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  1. I agree. I just think with all our other needs, I would prefer to just stick it out with Kerryon one more year. He probably will fail and get injured again but we spent a second round pick on him two years ago so given we need basically everything, maybe it’s best not to draft a running back.
  2. Do you need two guys who are the same though? Seems like we need more of a speed rusher than another guy who can control the edge.
  3. So from a fans perspective, great pick. From Quinn’s perspective, maybe not enough to save his job but I want Quinn and Patricia gone so the ideal scenario is the Lions nail this draft but the then suck for one more year.
  4. I really don’t want a running back but it is hard for me to say I would not be happy with Swift, Dobbins, or Taylor. I like all three.
  5. At this point, it matters just to get building blocks for the next regime. Which is also why Slay for Okudah is really not a wash. One guy will be a stud in two years and the other will be declining quickly.
  6. Hart

    2020 NBA Draft

    I'll also say I think Haliburton is a fairly safe pick for some team. His shot may not look pretty but it works for him. I know people are comparing him to Lonzo Ball and I think that is a fair comparison. Ball appears to be turning into a good starter and I think Haliburton will as well.
  7. Hart

    2020 NBA Draft

    To your point on Edwards, with nobody else standing out, I think if you have the first pick, he is the only logical choice. At least as of right now. He seems like the one guy available who you can see has franchise player potential. Maybe the chances of reaching it aren't that great but it's at least evident it is there.
  8. Hart

    2020 NBA Draft

    I hadn't heard of Hayes until recently. I am intrigued by him from what I watched on the internet and read about him. Ball's passing skills are fun but I just really think the other stuff is going to hold him back from really being an impact player.
  9. I think it is almost a crapshoot. I would be ecstatic with either one. But the one thing that should not be a consideration at all is what leftover value is provided if the guy doesn't pan out at the plate.
  10. Curious to what people's thoughts are about the guys projected to go in the top 10. Not a whole lot there that excites me. Feels like a weaker draft at the top to me...at least at this point.
  11. I just assume the Pistons and Red Wings are going to get screwed by the lottery so it is hard for me to get that excited about it.
  12. Derrick Rose is probably a good indicator of how the Pistons feel about their rebuild. They really have no choice but to keep Griffin. But they could have traded Rose at the deadline or they could trade him this summer. If they hold him till the start of next season, I think it is a pretty good bet that they plan on competing for the playoffs next year.
  13. It's funny because I remember one of the scouting reports on Scherzer as a prospect was that he had a high effort delivery that could lead to arm problems down the road. Now, even if he fell apart in 2020, you could say he held up amazingly well over a 10 year period. The Nationals got a bit lucky with him in his age 30-34 seasons and I think it helps he went to the National League at just the right time.
  14. I agree but it does get a bit tricky when you start talking about service time. If he tears thru the minors this year, do you call him up in September? If you call him up in September and he performs well, it becomes harder to keep him off the major league roster to start next season. Especially since would you have to hold him out longer to keep him from accruing a full year of service time by the end of 2021.
  15. I watched his home run on Tigers twitter and he is definitely not the skinny prospect I remember him being in the past. I have not followed him that close so I have no idea when this happened but he definitely muscled up at some point.
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