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  1. For the league minimum, somebody would pick him up and give him a chance if the Tigers waived him.
  2. I think that is part of the issue. We saw JD Martinez go crazy in Arizona, we say Verlander get hot in Houston, now Castellanos is lighting it up for Chicago...sometimes it takes the focus of meaningful games to up your level of play. I think this part of Boyd's issue right now as well. I can't stomach the thought of paying Miggy 30 million a year to become a good hitter again on another team. I also think the Tigers would be better off without him. Miggy doesn't strike me as the veteran you love to have around to teach the younger guys how to be pros and he seems like more of a distraction than an asset to me.
  3. If it is going to be 4 years of this, then I would prefer to cut bait at some point and waive him. I would not do it after this season. You have to be as positively sure as you can be that he is not going to rejuvenate his career before you go pay him to play for another team. The fact he is able to keep his average at a respectable level is worth holding out some hope IMO that the power could return at some point. If you want to wait till he gets 3000 hits and/or 500 home runs before cutting him, I get that. But I definitely think it could be in the cards at some point.
  4. I can't imagine any baseball position player needing off day games after night games. This isn't football, hockey, or basketball. The grind of a long season is the hard part of baseball. So if you want to give a player a day off every once once in a while, I get it. But I don't think what the Tigers are doing with Miggy is providing him any benefit.
  5. It looks to me like the ceiling for Castro has got a lot higher this year (which is an oxy moron IMO but I know how much the sports world likes to take about ceilings and floors). You can see why he was having such a nice season at AAA...he is quiet at the plate, not flinching at bad pitches, and showed legitimate power launching that ball off the right centerfield wall. That ball was absolutely smoked. It it is still too soon to tell but that Shane Greene trade is looking a lot better than what the media was portraying it a month ago. Demeritte and Wentz are both off to nice starts. Now that I have seen him, I am a little surprised the Braves were willing to trade Demerritte for a closer with a spotty past like Greene given he was having such a nice season in AAA.
  6. Castro finally gets rewarded...I've liked all three of his at bats.
  7. I don't get why the media (and many fans) can't let this go. Teams don't trade young guys under control who have already performed at a high level in the major leagues. It just doesn't make sense for the buyer or the seller.
  8. Baez was a very highly thought of prospect whose shine wore off a bit after a slow start to his career. I am assuming that is when the Cubs offered him up. Why would the Tigers trade a young All-Star under control for a former, underachieving, prospect? Obviously worked out well for the Cubs but I doubt any General Manager would have made that trade.
  9. His swing and balance remind me of Carlos Guillen. Maybe it is a fluke but it sure is fun right now, even if there isn't much power with it.
  10. I think Shep's biggest problem is that he tries to hard to cater to people who know the sport better around him. He's constantly asking questions, almost like he is feeding the ego of his sidekicks and avoiding stepping on anybody's toes. Shep is the one who went to school to be a broadcaster...be a broadcaster and don't worry that you don't know the sport that well yet. He's been horrible but I think he would grow into the position fine in time if he just called the games rather than constantly trying to play off his partners. Monroe is horrible...easily the worst of the three IMO. I would prefer Morris to Gibson but that is just personal preference. Neither gets me excited to watch a broadcast.
  11. He's right. I think you need a premium prospect and then another very good prospect in return. I would prefer to just keep him and sign him long term but you always have to listen.
  12. If the Pistons knew what they were doing, they would trade Drummond and Griffin in the next two weeks. Big names are going off the board quickly and teams are adjusting on the fly to get their rosters ready to roll for next year.
  13. Would it be worthwhile for the Tigers to cut him and pay him 30 million to produce for another team? I think that is the question here. There may be an argument for that if he is a liability in the clubhouse. It would suck watching him hit historical milestones for another team but ultimately I want the Tigers to do what is best to get this thing turned around quickest.
  14. Sirvydis looks likes a very nice prospect I never heard before tonight. Time to trade Drummond and Griffin now. We should have tanked a long time ago but it is not too late. Perfect opportunity to tank now while developing young guys that we drafted this year and last year. And then add another high lottery pick next year. We got lucky with Sekou. Keep this thing moving forward and trade Griffin and Drummond.
  15. The Pistons were not messing around either entertaining trade offers. That got that pick in fast...a lot faster than the teams picking around them.
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