, trade him.
  14. It's going to be nice having Rose for the 4th quarter this year.
  15. Rose and Kennard would make a better starting backcourt than Jackson and Brown. I don't get the infatuation Casey seems to have with Brown.
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