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  1. Just saw on Twitter @AdamSchefter: Lions announced they signed RBs Mike Bell and Jerome Harrison. He also noted that these two were traded for each other last year from the Eagles/Browns. Hope this adds depth and somebody surprises us!
  2. I know Portis and Tiki Barber are available... This sucks so bad!
  3. MK

    Stafford Injury

    I know when I broke my collar bone I couldn't lift my arm and it was put in a sling because u can't put a cast on it.
  4. smith is a former second round pick in 09 out of wake forest, don't know If he was a bust out in Denver or a change of system because it seems we got him for nothing saw the news on Adam Schefters Twitter account
  5. how much cash do you get for a player like Anderson? 80K? Didnt KC turn infielder Pena into a pitcher? Didnt he pitch in a game agaisnt the Tigers once? I remember him having some heat.
  6. AVERY JOHNSON Bill Lambeer as an assistant for whoever the next coach is. If its Dougy, he can be the Carlise to lambeers Brown. (Not saying he is LArry Bown, but he can be the finisher) I would hate for the Pistons to destroy a Motor City legend (Lambeer) like with the Tigers did to to Trammel by hirig him too early. Which the may have done to Curry, even though hes not a Pistons legend wbut still a contributor to a cahmpionship team
  7. Do you really think that Kenny did roids? I agree about this list being real fake though
  8. We do have marcus hopefully coming back. I cant beleive the normally smart athletics would trade for him knowing he sucked away from the thin air. I wouldnt make a move 4 any1 until its later in the season and if we have a need we will go after it then. lets try and get our guys going 1st b4 we shake stuff up. i think with all our big moves and some being busts the past few season we r going to be more apprehsive to make a move, even a small 1.
  9. Got More at stake (steak) than Phillayyyyyy I'm not a huge fan, but they are the NL team I do like to root for. Only been following them for the past3 years and I dont know every1 yet.
  10. Im following you Tys-spikes
  11. there is a fake rod allen, & it says is fake. this 1 is real. I have a bunch of famous people on mine. Sometims they respond when u tweet 2 them, which is kind of cool...lol www.twitter.com/mksmn515 even if u dont want 2 follow me u can look @ my list for oher celebs who are kind of entertaining. sadly the only detroit sports star that tweets is the Lions Phillip Buchanon...lol there are we sites with lists of athletes & celebs.
  12. He is funny as hell imo, idk if he is going to update alot or even respond to any1. Heres his link... http://twitter.com/RodAllen12
  13. I miss kicking the crap put of the Jets in the 1st round of the playoffs back when I was a little kid! It would be interesting, idk if it would work though.
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